Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ready To Roll!

This 100% adorable little girl is available for adoption!  She just received her new wheelchair and she is lovin' it!  This is what LWB posted about her on Facebook this morning.  You can contact Suzanne at LWB for more information on her!

"We love the internet. Our Orphanage Assistance director read about a little girl named Blossom needing a wheelchair on a yahoogroup. She offered to help and then posted about the need. There was such an outpouring of support for this little girl that we raised enough to send wheelchairs to 3 children. We got photos today of a little girl in Qingdao who just received her chair. Isn’t she beautiful?"

Annie over at Wonderful Waiting Kids got the ball rolling on this project when she followed her heart. :)  Love how everything unfolded for these children to be mobile!

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  1. Hi Sharon,
    You had commented once on our blog to let you know if we were fundraising. Well, we are! Thank you for spreading the word about these children and their families!