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Please remember to take a look at their other precious waiting children who are featured on their yahoo group.


Beautiful Tess is 10 years old and is listed as having CP.  Please read what was written about this child when she was on a different agency list:
Tess is a beautiful 9 year old girl who has come a long way from the tiny baby found abandoned in a temple. When she was very small, she was found to have signs of CP. She was not able to walk when she was 3 years old. At that time she was sent to live with a foster family. Under their care, she learned to walk; at first the family took her to a rehab center every day. In 2009, she moved to a school in the city where she lives during the week and on weekends stays with the family of a staff member of the rehab center. Now she is stable in her walking, and her speech is clear. She travels alone by bus to the school. She gets along well with the other students and is very helpful. Tess likes to sing, skate and ride bikes. She is outgoing and enjoys watching cartoons. They report she is a lovely girl and would like to be adopted. Tess has shown herself to be a strong and capable girl. She is happy, outgoing and eager to find a family of her own. All she needs now is a family to open their heart to her


Adorable Megan is 6 years old and is listed as having expanded brain ventricles


Dear, sweet Luisa is 9 years old.  This brave child was abandoned at 6 years old!!!  Sigh!!!  Please, please go read her file!!!!  She is amazing!  I pray she finds a family that will love her forever!!!
What a sweetie girl! It is reported that Luisa has agreed to be adopted and wants to find her forever family. Reports indicate that she has normal mental development, that she loves school, cares about others and respects her teachers. Luisa is fond of singing and drawing. She is a smart, sensible girl and everyone adores her. 
There is video of this sweet child from when she was listed with Lifeline.  She is AMAZING and so happy!!!!


Precious Piper is 6 years old and is listed as having, "deformed of fingers, ends of limbs repaired."  She also has a very sweet face!!!!


Sweet Sienna is 6 years old and is listed as having CHD, paralysis of upper rectus, esotropia.  Please consider this adorable child!


This precious child has been around for so long!!!!  In every single pic I have seen of him, he is smiling!  Looks like such a happy child!!!  Adam is 7 years old and is listed as having  urogenital issue, post op hypospadia, cryptorchidism, please consider bringing him home, finally.


Cameron lives happily with a foster family where he is known as the little honey. He is beautiful, clever, thoughtful and polite; no matter at school or at home, he is loved by people who meet him. In September of 2007 he entered the nursery school. At school, his language ability, cognitive ability and hands-on ability are all practiced fully; he obeys the rules of the class; he can speak in class bravely and actively; he is positive, can get along well with other children, so he is the child loved by teacher. In November of 2008 he had his pysical exam, and the doctor said that his heart recovered well. On Sep.1 2011 he entered the primary school. He draws lines, circles, squares, 7-10 parts of a person, runs, skips, jumps. Cameron writes his name, ties his shoe laces, recognizes shapes, knows colors, numbers, left and right, days of the week. Cameron is active, extroverted, gets along with others, and is quick in reaction.


Adorable Josh is 6 years old and is deaf.  What a cutie!!!


Sweet Anya is 7 years old and has CP. Please ask about this adorable child!


Sweet Chad is 7 years old and has post op CL/CP!  Please ask about this wonderful child!


Sweet Norah is 6 years old and is listed as having abnormality of bilateral wrist joints, post op appendicitis.  This is what was written about this precious child when she was listed with another agency.
This pixie was born in 2005. She loves listening to music and her favorite toys are musical ones. She likes to play games with other children. She knows her colors and how to count to 10. She has had surgery for an appendectomy and her wrist joints are deformed.


Beautiful Tammy is 6 years old and is listed as having Cerebral Agenesis.  Please consider this wonderful child!


Wonderful Jeremy is 6 years old and is listed as having post op CL/CP.  Please consider this wonderful little boy!


Beautiful Kendra is 7 years old and is listed as having scoliosis.  Please consider this precious child and email Karin at for information on scoliosis and it's treatment.


Precious Chip is almost 4 years old and is listed as having a deformed left foot, and missing right tibia.  He is also a LWB's child!  Please click on the link below!!


What a sweet face!  Harris is 3 years old and is listed as having deformity of fingers on both hands, club feet.  Please ask about this sweet child!

