Saturday, November 20, 2010

News From CCAA!!!

"Today CCAA announced some clarifications to their Special Focus program. Since
these children in our Hope Journey program are Special Focus children, the
changes apply here and may be important for your decision to adopt.

CCAA decided that families who have completed their adoption registration within
the last 12 months would be allowed to submit a copy of their old dossier (along
with an updated home study and USCIS approval) to adopt a Special Focus child.
That saves a whole lot of money on document fees, authentication,
perhaps adopting a Special Focus child is in reach for more families than we
thought? Does this option allow you to consider adopting again?

You may also remember that families adopting a Special Focus child are allowed
to adopt two children at once, as long as one of them is a Special Focus child.
Perhaps the child you're currently in process for needs a brother?

Another option is to leave your healthy infant dossier logged in with CCAA and
pursue a special focus child without losing your login date."

So, many people could save a lot of money regarding their dossiers if they adopt
a Special Focus child and have adopted in the last year.

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  1. Wow Sharon! That's a HUGE change and savings! I hope lots of people see this post!