Saturday, March 12, 2011

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This post is a bit different. I am not allowed to post a photo of this child but I have seen her photo and she is a lovely child. She sounds like a sweetheart!  My friend Annie at Wonderful Waiting Kids asked me to post about her. This is what Annie wrote about her. 

Please, please someone bring this child home!!!!  She has a facial cleft and is just beautiful!  She is listed with WACAP right now with a $4200 grant.  Please, someone ask about this child!  This is what is written about her on WACAP's site:
She is described as being a little shy around strangers, but when she becomes more familiar with people she is very talkative.  Her caregivers are obviously quite fond of her because they describe her as “naughty” which is seen as a very positive trait in a young child and is often used to describe a child who is inquisitive, active, and curious.  She likes to sing.  She enjoys going to school where she can play with toys – especially the bikes.  When we asked her what her favorite animal was, she said that she likes little dogs.  She was born with a cleft lip and palate as well as other facial abnormalities.  Her speech is very clear and her nanny says that she is just as smart as all of the other little children.  She lives in a foster family.  She is very affectionate and we saw her take her caregiver’s hand several times for comfort while we asked her questions.  By the end of our interview, she had warmed up enough to pose for the camera.  She is an affectionate child who needs the love that only a permanent family can give her.
You can email Beth at BethH@... for more info.  Her number on their site is JH4.ZYZ.0304.31090.01.  PLEASE!!!

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