GREAT WALL__________________________________

Please email Cori at
Phone: (512) 323-9595 ext. 3052 


Scott is 5 years old and is active, outgoing, and likes to greet people. He is post-op for surgery on his left hand and there is some facial asymmetry observed. The cause of this is unknown and we are currently waiting on more information. His favorite things to do are; singing, dancing, listening to children's songs, reciting ancient poetry, and looking at colored pictures. He is receiving education through Half the Sky program and is doing very well.


Skyler is 6 years old and is a lovely and smart boy. When he was two years old he was diagnosed with having a tumor on his left side and his left kidney. He was treated with chemotherapy in 2009 and has been doing well ever since his treatment. He is able to go up and downstairs, stand on one foot, and walk alone steadily. He can recognize familiar people and can produce sentences of 5-10 words. He is an active child that likes to imitate what others do around him. He likes to read picture books,play games, and gets along well with other children.


Henry is 8 years old and is post-op for cleft lip and palate repair and is diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. He has been receiving growth hormone treatments for the past 3 years. He is active, outgoing, smart and loves learning. He likes reading books, drawing, and playing ball. Jigsaw puzzles interest him as well. Now he is in the 2nd grade in his elementary school and is doing well in all of his classes. He gets along well with other children and is often praised by teachers.


Lewis is 11 years old and was originally diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was young. He was treated with medication and has not had any seizures since 2004. Presently his growth and development are normal. He is in grade one of his elementary school and is a very good student. He has a good memory, he can recite poems or articles, and write short sentences and phrases. In Math, he knows simple addition and subtraction. Lewis likes to help others in school and is a lovely boy. His favorite things to do are reading, listening to music, and watching TV.


Madeline is 8 years old and is a very lovely and beautiful girl. She likes playing with dolls and will speak to them when she plays. She loves playing with other children and is very humble when to others when playing. She is currently diagnosed with Epilepsy and takes medicine daily to help control it. If she sees that the nannies are busy, she will help them in whatever they are doing. She is an extroverted child but is shy in front of people she does not know.


Carley is an outgoing and active girl with a ready smile. She likes to play with the other children around her. She is currently diagnosed with bilateral coax vara deformity (deformity of the hip). Her favorite things to do are listen to music and watch cartoons. She loves being outdoors and enjoys outdoor activities. We are currently waiting for an update on her.


Look at this sweet face!!!!  Zach is on Great Walls list but he is also being cared for at Eagles Wing foster home!  Here is what Donna writes about this special child!
 He is 4yo with spina bifida. Zach is adorable and smart, smart, smart. He soaks everything up like a sponge. He can be a little sensitive, but is a fun and busy little boy. Zach does not walk independently but has good potential perhaps with support. He does walk around with the support of a stool to push and can get himself to a standing position. Trust me, none of this slows him down. He is not potty trained and we are not sure whether he has the potential for control. In any case, he will likely start on a catheter program soon and be able to take care of his bathroom needs independently. (Did I say he is smart?)
Zach is a favorite of his house manager (of course, we don't play favorites!) and he gets lots of attention. He lives in a home with 10 other children with mobility challenges where they have a fun, homey and cooperative atmosphere. You can see Zach on and on in Eagles Wings 6.
So cute!!!


 Phillip is post-operative for his heart condition and doing very well. He is receiving care through Harmony Outreach foster home. At the age of 2.5 years, Phillip could walk on his own and go upstairs and downstairs. He loves outdoor activities and walking as well as learning about new things in his surrounding environment. He loves listening to stories, reading books, and singing songs. Whenever listening to stories, he would sit quietly. When a caregiver sings songs, he claps hands happily.
Phillip is only 3 years old!!  Please ask about this cutie!!


Sweet Melanie is 13 years old and will age out in October.
Melanie is shy and sensitive but gets along well with others. She is fond of listening to music and dancing, and can express herself clearly when using words. She is post-op for clubbed feet and scoliosis. She sometimes will have urinary incontinence. We are currently waiting on an update for her. 


Monica is 11 years old, extroverted, tender, and sensitive. She was diagnosed with a mild language disorder. She has a poor time communicating, but is very clever. She loves wearing new clothes, playing with toys, and listening to music. Monica is an active and lovely child.


