Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shared List Girls


Just look at that sweet smile!  Sadie is listed as having CP, is on the shared list and is 8 years old!  Her info is way outdated but she is described as:

At 5 years of age she could express her needs and could cooperate when she was put on and off clothes and socks. She knew right and wrong and could feed herself with a spoon and drink from a cup. She could keep quiet as required by teachers in the classroom and could understand the direction of teachers. She could recite easy children’s songs such as “the little rabbit”. Now she is 5y10m. She could walk with a helper and she could sit down and stand up again. She has scissors gait; she can use bathroom independently; she can count from 1 to 10 and can scribble; she can fold paper and can chat and play with her friends.  She has normal mental development and is quiet and docile; she has an irresistible cute smile. She likes to play with others and likes toys, building blocks and she likes to scribble. She is a quiet and cute girl.
Watch her precious video in which she says, "My name is KY. I am nine years old. I like to sing! I like to do many things!"  Sweet Girl!!!!
*How is Sadie's intellectual ability? Is it the same as her peers?
Kang Yuan;s intellectual ability is normal, same as her peers.
*Does Sadie attend school? What is her favorite subject?
She is attending school in the orphanage. Her favorite subjects are music, game, art, Chinese, Maths, etc. She is attending “education class” at the orphanage.
*Does she have any limits in her mobility (walking, running, etc)?
She can not walking alone. She has to use a walker. But she is a strong girl. She will not give up easily.
*How does she feel about being adopted by foreigners?
She dreams to have her own family. She really wants to have daddy and mommy love her!
Her updated measurements:
Height: 117.5cm; Foot: 15.5cm; Weight: 20.5kg.


I have to start with my precious Blossom.  I did not include this beautiful child at first because she does have an interested family!!!  Praise the Lord!!  They, however, need continued prayers and because I have had several families email me about her, wondering about her and wanting to pray for her, I thought I would put her back on, to simply ask for prayers for sweet Blossom and this wonderful family. Thank you!!
UPDATE:  Please check the "I am coming home page."  Praise God!!!  Thank you everyone for your prayers!


Beautiful Adele!!!  She is listed as having congenital meninges bulge, post-op hydrocephalus and really needs an update!  She is 5 years old and is on the shared list!
Adele likes to smile, quiet and sleeping, and she is eager to excel. If you call her name, she will play with you hearing your voice. Whenever her roommates has interested thing to play, she will ask for it crying. She cannot bear fall behind. She can say simple words like “auntie, father”. She likes to have egg, milk, rice, biscuit; her favorite sport is to hide and seek. 
Does she have bladder/bowel control
Yes, she has bladder/bowel control.

Can she walk unassisted
She can walk alone slowly.

Does she speak clearly and understand what is being said to her.
She speaks clearly and understands what is being said to her.

Has she had any complications post surgery
Her head circumference is 54cm after surgery. She had MRI on Feb 10, 2012 and the result is hydrocephalus. Her hands are weak when she holds things.
Her personality?
Adele is very smart and lively. She gets along well with other children in her room. Nannies all love her very much.
What does she like to do?
She likes to play games and play with blocks.
Does she like to play with other children?
Her current measurements:
Height: 98cm; Weight: 10kg; Foot: 14.5cm.


