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Aging Out Girls


Eva is a beautiful young lady who is 13 years old and wants nothing more than the love of a family. She is diagnosed with underdevelopment of her right lung. She told an agency staff when they met her at her orphanage, she would love to have a family who could take care of her and get her the medical treatment she needs. She is described as cheerful and lively. She likes outdoor activities, is very daring and a tomboy. She has matured as she has grown and has good self-control. Because of her lungs, she cannot run and be as active as other children.


Beautiful Naomi ages out in July.  Please read about this child who really needs a family!!
She is currently living with a foster family that consists of a mother, older sister, and brother-in-law. She doesn’t go to school, but her foster mom is giving her some education at home. She can read a little and count and enjoys going to the park with her sister and her sister’s husband. She has many friends who are also foster kids and says that her favorite people are her foster mother and sister. She doesn’t have any pets, but her favorite animal is a rabbit. She is unable to do strenuous physical activities because she has a hard time breathing, but she can walk and run by herself in spite of a thorax and scoliosis issue. She is a very polite girl who says thank you.
Please give this precious child a chance at life.  She will most likely not survive without being adopted.  You can email Cindy at for more information on adopting an older child with severe scoliosis.  Please go here, watch her precious daughter's sweet testimony


Sweet Melanie is 13 years old and will age out in October.  She is on Great Wall's list.
Melanie is shy and sensitive but gets along well with others. She is fond of listening to music and dancing, and can express herself clearly when using words. She is post-op for clubbed feet and scoliosis. She sometimes will have urinary incontinence. We are currently waiting on an update for her. 
For more info, please email Cori at


Look at sweet Mary!!!!!  This wonderful little girl ages out in JUNE!!!  Mary is blind and her future if she stays in China is bleak.  My heart breaks to think of the future she would have here and the future she would have in China, if she is not adopted!  Please read about this precious child.
At 3 years old, she could sing children’s songs. She went to the kindergarten classes in CWI. She took dancing and singing classes outside of CWI. She was very close to MW, the temporary worker formerly in CWI, and called her ‘Mao mom’.
In Sept. 2005, she began to take classes in School for the Blind. She is now in 1st grade. She achieves good score. The teacher says she is a smart and lovely girl who is sweet and compliant. She gets along well with other students. She gets great scores. But her practical ability is not good. In school days, she gets up at 7:00, naps between 12:30 and 2:00PM, goes to bed at 21:00. She has breakfast at 7:30, lunch at 11:40 and dinner at 18:00. She mainly has rice or noodle for main food. She likes the fried food, seafood, drinks. She does not like meat. Now she can climb up and down stairs on her own holding the rail. She can wash her hands on her own.  She communicates well with people. She gets along well with other kids. She likes to go to the park where she can take bumper cars or electric vehicles. She likes to listen to songs and sing songs. Her favorite toys are bears. She is afraid of dogs.
Mary is a loving, kind-hearted, lovely and optimist girl. She expresses that she wants to be adopted by foreign family. We sincerely hope that she can be adopted by a loving foreign family so that she can has a warm family where she can receive good education and grow to be healthy and happy.


Look at wonderful Dotty!  This sweet child is 12 years old and was abandoned at a later age but has adjusted well and is very helpful and sweet.  She has postoperative meningocele, urinary and fecal incontinence but is very independent.  Please read about this precious child.
On admission she has been performed the surgery of meningocele and she has urinary and fecal incontinence. Under the patient guidance of aunts she adapts the life in the welfare institute. She begins to play with children and be close to aunts. Now she is a very shy and quiet girl and she is very sensible and obedient. The attitude of communicating is very well. Now she is studying in grades one in primary school and she is a gentle and quite pretty girl. She can put away her bedroom well and she often helps younger brothers and sisters to do up their hair, put away stationery and clothes. Usually she is fond of reading. In school she actively takes part in all kinds of activities. She respects teachers and the elders, unites students, and has deep love for collective. She is elected a “Three Goods” Student. She comes top in the examination in the end of 2010 and she is awarded with a certificate by teacher. She can perform the addition and subtraction within 100 easily. She is a loveable girl. In foster family she is a sensible and obedient child; she does her best to make progress. Now she changes the diaper without help every day; she can take care of herself and has good mentality. She hopes to be adopted by foreign family and she wants to have a happy family and father and mother who love her.
I pray she finds her "happy family."  Sigh!!!


