Wednesday, January 19, 2011

12 years old and needs a family

This beautiful girl from Guangdong province is healthy and happy and just waiting for her family to find her. This is what is written about her:

'She is a healthy, extroverted and active girl. She goes to school by herself and finishes homework after school. Now that it?s summer vacation, she helps the nannies with various and sundry chores. One day, she saw a nanny carry a big package of diapers, and she immediately gave the nanny a hand. As a prize, the nanny gave her two small bags of crackers. Instead of eating it, Wendy delivered the crackers to other younger kids. When asked why, she said ?I?m an older girl, and I should let them eat it.? '

I've learned that she is listed with Adoption Advocates. Please contact them if you are interested in learning more about this precious child.


  1. Sharon, that is Wendy from LWB's, isn't it??? Can I use those pics? I have been using her old pics for so long now?

  2. I don't know if that is her or not. Someone said it's Wendy then someone said it's not Wendy. If you find out let me know!