Look at dear sweet Catherine.  Catherine is 11 years old, although the family that met her said she seemed more like an 8 year old.  Catherine is in an orphanage that does very little international adoptions and yet, a few months ago, she saw a family come together.  She saw a mommie and a daddy come for their baby girl, a child whom Catherine had helped to take care of and love.  Catherine saw this family and asked when she could go to the USA?  Catherine stole this families' hearts and now they are asking for advocacy for her.  Sadly, she is not paper ready but the director promised to get her paper ready for an interested family.  Please read about this beautiful child.
She looks more like the size of an 8 year old.  She is very petite.  They said she has CP because she is not very good in her studies.???? So to me I would say she does not have it just by what I saw.  She was running and jumping and following us all around.  Very happy and very excitable.  The only thing I would say would be an issue if you would consider this an issue is she is very busy and excitable.  Not sure if this was just because we were there or  not.  All the kids were lacking attention so I think she just needs love and attention.  Also. not sure if she is going to school or not.
She was holding our daughter in a lot of pics we have.  She really wants a mama and baba and asked our guide when we were there when she would be going home to USA.
This orphanage has only done 10 IA adoptions over a period of 10 years.  This was a poor orphanage and if I could have taken all of them I would have.
My guide said the SWI would get her paper ready I just needed to let my guide know so they could get paperwork together for her.  Our guide is friends with the director at this SWI. 
I was surprised to learn the age of this little girl as she is very tiny.  They say she is much older than I had expected.  Hopefully, there is a family waiting for her !!


Ellie is 10 years old and is listed as having mild CP and the best smile!!! Here is what is said about this precious child:
She is active, extroverted, has a ready smile and is very polite. She will voluntarily say hello to familiar people and is very adorable. In the institute, she is fond of reading books, drawing pictures, playing toys, games and doing the limbs recovering trainings with other kids. She is very optimistic and gets along very well with other kids. At present, she is studying in the pre-primary school class. She can count from 1-100 and write numbers within 10. Her language ability improves very quickly; she can read children’s songs, tell stories and performs songs etc.  At present, she can walk alone but not very steadily Although Ellie is living happily in the loving big family, she still wants to have a family of her own and father and mother who love her very much. She envies those kids who are adopted. When she sees them adopted by foreign families, she will say to caretakers with tears in her eyes: “ I also want a father and a mother.” How eager is she to have the care and protect from parents! As a result, she is willing to be adopted by families especially foreign families. 
*How is Ellie's mobility? Can she walk, run, climb stairs?
She is walking with lame. She needs o hold onto the handrail when she climbs stairs.
*Does Ellie attend school? 
She is attending school in the orphanage. She enjoys game class.
*How does she feel about being adopted by foreigners?
She is happy about being adopted by a foreign family. She wish she has daddy and mommy to love her.

Her updated measurements:
Height: 117cm; Weight: 18.5kg; Foot: 17.5cm.
Oh my heart, please, please search your heart and see if you might be her mommie and daddie!!!


Precious, adorable Hilda is 4 years old.  This wonderful child is listed as having delayed motor development, bilateral concomitant exotropia, however a family who reviewed her file has some info about her: 
I found info about her and she never had nystagmus, she has extropia and some delays... language (she is talking now), psychomotor (she can walk without help, and she is continent).  Her caretakers think the mental delay in her file is not true.  They think she only needsstimulation to correct the vision problem.   She is with a foster family now to improve her development.  She needs a family who has time to work with her and patience and I think she´s going to blossom
Please read a bit about sweet Hilda:
At the age of 2 months she can smile, and turn her black eyes to observe the environment; at the age of 5-6 months she expressed her needs with crying; at the age of 8-9 months she understood what “no” means; at the age of 1 year she paid attention to actions of adults; at the age of 3 years she knew where her nose is and began to learn to speak. Under the loving concerns and care of the caretakers in the welfare institute, she feels happy and contented, and has formed close bonds with the caretakers.


Lily is a beautiful little girl who is 5 years old. She was brought to the orphanage when she was 1 year old. They discovered she had mild CP and soon began therapy. Lilly has speech delays and some difficulty with fine motor skills when she tries to write or draw. However, she is able to eat, brush her teeth, put on and take off her clothes, and go to the toilet all by herself. Her left side is affected more than her right. Lilly is very strong and persists in completing a task set before her until it is done. Lilly loves to play house and hide and seek. She enjoys playing with the other children and gets along well with them. She has a good appetite and loves eggs and milk. This resilient, independent little girl has been in care since January 2007, and reportedly is the smartest child in her special class and is competitive, hard working, curious, and eager to learn. She has since been diagnosed with athetoid Cerebral Palsy which causes her to have a writhing movement to her activities.  She has been making continual improvements with her balance and level of control over her movements.  Her caregivers report that she has good adaptability and that she is independent in eating, getting dressed and tying her shoes. She is described as a girly girl who likes bows in her hair.  Lilly is a sweet and loving little girl with a strong will to succeed. She will need a loving family to help her as she grows and makes her way into the world. Won't it be incredible to be a part of her life and see how far she goes? She is waiting!


