Monday, November 1, 2010

$3000 Grant For YD!!

The generosity of one lady is providing a $3,000 grant for YD.  This grant is for ANY family adopting YD...there are no qualifications.  Email for more information on this precious 6 year old.

"YD  is a bright, happy and energetic little boy who is 6 years old. He attends school and is very helpful to the nannies at the orphanage. He has a wonderful disposition and his friends enjoy playing with him. YD has had two surgeries to correct his club feet; a third surgery was being planned in 2008 but we have not received a report with any details on that procedure. He walks without a problem and has the use of both hands. He has use of at least some of his fingers, but could really benefit from some therapy to improve his fine motor skills. YD is an all-around great little guy who would be such a wonderful addition to someone's family! There is a $3,000 grant available toward his adoption expenses which has been provided by someone who really wants this special boy to find a family."

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  1. There is an awesome update on the bringinghope to children website for YD. A current photo- He is DARLING! He needs family!!!