Thursday, December 16, 2010

Have you seen Dan???

See this adorable little guy?  We call him Dan. 

 . He is in a wonderful foster home in Beijing but he is from Bayannaoer SWI in Inner Mongolia. His special need is CHD.  Now for the hard part. This little guy is on an agency's list and we can not find him.  There are several of us searching and so far no one has found him.  We are advocating for a family for him but he is not on the shared list and we can not find the agency that has his file.  So, if that sweet little face speaks to you then join us in searching for his file! If you know who has his file or you find it please email me at  I know an advocate who would LOVE to tell you more about this precious boy! Her daughter was cared for by the same foster home.

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