Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Poppy

If you scroll down just a bit you can read all about Miss Poppy who is patiently waiting in Guangdong for her family to find her.  I have more photos to share of Poppy!   Yesterday I requested Poppy's file because our family is hoping to adopt again in the near future. We don't know if this child will be a boy or girl or if he or she will be 2 years old or 12 years old or somewhere in between.  We don't know what special need they will have either other than the need of a family.  So yesterday I requested Poppy's file from Heidi at Children's House.  When I received her reply I was just ........shocked.

"Ohhh dear Sharon,
BLESS YOU-You are the first person to ask to review her file. Please help us find her way home."

Can you believe that???  Not one other person on this planet had asked to see this child's file.  None.  Zero.  I am still just speechless about this.  And so.....I am on a mission to find Poppy's family.  Her birthday is this month.  Let's give her the wonderful gift of a family of her very own!  

 In her spare time, she actively participates in all
kinds of culture and entertainment events that are organized by the school.

She has a ready smile,
and often plays rope-skipping and pretend play with other children

 ...she is diligent and has a desire
of learning. She takes her initiative to finish her homework
and preview new things everyday. 

She is timid,
outgoing, although quiet in front of strangers.

Please help me find Poppy's family.

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