Sweet, precious Chloe is 7 years old and is listed as having congenital cerebral palsy and epilepsia of children.  This precious child was abandoned at 2 years old.  Please read about this sweet child!
On admission, not very flexible response, delayed development, can not talk, can not walk, stand or stand with hands on rails alone, can sit alone. Diagnose on admission: cerebral palsy (paralysis of the right side)
After we enhanced nutrition and nursing after admission and carried rehabilitation for her. She improved much in nutrition and reaction and in personality. She is more outgoing than before. Slowly, she began to be able to stand and walk and likes to play with other children. In March of 2011, she had many times of hyperspasmia of all over body without consciousness lasting for about 30 seconds. Diagnose: epilepsia of children, taking oral anti-epilepsia drug: carbamazepine.
Now she can understand simple instructions and can say simple words like baba, mama and auntie and so on. She is outgoing and likes to play games with other children. She can basically take care of herself. She is good in walking. But since she is weak in muscular power of the right lower limb, she is lameness in walking. She has good nutrition but delayed in developing compared with other children. She takes carbamazepine with 50 mg each time and 3 times a day. The effect is good without reoccurrence


Adorable Shelly is 4 years old!  The pics in her file are very out dated but there is updated info.  Sweet Shelly is listed as having congenital both sides lip and palate cleft III°.  However her update stated that she has some stiffness on her left side.  I do know, however, that she is a cutie and that I am certain, has not changed!  Please read a bit from her update.  This is from a year ago:
At present, she has normal development of the sizes of hands and feet. She could sit and walk alone and walk fast. She could go upstairs and downstairs, climb up and down her bed. She has flexible motions of right side limbs with normal mobility, flexibility and force yet her left side of limbs are stiff with fist shape for most of the times and she can not hold, grasp things freely with left hand. When walking, she has poor bend ability of left knee than right one. for daily activities, she has core on her right side of body.
She understands some simple meanings of adults, can help caregivers put away milk bottles and clothes, get a chair for a caregiver. She knows her name, figure out familiar caregivers. She could make wa-wa sound as if expressing her ideas yet she can not speak. She would find her favorite toys and she does not like sharing her toys with other children so does other things belonged to her. Occasionally, she would grab others’ toys. She understands praising and blame, and she is very sensitive and weak when being talked about her shortness or blamed or bullied by other children. She often cries to show her unsatisfied feelings, which needs patient persuading and comfort. She likes being praised by caregivers and laughs with he-he sound. She also likes acting as a spoiled child in front of her familiar caregivers. Usually they praise and encourage her to let her get along with other children, and to let her know she could be praised if she shares her belongings with others.
She is stubborn, easy to cry, not afraid of strangers and lacks of safety. She cannot afford any harm. She likes being cared and attentive. She would refuse in the way of crying for the things, which can not meet her needs. She likes playing with other children in the garden.

She has a routine life, normal defecation and urination. She could go for defecation and urination under the hints of caregivers. She could drink milk from a bottle (special milk bottle), and eat rice paste. They would feed her a small bowl of millet congee for lunch and dinner and sometimes they would try to let her eat some fruits, cookies and coarse food grain.


