Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you seen Dan???

See this adorable little guy?  We call him Dan. 

 . He is in a wonderful foster home in Beijing but he is from Bayannaoer SWI in Inner Mongolia. His special need is CHD.  Now for the hard part. This little guy is on an agency's list and we can not find him.  There are several of us searching and so far no one has found him.  We are advocating for a family for him but he is not on the shared list and we can not find the agency that has his file.  So, if that sweet little face speaks to you then join us in searching for his file! If you know who has his file or you find it please email me at  I know an advocate who would LOVE to tell you more about this precious boy! Her daughter was cared for by the same foster home.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What a sweetheart!!! Cora is listed with AAC.
Cora is a darling little two year old.  Her caretakers say that she is very clever.  She likes watching TV and playing with toys but prefers to play with other children. Cora is developmentally on track.  She is independant, feeds herself and is potty trained. 
One of Cora's eyes is underdeveloped.  It is small and set back.  She can see fine through her other eye though.
Please contact AAC by phone (970) 532-3576 or by email for more information about Cora. 


Marshall is a seven-year-old boy with repaired cleft lip and palate.  He is developmentally on track.  He is a smart boy who is very outgoing and talkative.  His foster family has said that he is sometimes bossy and stubborn but can be very helpful too. He likes soccer and ping-pong.  He would love to have a dog someday.

Marshall is listed with ACC. Email for more information about this handsome little boy.

Our girls were both born with cleft lip and palate. It is a very manageable special need. If anyone has questions I'll be happy to answer anything I can about it.


This cute little guy just turned 5 years old.  Austin is very very clever.  He does very well in school.  At four years old he was able to speak clearly and produce long sentences to tell a story vividly.  His teachers often ask him to recite poems.  Austin is currently learning English also.  People say that Austin is very opinionated and can express his likes and dislikes.  He can sometimes be stuborn and obstinate but is polite.  He is very well liked by his foster family, peers neighbors and teachers.  He has several hobbies.  He is very interested in drawing, music, and computer games.
Austin has contracture of his achilles tendon.  This is a shortening of the tendon causeing him to be unable to put his heel to the ground while walking.  He can walk and run but does so on his tiptoes.  He is scheduled for surgery in January. 
Austin is listed with AAC
If you have room in your hearts and home for this child, please contact their offices by phone (970) 532-3576 or by email for more information. The $25 fee is waved for all waiting children.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 


Drew is listed with AAC. This is what is written about him. "This sweet child is seven years old.  He has cerebral palsy.  He has some issues with walking.  When we met Drew he was using crutches to get around, but he told us that he preferred a push walker.  He is currently participating in physical therapy and doctors think that there is a good chance that he may be able to walk on his own some day.  He has good cognitive skills, however, he does have some catching up to do.  Drew is a very imaginative boy.  He likes to play outdoors.  He also said that he likes to do his homework because the teacher gives them a treat."  
Read more about Drew

Emergency Adoption! SJJ needs a family ASAP!

Emergency adoption 13 year 1/2 old boy from Asia Aging out large grant.

This 13 year ½ year old good looking boy must be adopted before his 14th birthday in April or he will no longer be eligible for adoption. There is no fee to receive his photos and full file. Please contact and ask about JH3.SJJ.0497.16733.01 Read more below about eligibility exceptions, grants and adopting with a dossier you already used in the last 12 months to adopt from China.

SJJ is very sensible and helpful to others. He says he wants to help take care of people. He is very considerate. He doesn't want to make extra work for others in his life, so he often helps the caretaker with her chores. He has a great smile and personality. He says he likes to jump rope, do paper cutting, and to learn things. He has had seizures in the past but hasn't had a seizure in a long time and is not on medication. His motor skills are normal. Like many children raised in an orphanage, his learning is a little slower. While he appears to take longer to learn, he is tenacious in trying and doesn't give up. He works hard and is very attentive. There is no fee to receive his photos and full file. Please contact and ask about JH3.SJJ.0497.16733.01 

Financial Aid: There is a $4200 Promise Child grant. Please inquire regardless of your income. Please ask about up to $5000 in possible reduced fees. There is no $250 application fee for this adoption. Please WACAP ( is a non-profit adoption agency.

Eligibility: If you do not fit the requirements to adopt from China please ask about available exceptions for this adoption. If you have adopted from China in the last 12 months it may be possible to adopt again using the same dossier for this adoption. He is part of the Special Focus program.If you are interested in adopting two children at once please inquire.