Beautiful Hank is 7 years old and is listed as having hemophelia!
Hank can speak clearly, express his ideas completely, and speak fluently to communicate with others. He is extroverted, outgoing and active. He can play with kids proactively, likes doing sports, likes playing toy planes and watching motion pictures very much. He is generous, is willing to share the toys he loves with good friends.  


Precious Josie is 6 years old and is listed as having developmental down syndrome
Josie likes the classes with an active atmosphere and more interaction. In English class when teachers and students interact each other she looks very active. She likes listening to music, can imitate dancing following musical rhythm. She can understand the words said by others, say simple titles and words of 2 Chinese characters such as mom, dad, aunt, older sister, don’t want to eat, no etc. She is active, outgoing, and likes to play games with kids. 


Sweet Lydia is 6 years old and is listed as having developmental down syndrome.
Lydia can express her own needs and meaning with short sentences of 3 words. She is gentle, likes quieter places, and can get along well with other kids. She is a little afraid of strangers, looks very restricted in front of strangers or in new places, and rarely talks. She can imitate, hold a pencil to imitate drawing vertical lines and crosses.  


Sweet Kristi is 9 years old.
Kristi is gentle but sometimes shy. She is energetic and likes to communicate with people. Her favorite things to do are sing and dance and recite poems. She is enrolled in school and is currently in grade two. She is studying math, Chinese, ethics, and PE. Kristi is currently diagnosed with Dwarfism.  


Beautiful Rachel is 8 years old and has a sensitive SN.
Rachel is active, introverted, energetic, strong in characters and is eager to win. Her favorite things to do are singing and dancing. She has been attending  Elementary School and this will be her third year. She is doing well in all of her subjects. 


Precious Natalie is only 5 years old! 

Natalie is a Special Focus child on Great Wall's individual list.

Personality and Development:
Natalie has good physical, mental, and language development. She likes to draw on paper with colorful pencils. She can draw all kinds of lines and figures, and she is able to explain her drawings to others. For her current diagnosis of HIV, she is receiving a medical check up every 6 months. She is a shy girl but likes to interact with others.

Three Friends, Dusty, Lucky and Ned_______________________

These 3 wonderful boys became friends through very tragic circumstances.  All 3 of these wonderful boys lost their parents in the earthquakes of 2008.  They have become very close and have come to the very difficult decision to be adopted.  They all hope to find families and they very much wish to remain close.  Please open your heart to one or 2 of these very special young boys!!  I will put all of them and their info together with their individual pics.
LUCKY _______
From GW:
Lucky is 12 years old. He is a Hep B carrier. Lucky is noted to be a very friendly boy with an excellent temperament. He has learned English in school and loves to play basketball. He is extroverted and obedient. He hopes to be in the Special Forces when he grows up. He wants to be adopted and come to the U.S. He hopes his family will be warm and happy. Lucky is close friends with Ned and Dusty. They hope they will all three be able to be adopted and remain close. He is #1253 on our list
NED__- a family is submitting LOI________
From GW: 
Ned is 12 years old. He is an older healthy child. Ned is described as very smart and places in the top 5 in his class when he works hard. He loves vegetables and dislikes sweet foods-not your typical teenage boy! He hopes to grow up and be a policeman to protect society. He very much wants to be adopted and hopes to know about his family’s interests and lifestyle so he can prepare before the adoption. He is friendly, hardworking and always tries to help other children. Ned is close friends with Lucky and Dusty. They hope they will all be able to be adopted and stay good friends. He is #1255 on our list.


Sweet 12 year old Colton, oh my heart!!!  From GW:
When Colton was 4 years old, his father suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and his mother left him and could not be found. He was then sent to the orphanage for care. He has been in a foster home since 2005 and does well there. He has stable health status, long eyelashes and a ruddy face. He is smart, cute, brave, kind-hearted, loves reading and reading. He has good living habits and self caring ability, able to fold the clothes and quilt, wash the handkerchief, likes all kinds of vegetables and fruits same as most of the children. He is also a sweet food eater, has quiet sleep at night. Everybody in the village loves and cares about him. Colton is very healthy, tall and athetic boy. He is a very good student, studis hard with excellent grades. He is open and likes sports and takes care of the younger sister and brothers since he is the eldest one in the foster family. He told GW staff that sometimes other children make fun of him because he is always nice, but he never argues with them. He understands adoption and wants to have a family of his own. He loves dogs and hopes his family will have one for him to play with.


