Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do you know if Lizzie has a family?

I still haven't heard that Lizzie has a family and I just can't believe that this sweet, happy, energetic little girl is still waiting! She is not on the current shared list. Hopefully this means she has a family.  It could also mean she is on an agency list.  If anyone hears that Lizzie is on a list or has a family please let me know! 
  If YOU would like to know more about Lizzie just go here.  


  1. Lizzie is still posted at
    I asked about her last week and she still had not been adopted. We wanted to move forward in an attempt to adopt her, we have a 7 year old daughter in the same orphanage. Our agency does not allow 2 adoptions of unrelated children. We are hoping to travel soon and had hoped to meet her when we are in Shanghai. We were told she is in a foster family and that would be unlikely.

  2. Kim, thank you so much for letting me know. Lizzie was one of the first older children to grab my heart. I could not find her on the shared list with her birth date. Maybe she will show up on an agency's list. If you hear anything about her please let me know. There is just something about her that sparkles! Love the videos of her!
    Your Kenley is just adorable! Thank you for sharing your blog address. Kenley is one of my favorite names. :)