Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This cute little guy just turned 5 years old.  Austin is very very clever.  He does very well in school.  At four years old he was able to speak clearly and produce long sentences to tell a story vividly.  His teachers often ask him to recite poems.  Austin is currently learning English also.  People say that Austin is very opinionated and can express his likes and dislikes.  He can sometimes be stuborn and obstinate but is polite.  He is very well liked by his foster family, peers neighbors and teachers.  He has several hobbies.  He is very interested in drawing, music, and computer games.
Austin has contracture of his achilles tendon.  This is a shortening of the tendon causeing him to be unable to put his heel to the ground while walking.  He can walk and run but does so on his tiptoes.  He is scheduled for surgery in January. 
Austin is listed with AAC
If you have room in your hearts and home for this child, please contact their offices by phone (970) 532-3576 or by email info@aacadoption.com for more information. The $25 fee is waved for all waiting children.  Please allow up to 48 hours for a response. 

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