I have asked for permission to post his photo. As soon as I get it I will post his handsome picture.  He sounds like a very kind and caring young man.  Please spread the word about SJJ!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lifeline Has A New List!!

Lifeline's new list of precious children is out! Go HERE to find more information on all of them. :)





















Wednesday, December 8, 2010


FSY is an adorable little guy who is almost 3 years old. He was born with an eye condition called bilateral persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous (PHPV). He received surgery when he was 13 months old which should prevent further damage to his eyes. However, the likelihood of FSY achieving any usable level of vision is very, very slim. He needs a family who is ready to accept a child with no vision and who will help him as he grows into a strong and wonderful young man. FSY is a lovable little boy who brings joy to everyone around him. He needs a family to love him. Such an easy thing to do...he is a precious boy!
New info: FSY is now 96cm tall and weighs 13.5kg. He has not received any further surgery on his eyes. He seems to have some limited vision (light perception, perhaps?) He has seldom been ill. SenYang has not begun speaking yet. He does not join in play with the other children; it is difficult to know if this is due to his lack of vision. He needs help with toileting and feeding. He is cooperative when the nannies are dressing him. It is impossible to know from the limited information we have whether or not his delays are due to his lack of vision...but surely this must play a huge role. There was one part of the update that was heartbreaking...they said sometimes he cries when he has not been hurt. I cannot imagine how scared and confused this little guy must be as he goes through his day without the stability of a loving family. Please contact about FSY.


FLJ is now 94cm tall and weighs 12.9kg. She is still unable to walk although she can sit and crawl. She is not yet speaking but makes good eye contact. She is not yet toilet trained. She has been healthy. By this recent photo, she appears to be a happy little girl. FLJ needs a family as soon as possible. She needs to begin a program of therapies to help her improve all of her motor skills and hopefully, her communication skills. She needs the love of a family. FLJ is listed with Bringing Hope To Children. Please email if you can give this beautiful little girl a home and lots of love!

Sweet CD

CD  is a handsome baby boy who is one year old. When he was born, he was found to have ambiguous genitals, so they ordered appropriate tests. According to his chromosome test, he is indeed a boy. The ultrasound showed normal prostate and seminal vesicles. Retained testicle is possible, although no obvious echo of testicle tissue was found on the left. CD's big toes are both "hammer toes" and are turned inward a bit. This can be corrected. Genital issues such as CD's are usually correctable, too. CD is a precious little guy, who needs a loving family. Contact for more info.


The primary reason I started this site was to advocate for older children.  However, I find that there are just too many children of ALL ages who need advocates who are willing to be their voice.  So, I will be posting about children of all ages.  Every child deserves hope and a home.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

DYC 4 year old boy

DYC is a delightful little boy.  The nannies refer to him as "our son".  They must love him very much! Imagine what those little cheeks must look like when he grins!  He was born with bilateral club feet which are being corrected with shoes.  His gross motor skills were delayed due to his club feet but he is now catching up to his little friends and can run and walk with stability. Please contact Dick or Cheryl Graham at if you would like to learn more about DYC.

$5,000 grant for YD!!

Hard to believe YD does not have a family yet!!!  He is a handsome little guy and he sounds like a real sweetheart!  Someone loves YD very much and would love for him to have a family.  There is a $5,000 grant to be used for his adoption expenses!  C'mon families!  Give this little guy a good look!  Is he your son???  He has corrected club feet and is developmentally on target.  Email Dick or Cheryl Graham at for more information.

Jesse Has A Family!!!

His file was thisclose to going back but praise God it did NOT!!! This handsome little boy was most recently listed as Jesse with Children's House.  Today it was announced that he has a family!  HALLELUJAH!!! :)

Do you know if Lizzie has a family?

I still haven't heard that Lizzie has a family and I just can't believe that this sweet, happy, energetic little girl is still waiting! She is not on the current shared list. Hopefully this means she has a family.  It could also mean she is on an agency list.  If anyone hears that Lizzie is on a list or has a family please let me know! 
  If YOU would like to know more about Lizzie just go here.  

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Remembering Troy

Sadly, Troy passed away earlier this week.  Thanks to Love Without Boundaries he was very much loved by his foster family.  God bless everyone who donates even a penny to organizations like LWB, An Orphan's Wish, Grace & Hope and Half The Sky. You never know how a child's life will be touched by your donation. Thanks to donors Troy knew the love of his foster family.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stars For Estella

 Buy a star and help bring Estella Joy home to her family! Just $5.....less than lunch at McD's can help bring this beautiful child home to her family! :) Let's light up Estella's Christmas tree!  ♥