Sweet Kaiya is 8 years old and is listed as having restricted functions of right side of the upper body .  Please read about this wonderful little girl!
Kaiya has mild cerebral palsy, which mainly affects her right hand. She uses her left hand to do almost everything. Kaiya had surgery at a year old to help her right foot to walk better. She walks well, just needs to be reminded to walk "heel to toe" with her right foot. 
Kaiya attends school, and she is developmentally at the same level as her peers. Her best subject is Chinese. Kaiya is described as cheerful, and she absolutely loves the Pleasant Goat and Big Wolf cartoon. Her favorite toy is a Pleasant Goat doll.
Please consider this precious child! 


Beautiful Tara is 9 years old and is listed as having development delay of motor skills.  Please read about this wonderful child who has had a particularly tough start in life.
She is outgoing and active, loves watching cartoons and playing toys especially pretty dolls and sometimes she read nursery rhymes while cuddling a doll. She has strong self-cared ability and she could brush teeth, wash face, have meals, sleep, defecates and urinates on her own.
At present, she studies in the school of our CWI. Initially when having rehabilitation training, she walked unstably and easily fell down. However, she can get up again and continue her walk with smile on her face. Under such mood to work hard on training, she could walk steadily and even trot.
Now she is very capable in that she could be self-cared basically. Folding quilts and putting away beds are the best things she can do. She is the youngest child in her bedroom but she is the most diligent child as well. She also helps other children who are weaker than herself putting on clothes and shoes, folding quilt. She loves being pretty as other children wearing skirts and leather shoes as well as pretty hairpins. She is a very outgoing girl who has a quick smile. Usually, she enjoys playing games with others, watching TV. She has a lot of hobbies as well as enjoys drawing, singing, telling stories. She loves Barbie. She is well loved by all of us.
She works hard and has had great improvement on language skills. Although she sometimes does not speak fluently, she can speak clearer and is able to chat with caregivers with complete sentences. The teachers and caregivers believe that she is a lovely, sensitive and pretty little girl. She is not a picky eater.
When seeing other children go overseas to live, she hopes she could have a family of her own looking forwards to the happy life she shares with her parents.


Just look at this wonderful child!  Sweet Josie is 11 years old and has a limp on her left leg!  That is it!!!  A dear friend of mine has met her and had this to say:
CUTE! 11 years old. Very sweet and shy!  Totally on target academically/developmentally 
Precious Josie is not paper ready but her CWI has agreed to get her paper ready very quickly for an interested family!!!  They care about their kids and want to see them find families!
Please click here to see a short video of sweet Josie,


Precious Elizabeth (in green) is another wonderful 11 year old who just needs a family!  She is not paper ready but can be VERY quickly!  She is listed as having mild CP but just read what a wonderful friend of mine wrote after meeting her:
Mild CP, super sweet, feminine and smart.  Tall for her age and I wouldn't know she had ANY SN if they hadn't pointed it out. (left side a little weak) walks fine - looks totally healthy
I have a short video of her as well, please click here,


Sweet Stella is 7 years old and has been diagnosed with Thalassanemia.  Here is just a bit from her file when she was 4 years old:
Stella now is 4 years old. She takes a bath at 8:00 after getting up and breakfast in the morning. And then she would play with classmates in the playing room. At 9:00 she would go the special education class in the welfare institute. The teacher in the special education class often teaches the children learning singing, dancing and new words. When the teacher gives music, Stella would shake her body with the music. She is shy in front of strangers. She would not answer the inquiry from the strangers, and turn her head to one side. In the class, she would touch other kids with her hands sometimes, or grab a toy from someone. When she could not grab the toy, she would tell the teacher and cry or beat other children. Stella likes colorful new toys. On seeing new toys which she does not know how to play, she would look at others playing, and then grab the toy to play alone. Sometimes she would play happily with loud laugh. She can imitate doing things from adults. On seeing the caretaker sweeping with the broom, she would follow to sweep with a broom. Sometimes on seeing someone urines wet or his/her shoes are off, she would help them to bring the dry trousers or tell the caretaker. She likes playing outside, such as sliding, sitting in the little car. She is fond of taking a picture. When the caretaker would take a picture for her, she would make a posture or make the gesture of “V”. Stella can put on and take off shoes without help. In the summer, she can put on and take off trousers and put on some simple clothes. Stella hasn’t used chopsticks, only can take meal with a spoon. She knows “big” and “small”, and knows some color names.


