Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Files To Be Returned Soon

This beautiful little girl is running out of time on Lifeline's list.

  All of the remaining files have to go back in a few days.  Please take a look at Sara/Natalie and all of the other children listed with Lifeline.
Brady (Age 4)
Age 4, Ma $2,250 scholarship available
Post-operative Spina Bifida
It is stated that Brady loves to play hide and seek. He can stand without help and walk freel.y.

Ben (Age 4)
$2,250 scholarship available
Ben is stated to like to listen to stories told by his teacher's.  He also likes to play with toys. 

Grace (Age 5)
Post-operative cleft lip and palate, partial defect of finger and toes
Grace is stated to like to sing, dance and play games.  She is active and talkative. She likes to watch cartoons and she knows how to share with other kids.

Mary Beth (Age 2 1/2)
Postoperative CHD, possible deafness
Mary Beth is stated to be very active. She loves to climb. She uses body language and sign language to tell you her feelings. She likes to play with other children.

Generally healthy
 Natalie is stated to dance beautifully. She likes to share and has a gentle personality. She also likes to help take care of the other children.  You can view a photo of Natalie dancing with some of her friends here. Password is Natalie2010.

Paul (Age 2 1/2)
$2,250 Scholarship Available
deformity of hands and feet/ varus limb deformity
Paul is stated to be mentally and physically healthy. He talks alot and is very active. He follows instructions. Despite his medical special need he is very independent.

Pierce (Age 5)
Post-operative cleft lip, unrepaired cleft palate
$2,250 Scholarship Available
Pierce is stated to be outgoing and curious to the things around him. He also enjoys watching T.V.

Saige (Age 6)
1 CHD; tetralogy of Fallot 2 WBC and NEUT # go up 3 hypochromic microcytic anemia
Video taken in March 2009:
Password = llcs424

Whitney (Age 2 1/2)
Whitney is stated to be introverted. She likes sitting and playing with toys independently.  She likes eating food and loves crackers.

If you would like information on any of the above children please email

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