Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Children's House has been blessed with the files of several little boys who are in need of homes.  We used CHI to bring our daughter Brinley home and they are WONDERFUL!!!  Please look at these precious little boys and share their photos and info with others.  Their files are scheduled to be returned in just a few weeks.

ASHTON, Male, 

Ashton is now thriving under the care of his excellent caretakers. He has had
good physical development. Through the Tomorrow Plan, he had heart surgery on
Apr.16 2008. Ashton recovered well after the operation, but still has cyanosis
around his mouth and lips. He has slight achropachy and needs a two-stage
operation, this basically does not affect the living, but can not do fierce
At the age of 8 months, he could sit with hip held, could change the position of
lying on the back to the position of lying on one side, could play with his
hands. He could hold and ring a bell toy, could reach the toys in front of
him. At the age of 9 months, he could sit when being held. At the age of 10
months he could crawl and would refuse when others were touching his toys. At
the age of 1 year he could stand up when being held. At the age of 1 year and 6
months he could walk alone. Now he can eat. by himself He can put on and take
off shoes and clothes with help. He knows when he needs to use the bathroom but
needs some help still to do that.
Language, personality and emotion development:
At the age of 8 months he could make sounds. At the age of 9 months, he could
babble and was interested in the toys which can make sound. Ashton could cry
and smile At the age of 10 months he could recognize the strangers
and familiar people. At the age of 12 months, he could understand the facial
expression of adults and would want to be cuddled when being called. At the age
of one year, he knows some simple words, such as “Ashton, come here!” He will
come here happily and let you cuddle him. And he can imitate the adults’ action,
such as Bye Bye. At the age of 1.5 years, he could like and dislike things,
likes to listen to music, and knows the directions of adults. At the age of 2
years, he can point out each part of the body, such as eye, ear, mouth and so
on. Now he can say 2-3 words. He likes to listen to music and watch TV. Ashton
is lovely, has ready smile and can get alone well with other kids.
Ashton still has a large VSD that will need attention. He has a hole in his
own little heart but ultimately he can fill the heart of a family just waiting
for him!

BLAKE, Male, 


Nicholas came to the orphanage as a month old baby who was weak but who has grown strong gradually with the good nurturing of his caregivers. At the age of 9 months, he could roll. At the age of 10 months, he could jump in walker. At the age of 1.5year, he began to learn to walk, could walk 4-5 steps, crawl quickly. At the age of 1year 8months he could walk freely, say simple things and 2 words phrases. Now he could say sentences of 7 words and talk with adults. Nicholas likes to write Chinese characters, draw, run, and play with toys like guns and balls. He has strong imitating ability and can help adults to do things. He can take good care of himself and can eat his meals and use the bathroom by himself. He is a little bit obstinate and is extroverted, restless and active. Nicholas likes to talk and laugh. He likes to play games and participate in outdoor activity. He has routine life, has meal with adults, likes to have various dinners and vegetables. Nicholas is a delightful and curious little guy who is waiting for his own forever family.

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