Oh my, sweet Sissy is 7 years old and has CP.  Please read about this precious child who was abandoned at 4 years old but sounds like she is doing so incredibly well!!!!
Sissy is very clever, likes imitating us speaking; sometimes she can help us take care of other children. Through rehabilitation Sissy’s muscular tension of lower limbs has been improved. Now she can stand with holding onto objects without help, can count from 1 to 30 and recognize 1-10, can write 1-3. She has good expressing ability in language, has no difficulty in communicating with others, can sing and recite poetry of the Tang Dynasty, can imitate simple dancing actions with upper limbs and can do some fine activities such as putting beads together, can scrawl on paper, knows the names and uses of all parts of body, recognizes several kinds of colors, knows big and small, recognizes simple pictures, understands basic directions, knows the concept of short and long, knows male and female, is able to use “you, I, he”, has good manners, fairly sensitive to all kinds of flavors, can basically manage her own life, fairly introverted, and will be shy when she sees strangers.  


UPDATE:  A wonderful friend of mine with a beautiful heart was able to get an update on this precious child!!!!  I pray that someone, somewhere will have their hearts moved for this beautiful child!  Please read her updated report and just look at that serene, sweet face!!!
1. Does she want to be adopted by a foreign family?
She really wants to be adopted by a foreign family
2.What grade is she in and how does she do in school?
She hasn’t gone to school yet She has learned some lessons at foster family and the orphanage. She recognizes some simple words, she can calculate some simple add and subtraction. Her intellectual development is normal and she is really smart.
3. Can she go to the bathroom by herself, is she continent?
She can’t go to bathroom by herself yet. She is not continent.
4. Can she walk at all,or does she use a wheelchair all the time?
She can’t walk at all. She uses wheelchair all the time.
5. Can you describe her personality?
She is very easy going. She likes to communicate with others. Her language express ability is really good.
6. Does she get along with other children and is she good and gentle with other children?
She gets along well with other children. She is very nice and gentle with other children.
7. What are her favorite activities?
Play with Barbie doll.
8. Does she have a best friend?
She has many good friends, they are: two big sisters who helps taking care of her often (SZT and LXY). Her best friend is SMX, a girl who is also in a wheelchair.
9. Is she close to her foster family?
She is really close to her foster family. She’s back to the orphanage about two months ago. SIGH!!!!!
10. Can she transfer herself in and out of her wheelchair?
She needs help transferring herself in and out of her wheelchair.
OK guys, this little one is WAY down on the shared list and look how sweet she is!  Can't you just picture her with hair and a pretty dress on??  This little sweetheart will languish on the list if we don't get the word out about her!  Again, her file is very old and needs to be updated but just look at that face, y'all!  She is now 9 years old and is listed as having postoperative congenital meningocele and paraplegia of both lower limbs - following her surgery!  Sigh.  Please read what is written about her in her file from 2008:
 Her mental development is normal.
In order for the child to have more developing space, this institute sent Adrianne to live in a foster family and receive normal preschool education. Now Adrianne live a good life in the family and formed deep bond with the family.
Adrianne is outgoing, bright and inquisitive, has great language expressive and understanding ability, likes to communicate with others, express herself, can write, recite a lot of poems, does things seriously, has great receptive ability, likes imitating, is a sensible and good child, likes playing with kids, extremely likes listening to music, looks curious to things she likes, likes drawing and reading pictures, recognizes a lot of animals, is willing to go to play outdoors, gets along very well with the family and teachers. Everyone likes her a lot.
Adrianne uses a wheelchair, can look after her own life roughly, can have meals, wash face and brush teeth, put on clothes on her own. Now she receives training, sit on a toilet bowl on time. Adrianne is a very independent child, is willing to do her own things by herself, does everything seriously.