Email:  Jill at or Katie at
Many of their kiddos have gone back to the shared list, however Crossroads is still advocating for them.


Jack is 3 years old and is listed as having cerebral palsy and crossed eyes.
Jack was admitted to the orphanage as a newborn.  He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and a deformity with his genitals.  He has muscle tension problems and has trouble walking without assistance.  Due to his diagnosis, he is developmentally behind.  He receives therapy on a regular basis.  Any adoptive family would need to follow-up with routine physical therapy treatments for this little guy.  Jack is described as a sweet child who has a ready smile.  He interacts with others and seems to enjoy watching the activities around him.


Carter is 4 years old and is listed as having crossed eyes.
Carter is an active child with a ready smile.  He is physically healthy except for crossed eyes.  He can be obstinate, impatient, quick to lose his temper and act out when he does not get his way (like many children his age).  Caretakers also say that he gets along with others and is fond of playing games.  Carter’s favorite activity is listening to music and dancing.


Drake is 10 years old and is listed as having a missing left leg- uses prosthesis.
Drake enjoys playing with other children.  He was found abandoned shortly after birth and brought to the orphanage where he currently resides.  Drake was born without a left leg.  He wears a prosthesis and is able to walk, climb and dress himself without assistance.  He has had other minor health issues including a surgically repaired hernia and scarring from removal of a lipoma from the calf of his right leg.   Drake does not attend school as he can be disruptive due to ADHD type behaviors.  He likes to take part in activities at the orphanage and gets along well with staff.  He has expressed his desire to have a family.


Hugh is 10 years old and is listed as deaf, mute.
Hugh has an outgoing personality.  He can speak a few words slowly and can hear if someone talks loudly behind him.  Hugh can sign. With hearing aids, it is expected he would have some hearing.  Hugh likes karate, art and drawing.


Beau is 12 years old and has vision issues.
Beau is a sweet and kind boy.  Despite the fact he is older than many of the kids in the orphanage, he is often found spending time helping the younger kids.  Beau has some vision issues that appear to be minor, but he also has some significant development delays.  He is behind in school.  At this point, he is able to write many easy words and phrases or count numbers but has trouble in some other areas.  It is hard to tell if his academic delays are developmental or because he needs corrective lenses/surgery for his sight.  Beau works very hard to finish his homework everyday.  His caregivers describe him as an active, restless boy who likes to bounce up and down and play sports like basketball with other boys.


6 years old, thalessemia

Harry is a young boy with big eyes who loves to sing and dance.  He was found shortly after birth and diagnosed as premature and anemic.  Today he is healthy except for a diagnosis of thalassemia, a blood disorder noted in medical reports to be mild and not requiring blood transfusions.  Harry likes to play with toys and listen to music.  He is described by caregivers as shy, and his eye contact is poor.   His speech is somewhat unclear but he does respond to instruction.

Beautiful child!


6 years old, delayed physical development, misshaped head
Barry is described as talkative, energetic and fairly extroverted.  He can also be obstinate and impatient at times.  He likes to sing, listen to music and play with games and toys. He was diagnosed as having a low birth weight, and continues to be small for his age.   Caretakers tell us that his intellectual development is within normal range - he likes to ask questions, learns fast and has good comprehension- despite lower range physical development.  Medical information is not currently available regarding the shape of his head and whether this is truly a concern.
Please give this child a chance!  Just look at that face!


6 years old, long and short foot malformation, eyes sensitive to light
Timmy is a quiet boy and sweet.  His mental development is excellent, although he has not started school yet.  His feet differences do not have much impact on his abilities.  Currently, his eyes are in need of evaluation due to sensitivity to light, possibly related to a cyst.  He is an independent kid and likes listening to music and playing with toy cars.
What a wonderful little boy!