Sweet Wendy/Megan has been waiting so long!  Please read about this wonderful little girl!  Wendy/Megan ages out in September of 2012, please consider this precious child.  At this time she is not on the shared list but I wanted to get her up as I am hoping she will be found soon.
Because Megan did not go to school at the appropriate age, she was not able to do many things at the beginning of her admission. At the present, she is very diligent and studious. She has been able to learn what the staff has taught her. Since her admission, she has learned to tidy up shirts and beds from caretakers and she helps other children put on clothes and shoes and assists them with other things that she can do. Every day Megan comes back from school and finishes her homework actively. If she has questions that she cannot understand she takes initiative to ask the staff for help. Megan says she wants to learn much more knowledge. Megan is outgoing, active and restless. She is ready to help others, always with a happy smile on her face. She is satisfied with her present life, but she also hopes that she would have her own loving parents as other classmates in school.  
Megan hopes that she will one day see her mother outside of school waiting for her and then go back home with her hand held by her mother. Are you being called to be Megan’s mother that she so desires?


Sweet Julie ages out in November of 2012.  Please read about this wonderful child who is now basically healthy:
On admission she was found to have congenital aproctia and a rectovaginal fistula. In December 1998 she had anoplasty surgery, and in April 2005 she had bladder surgery, which were both successful. She is also reported to have mild right kidney edema. She started school later than other children due to her medical condition, and as of March 2011 is in the fourth grade. Currently she is reported to have normal physical growth and be on par cognitively with her peers. She enjoys playing games with her classmates, doing crafts, and can recite poetry fluently. She also is learning simple English words in school.
She states that she very much wants to join an adoptive family. Inspired by her teachers, she too wants to teach as her profession.  From someone who met her: "Julie’s assessment states that she often shows great kindness and easily builds attachments."
Please don't let this child who loves to give hugs, age out!


Oh my goodness, what a smile!  Please read what is written about this beautiful child with a brave spirit!  She has spina bifida and is in a wheelchair, but she is able to get into and out of the chair on her own and can get up stairs on her own. She does her own self-care independently. 
Dawn is 12 and a half, and will age out of the program in 18 months; she is aware of this too.  She has spina bifida, uses a wheelchair and is studying grade 4 in local school - and doing well.  She is confident, articulate and happy.  Dawn already has a degree of understanding that adoption to another culture and language would be difficult (she is used to playing and being around non-speaking foreign people that visit the orphanage on short term teams); however, she has stated that she would like to have a family, and that she would like to go abroad.  She is willing to work to overcome language difficulties for that.  She is also aware that education, future jobs and life in a place like the USA would be easier for her than in China where wheelchair uses are still not supported well. 
Please don't let this special child age out


Wonderful Jenna with the sweet smile ages out in March!!!  Please read about this precious child.
Jenna is a very sweet girl who enjoys playing with other girls her age. Her favorite game is basketball. She is in 5th grade and is starting to study English in school. Jenna is very helpful and is watchful of the younger children at the orphanage. She is a little shy at first, but after warming up a bit, she enjoys visiting with adults. Cake and ice cream are her favorite treats! Jenna has a condition called tuberous sclerosis. This condition affects her skin. Another symptom of this condition is mental delay. Jenna is not at the top of her class but she is still a very bright young girl, capable of functioning normally. 


Sweet Tina is 13 years old and will age out very soon!!  Tina wants to be a teacher!  Please help her to achieve her dreams!
ID: JH5.YTH.0198.31346.01
This child is part of the Special Focus program. For more information please contact a Case Worker at
She is 13 years old and attends classes at the orphanage, which she enjoys, and she says her favorite class is Chinese. She likes to read comic books and her favorite food is hum bao. She likes to use a computer to play games and to help the nannies with chores that need to be done. She enjoys running and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher and help kids learn how to draw. Her left foot turns out when she walks, but her caregivers say that she is very independent and can do many physical activities including toileting by herself. They describe her as very thoughtful, caring, smart and kind. She is very skillful in taking things apart and putting them back together. She is very helpful to the caregivers and if she sees an adult, she will try to help out by offering them water. She currently lives at the orphanage and said that she wants to be adopted by a good family.
There is a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. Please contact a Family Finders Case Manager for more information.  To receive waiting child information you must first submit WACAP’s 2 page pre-application. There is no fee to view this information. To download the pre-application then select waiting child and select pre-application.

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