Look at wonderful Dotty!  This sweet child is 12 years old and was abandoned at a later age but has adjusted well and is very helpful and sweet.  She has postoperative meningocele, urinary and fecal incontinence but is very independent.  Please read about this precious child.
On admission she has been performed the surgery of meningocele and she has urinary and fecal incontinence. Under the patient guidance of aunts she adapts the life in the welfare institute. She begins to play with children and be close to aunts. Now she is a very shy and quiet girl and she is very sensible and obedient. The attitude of communicating is very well. Now she is studying in grades one in primary school and she is a gentle and quite pretty girl. She can put away her bedroom well and she often helps younger brothers and sisters to do up their hair, put away stationery and clothes. Usually she is fond of reading. In school she actively takes part in all kinds of activities. She respects teachers and the elders, unites students, and has deep love for collective. She is elected a “Three Goods” Student. She comes top in the examination in the end of 2010 and she is awarded with a certificate by teacher. She can perform the addition and subtraction within 100 easily. She is a loveable girl. In foster family she is a sensible and obedient child; she does her best to make progress. Now she changes the diaper without help every day; she can take care of herself and has good mentality. She hopes to be adopted by foreign family and she wants to have a happy family and father and mother who love her.
I pray she finds her "happy family."  Sigh!!!


Beautiful Tiana is 10 years old and is listed as having mental retardation (hate this term as it is often not accurate), and post operative contracture of arm muscle ( I believe she would just be considered developmentally delayed).  Please read about this sweet girl and her greatest desire!  Sigh!
Self-introduction: I am like you, if you like me? Although I am not perfect legs, but still sing and dance. Everyone says, standing on the stage I laugh very beautiful.
Greatest Wish: to take me out to play? 
From her file:
Personality, hobbies and sociability: Tiana is outgoing, has a ready smile, bold, warm and has good manners, has strong adaptability to environment, is willing to communicate with others and can get along well with them. She likes showing herself in front of strangers, likes singing, dancing, and participating in outdoor activity, often shows her active and pretty side to people.
Study condition: in Sep.2008 she enrolled in special teaching class to receive studying exercises. At present she is able to read simple children’s songs, knows and can write simple characters, and knows numerals within 100.
This is from a recently adopted friend of Tiana's
H.. said this girl does not go to school. She is taught at the orphanage.  She said she needs more help with her learning.  She apparently had surgery on her legs, so walks with a limp.  She sometimes talks slowly, but they think it is just habit, so the teachers worked with her and she can speak quickly now. I asked her if she could say complete sentences, and she said "oh yeah".  She said she didn't go to school because with her limp, she wasn't able to get around and use the bathroom there 
These are questions that Tiana's recently adopted friend answered about her:
1.  Does she know if Tiana wants to be adopted by a foreign family (or if the general feeling of most kids there is that they do or do not?)
Yes, she does.  She thinks they all do.  She is aware that an international family could adopt her. 
2.  Does she get along well with others?  
Yes, she gets along well with other kids.  She really likes kids.
3.  How bad is her intellectual delay?  On a scale of 1-10, or somewhat delayed, very delayed, etc?
About a 5.  This was hard to ask H.., to make sure she understood what I was asking.  I asked  her how well she was able to learn. 
4.  How is her mobility?  Does she do everything else the other kids do, or did she have some limitations?
She can walk and run.  she does not struggle walking, just limps because of her surgery.  She said it looks like it is hard for her to walk, but for her it isn't hard.
5.  What is her personality like?  Was she obedient, nice, stubborn, etc?
Happy, likes people to talk to her.  the other younger kids get more attention, but she loves when others talk with her. 
Please, please email me about this precious child!  I have many more pics to share!