6 years old, blood disorder, sensitive SN
Jimmyis an active and happy child.  He is described by others as extroverted and energetic.  He likes to talk and is usually trying to make others smile.  He is a little quiet when first meeting new people, but seems to quickly warm up.  He is currently in 2nd grade and has average grades.  The orphanage staff describes him as being about average development, both mentally and physically.  Jimmy was in the orphanage from birth until the end of 2006 when he transitioned into a foster home.  The orphanage staff explains that he adjusted easily to the family and new environment.  They also note he gets along well with others. 

Precious child!


Sweet Carrie is 12 years old and is listed with a developmental delay, but read her description!!!!  What a wonderful child!!
Carrie is a tender-hearted and active girl. She likes all kinds of activities and enjoys making friends. She does not quarrel with others when there is the dissension, instead she will express her own thoughts and ideas using language. She speaks more slowly than other children, but can express herself well. She likes helping others, and loves neatness. She always cleans her room and takes good care of herself. She also helps the caretaker do what she can. Carrie is a hardworking girl.  She is in the fifth grade and studies carefully. She knows a lot of Chinese characters and can read many books, though she reads more slowly. She enjoys reading comics and mysteries. She is not as good at writing and she often needs the teacher’s help. In math she can perform simple addition and subtraction, and she is very skilful with the multiplication formulas. She has learned some simple English and knows some English words. She likes to go to computer class, and she is very interested in computer knowledge. She excels at the sports, and she even won second place in a race at her school.
The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Carrie.


Email Marci at


Wonderful Evan is 9 Years old
We met Evan on his birthday and he was having a party at his friends’ house. He was pretty distracted, as they were watching a movie and eating. Fei didn’t even notice his differences, and it is indeed hard to tell. He functions normally. Evan attends a private school and initially had some difficulty. Now he is in the 2nd grade. He does not speak clearly with some words, but is very adept at doing arts and crafts, which he enjoys doing in his spare time. He is enthusiastic about helping his foster parents with some chores. He is well behaved, and quick to smile at everyone, which we witnessed. He is a very amiable young boy.


Wonderful Lewis is 11 years old
Lewis is a performer! When we met him, he came into the clinic and told one of us that he was coming home with her! Then he proceeded to perform the many poems that he knows. Later he showed us his gymnastics skills and expressed how much he wants to be adopted. This boy is literally dreaming about being adopted—he is not picky about what his family is like, as long as they are in the U.S! Lewis's pictures don't do him justice. In person, he is very handsome, charismatic and sweet. Could your family be the one to make Lewis’ dream come true?


Jeb is 2 years old
Jeb is an adorable, cuddly and sweet little boy. He is always helpful to the nannies, picking up bottles that the other kids throw, or putting all the toys away in a container and giving it to the nannies. When the nannies thank him with a gesture, he hugs them and smiles whenever he is praised. He is a very happy boy. He liked to play peek-a-boo when he was younger, and seems to be developing on track, other than language skills. Jeb needs a family who can open his world up with sign language and help him communicate.


Balin is 3 years old
Balin loves to be cuddled and play outside. He giggles happily when he is teased. He had trouble moving upon admission as an infant, but he has since made tremendous improvements and is walking, clapping, understanding language, but does not talk much, although he can follow instructions. He can feed himself and help get dressed. Could you be the family to help Balin reach his full potential? With the love and attention a family can provide, there's no telling what he could do!


Caroline is 5 years old
Caroline is a very sweet and shy little girl. When we were there she began crying when we had her go into the other room to talk to her and evaluate her, but she was very outgoing in the group, coming right up to me, and even hugging us at times. The only way she was able to calm down individually, was when we pulled her friend in there with her, who was very outgoing. She was then able to calm down and try to answer our questions. She speaks unclearly, but she tries hard. She is able to hold a pen correctly. When we spoke to her teachers in the Half the Sky School, they said that once she got comfortable there, she made big improvements. Caroline needs the love and attention a family can provide to reach her full potential.


