Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lai Lai

This morning I received an email asking if I would advocate for a child with hemophilia.

"There is a little boy named Lai Lai who will be 4 years old in Jan, who is in the Special Focus file of Homeland Adoption Services.  Lai Lai has hemophilia.
We adopted a little girl through Homeland this past February.  We have four children.  Our oldest son, who is 9, has hemophilia.  Hemophilia is a chronic and manageable disorder.  We have artificial clotting factor in our refrigerator and give it to our son and he is a normal, healthy boy who is in 4th grade, plays sports, does sleepovers at his friend's houses, and is fine.  Lai Lai desperately needs a home.  He needs his forever family and access to medicine, which he would have here."

This is Lai Lai.
Could you be the family he is waiting for?
Please contact Homeland Adoptions.
If you would like to contact a parent who has a child with hemophilia you can email Melissa.
 She is the Executive Director of the New York City Hemophilia Chapter.


  1. Do you have an e-mail address that I can use to contact someone about this little boy?
    Thanks! Tasha

  2. Good Morning - I have been praying for Lang Lai Lai for quite some time. Interesting story on my end. Did you meet him while you were there?

  3. I have never met Lai Lai. We did request his file from an agency but could never make contact with them to review it. Does anyone know which agency he is with now?