Look at this precious child!!!  Sweet Lola is 5 years old and full of personality! She is listed as having "disabled lower limbs" but you just have to read her file!
The teachers like her very much. She is a quite girl and is very smart in learning.
She likes to learn to dress the dolls in class and practice again and again. She also likes the manual training class. She can fold a plane, make simple works like little paper cup dulls. She would use a paper cup as the body of the dull, use colorful paper to make eyes, nose for the dolls and stick them on to the body with double faced adhesive tape. In the beginning, she can not master the proportion of the doll’s features. Under the guidance of the teacher, she can make very good ones.
She is fond of taking classes with other children.
She is still inconvenient in walking but this has not influence her happiness. She is smart and cute and people love her very much. I asked her “do you want a foreign family?” she said “yes, I am. And I want a family with mother, brothers and papa” we hope she would have a warm family of her own and enjoy the love from parents. Perhaps the raising of her is hard; the cute girl will bring much happiness to your family!”
Please consider this wonderful little girl!!!  


Please, please consider this beautiful child! This wonderful little girl was found at 4 years old, sigh!!  She is listed as having “deformed lower limbs” and a slight mental delay.  Her file, however is 3 years old and it sounds like she was doing pretty well, especially because the report was written only 4 months after she was found!!  Here is what was written about sweet Cherrie when she was 4 years old – again, only 4 months after she was found. 

She is introverted and silent. She likes to play with adults and likes to listen to people talking and likes being talked to even more. If you get familiar with her and you talk to her, she would ask you many questions. She can walk with hand on support and she can stand so several seconds. Taught by staff, she can say sentences of 3-5 words and she knows the function of daily utilities.  She is cooperative when nannies put on clothes for her. She can take off clothes and unbutton; she can hold the bowl and feed herself and she can drink from a cup. She can read a picture book and can turn page after page. She can play blocks by herself and can make buildings with blocks. She is very polite and when she sees staffs here she would call them dad and mama, or aunty and uncle for younger ones. She sings to the young children in the institute songs she learnt. She likes most to sing the “Mama hao” (good mother) song. She likes read picture books very much and she likes clothes and dresses in bright colors. She cleans her face and hands every morning. She can keep her clothes neat and clean even after one or two days.  She is a good girl and she learns hard. We all like her and wish her happiness.


I was able to get an bit of an update on this sweet child along with the updated pics above. 
1. Does she want to be adopted?
2. Is she still delayed?
Yes.  She would like to learn things, but not very well. She would nod her head to means she understands. But when we ask her again, she doesn’t know. For example, she can’t recognize when we point up and down or left and right.  See question 3!  Maybe she needs glasses!
3. Does she have a vision problem?  There is something in her file about eye sight and treatment but nothing else about it.
Yes, she has vision problem. But because of our limited condition, we haven’t given her any treatment.
4. Can she walk on her own?
Yes, she can walk 2 or 3 steps on her own.  She can’t walk with her legs. She would hold onto the wall or chairs for assistance when she walks.
5. Can you describe her lower limb disability?
Deformed lower limb. Can’t walk steadily.
6. Can you describe her personality? 
She is gentle. She likes to hear someone praise her. She is quite obedient.
7. Does she get along with other children
8. Is she good and gentle with the younger children? 
Yes, she is very gentle with them.
9. Does she go to school and if so, how does she do in school?
She is not in school.
10. What are her favorite things?
Her favorite thing is playing with other children her age (watch TV and listen to music).
11. Her updated measurements:
Height: 115cm; Weight: 17.5kg.
I was able to get some video of this beautiful child!!!!  Please go here,
Watch and have your heart moved and broken all at the same time!  PLEASE pray for this precious child!
Email me at for more info and give this wonderful child a chance that she will not have in China!!!