Simon is 3 years old 
Simon is a helpful little boy who has met his milestones later than the average child. He is a sweet little boy. When he sees nannies changing diapers, he goes to get clean diapers to help them. He can say a few words and likes to play games with other children. He can point to his body parts, draw a line and likes to imitate words. He likes outdoor activities and musical toys the best. While our OT was there, he could walk normally, climb on the exercise ball and try to get away


Sherman is 4 Years old
Sherman is a happy little dumpling who is always smiling. Fei took a liking to him and he called her “Ayi.”  He gets rehab at the institute and our OT evaluated him while she was there as well. He can speak simple sentences and follow instructions. He knows how old he is He can crawl and walk while holding onto something. He is potty trained and can feed himself. He can play games with other kids and is never slow to smile. During his visit with our OT, he pretended to take a phone call! He knows his body parts and can scribble.Unfortunately, Sherman gets very little stimulation on a daily basis. With the attention and love that a family could provide, there's no doubt he could accomplish much more.


Yuna is 5 years old
Yuna is a girl who desperately needs a family to teach her sign language and open up a world of communication for her. She loves going to her Half the Sky Class and is very close to her teachers there. She seems to enjoy the stimulation and activities she gets to do there and doesn't want to leave. She is able to communicate through gestures (not sign) with her teachers and she seems to blossom in that class. When we visited her, she was in a room with very little stimulation and other physically handicapped children. She was craving stimulation and trying to find it any way she could. We requested that she be moved to another room and received reports that she is doing better there. With the gift of family and language her world would open up.


Seely is 3 years old
Seely is quite a determined little character. He is in the Little Sisters program and has made a lot of progress since he was initially found. He is walking and can say several simple phrases. His nannies say that he learned whatever they teach him. He gave Fei kisses and was friendly, curious and inquisitive during our visit. He liked to climb into the little cubbies that were supposed to house toys. He told his nannies that he wanted them to turn on the music so he could dance and he did a cute little jig! He is helpful with younger children, but gets jealous if his favorite nanny holds another baby. He played with a younger child; she pretended to feed him and they both giggled.


Precious Ethan is only 5 years old.  You have to go see his video!!!!  Oh my goodness is this one cute kid!  Watch him go on this video!!!
Special Need: Meningomyelocele inLumbosacral Area
Ethan is an active, clever, lovely and naughty little sprite. His foster mom helped him learn to sit, crawl and walk. He loves cartoons and will clap his little hands with happiness when he sees them. He plays with cars and utters a du-du sound as if he was driving the car. He also likes playing games with other kids and knows how to share.


You have GOT to go see this child's precious face!  He looks SO sweet!!!!  Adorable Eli is 9 years old and is listed as having CP.
Eli is outgoing and likes to communicate with everyone. He is in school and is often praised by teachers. He thinks about questions and answers them thoughtfully. Doctors think his condition does not effect his life very much. He can walk, run, jump, go up and down stairs, use the toilet and eat alone. His speech is not exact, but he is getting help to pronounce things more clearly and his speech has improved greatly. He loves to play games with other children outdoors. His favorite toys are model cars and ships. He shares his delight at these toys with the other children. He is liked by the nannies and the other children alike.


Sweet Ani is 11 years old.  Please someone give this precious child a chance!! 
Special Need: post-op meningocele and another slightly more sensitive need
Ani is not shy with strangers and is said to be an extroverted little girl. She will answer any question that guests ask. She likes to play games with other kids, especially the game of hide and seek—in that game, you can hear her happy laugh often. Ani cannot attend public school because of her special need, so her foster mother teaches her every day. She learns quickly and is able to teach other children what she has learned. She is able to take care of herself and sometimes helps her foster mother. Everyone at her foster home loves her.


Wonderful Abby is 12 years old!  Please read about this beautiful child.
Special Need:  post-op meningocele, club foot, scoliosis, thorax deformity
Abby is relatively extroverted, but can sometimes be a little shy with strangers. Because of her special need, she is not allowed to go to public school, so she learns at the orphanage. She has learned to write and do simple addition and subtraction. She is very good at retelling stories that her teachers tell and she will repeat them to other children. She is able to take care of all of her daily living tasks. She helps her teachers to do simple things and her teachers and peers all like her.


