Monday, November 22, 2010

$1,000 Scholarship For Each CHI Waiting Child!

This announcement was made today on the Children's House International Yahoo Group.

"We have just two more weeks to give special attention and advocacy to TEN very special little boys. Soon they will return to the CCAA Shared List and with nearly 2,000 children there, it will be easy for them to be overlooked. Even with advocacy and their pictures and bios being shared there are NO PARENTS yet for them.

Children's House International is pleased to share that each of these sweet boys will be given a $1,000 scholarship to go towards their agency fees. These are given to the child so all potential parents qualify. For more information please contact Heidi by email at or by phone at 360-380-5370."

If you want to see these adorable boys just do a search for "Children's House" here on my site or click here. Children's House is an AMAZING agency!  We used them to bring home our sweet Brinley.  We would use them again without hesitation! :)

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