Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Emily :)

This beautiful little girl lives at Eagle's Wings foster home in China.  I can't find her on their site so I don't know what name she goes by there but to me she looks like an Emily so that is what I will call her here.
Emily's special need is G cleft spine and Chiari Malformation of the brain.
Now I know that sounds pretty scary but it doesn't have to be!  You see, my brother is 40 years old and he was born with Chiari.  We didn't even know he had it until just after he graduated from high school!  He had surgery and after his recovery he has done great!  He is married, has 4 kids, worked as a civilian in Iraq and now he works for a company that keeps all of us in the US and our military safe.

My brother with Kid Rock. 

Emily is on the shared list as far as I know.  Someone who has seen her file had this to say about her,
"I have read of her file and from what I can understand she can go up and down stairs by herself and is the same as other children her age; exceptshe can not roll over freely (I am not sure what that means)."

If you would like more info about Emily please email me at sharon.millender@gmail.com and I can put  you in contact with someone who works at Eagle's Wings and knows this little girl.

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