Sweet Jeffery is 4 years old. Please read about this wonderful child!
Special Need: Cerebral Palsy
Jeffrey is handsome, bright eyed and cute. He is an extrovert and has charmed all of the nanny’s at the orphanage. They all like him and he brings joy to them. He likes to go outside and do outdoor activities in the sun. He likes to play with blocks and is easygoing. He is learning to walk independently and can stand and sit alone. He can say some simple words, such as mama and can understand what the nannies say to him.


Precious Carly is just 2 years old!  Please, please read about this sweet child!  Oh my!  Someone please go get this beautiful girl!
Special Need: Ear Deformity
When Carly was under a year she enjoyed music and charmed all of the nannies. Sometime between then and now she was moved to another room in the orphanage where she didn’t do so well. She withdrew until she was recently moved to another room where she receives more attention. She seems to be recovering and coming out of her shell again. She is now following directions, making eye contact and seeking out attention again.

These next few kiddos are all from the same orphanage and the wonderful staff at ASIA got to meet and interact with these precious kiddos and are now trying to find their forever families.  There will be more to come in the next few weeks.


What a cutie!  From ASIA:
Age: 9 Years
Special Need: Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Zeke is a very polite young boy. When we arrived to talk to him, he pulled over chairs for each of us and said “please sit down.” When I gave him a sticker, he drew a beautiful fish for me. He knows simple math, can write his name and recite poems. He is left handed and his favorite color is red. The ASIA staff taught him some English and he was able to repeat it. Whenever he saw us, he made a point of saying hello. He really wants to be adopted and he would make a great younger brother! 
Zeke is such a charming 9 year old boy. I was so impressed by how polite and curious he was. He made a point of seeking us out every time were nearby. He always wanted to interact and you could just see in his eyes that we were his connection to a family that he so desperately wants. All of the nannies there told us, he so wants a family--please find him one! He's a very talented artist. I wanted to put up a picture of him holding the drawing he did for us. He doesn't have a lot of opportunity there, but I know with a family and some one on one attention, this boy would thrive! He's smart and you can tell he is ambitious:-)


Love, love, love this wonderful kid!!!  He just looks like he never stops smiling!!  I so hope he can find a family to nuture that beautiful spirit!  From ASIA:
Age: 8 Years
Special Need: Cerebral Palsy
Skippy is a happy-go-lucky, cheerful and outgoing little boy. He functions quite well with all of his daily living tasks. He can sing songs and name his friends. He is a very friendly little boy who seems to have a very good outlook on life. He is left handed and can draw and write with that hand. He enjoys both gross and fine motor play. Skippy would make a great addition to a family who enjoys laughing and playing together.


Skippy is the cutest 8 year old boy you've ever seen! When his hair grows a bit, he gets these cute little waves. He is such a happy boy, and not in a wierd way, but a truly happy personality. The boy likes to laugh and he would bring laughter and happiness into any home! I ask for your help in advocating for these older boys. I'm happy to talk to anyone about them. They are all on the mild side of their needs and very functional in all daily living tasks.


Jake looks like so much fun!!!  From ASIA:
Age 7 Years
Special Need: Mild Cerebral Palsy
Jake is a happy boy who is very social. He has good motor and language skills and takes direction well. Although when there was candy involved, it took a little more negotiation—the boy likes his sweets! He can focus on a task and also transition to other tasks when asked. He likes to be active. He is able to perform self care tasks on his own. Jake would thrive in a family of his own.
Jake is a very social 7 year old boy. He was also one of the first to come up to us and interact. He was very curious about the visitors and he is quite a negotiator. He is also a boy who tries very hard and can be very focused. He seems to be all boy, very active, yet able to focus on fine motor tasks as well:-) I can see him enjoying some roughhousing with some brothers or a father. I also think he would be very loving.


 Sweet, beautiful Lillian.  She is the only one from this group that the staff did not meet.  She is precious.  From ASIA:
Age: 6 Years
Special Need: Blind
Lillian likes light, music and playing outside. She often presses her eyes with her fingers and shakes her hands in front of her eyes. She can walk on her own, but prefers to hold someone else’s hand for comfort. She can speak and imitates sneezing when her foster mother says “cold.”

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    Please, Father, open the heart of my husband to adoption. Help him stand with me in adoption and not against me.


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