Sweet Cassidy is 9 years old and is listed as having hermaphroditism.  She is being raised as a girl.  Please read just a bit about this precious child!
She could do many small things by herself and loved outdoor activities very much such as kicking the balls and swing, sliding board and playing with other children. She was very energetic and brave. She could even play together with strangers. At 3 she went to kindergarten. She loved to sing with teachers and she could sing “little swallow” and “Two butterflies”. She performed back at home and every body praised her. She was happy to hear that. She was brave and often performed in front of other children. She had a loving heart and was ready to help others. She did well at school and she had strong observation ability. She often asked questions. Now she is over 5 years old and has learnt a lot in kindergarten. She can write numbers within 10 and could write many Chinese characters. She actively participate in activities in the kindergarten in celebration for June 1 children’s festival and presented singing and dancing. At meal time she offers to clean table and get chairs ready; she also helps to mop the floor and throw garbage. She absolutely could take care of her daily life.
I dear friend of mine met this child and said that she is VERY sweet!!!!!  Please consider this wonderful child.


Look at adorable Josie!!!  Sweet Josie is 8 years old and is listed as having right side paralysis, and slightly low intelligence.  Please read a bit about this sweet girl.
Unlike other girls, when Josie first entered the orphanage, she adapted to the new environment and she ate and slept pretty well.  She didn’t cry or fuss, and she got along well with the other children.  It was as if she had returned to her own home, and the teachers were all happy.  Now little Josie is bashful, quiet, and gentle and fairly introverted.  She can express her own needs, though she is a little afraid of strangers.  She can dress herself, put on her shoes, and feed herself, and she can go up and down stairs on her own.  She can jump with both feet leaving the floor.  Her favorite thing to do is to listen to the teachers tell stories, listen to music, and watch TV.  When she sees a familiar cartoon character, she will happily wave her hands and feet.  She will rock back and forth to familiar music.  She gets along harmoniously with other children in her class, and at snack times and meal times, she will take the initiative to help the teachers get things.  She is the teachers’ little helper.  On March 3, 2006, she was placed in foster care, where she has started to enjoy the love and care of a father and mother.
Update from 2009:
Female, almost 7 years old, understands reason.  Cannot speak full sentences, but can say simple words.  Can raise right hand but cannot use it on her own.  Palm cannot open.  Can follow along to speak, but cannot understand on her own.  Knows when she needs to urinate or have a BM.  Can do simple things, can dress herself, can do simple household chores.  Pronunciation is unclear when she speaks, knows titles of address, but slow to grasp things.  Intelligence is truly a little poor.
I pray someone will take a chance on this wonderful child.

WINNIE WITH LWB__________________________________

Beautiful Winnie!!!!  This precious child is being cared for through LWB, has scoliosis and has been waiting so long!!!  Please read about this wonderful child!
Winnie is full of good cheer! Always smiling in the photos we see of her, eight-year-old Winnie lives in the Orphanage, where LWB has done orphanage assistance projects. We featured her in a blog piece (“Winnie’s New Coat for a New Year”) right before Chinese New Year last year and were hopeful that she would be with a family of her own before the next new year. Although it doesn’t look likely for this year, we are going to take a hint from Winnie and remain happy and optimistic that her family will find her soon!  
Winnie attends a special school and loves to teach her friends from the orphanage the songs and dances she learns there.  We hear that school has been wonderful for Winnie and has helped her to become more open, outgoing, and happier than ever before. In her weekends off from school, her nanny says she enjoys assisting her with housework and helping with the babies. She truly loves to be helpful!  
Just think of the smiles and love that Winnie could bring to any family. We return Winnie’s wish for peace as she waits for them!
Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.


Look at this beautiful child!!!!!  Precious Finley has been waiting so long!!  She is 10 years old and is listed as having a lesion in lower part of spinal cord, both lower limbs muscular atrophy, both ankles introversive. Physical growth basically normal.  I know this sounds scary but she really sounds like she is doing so well and would thrive with the love and support of a family!  Please read about this wonderful little girl:
We enrolled her in the educational classes where she learned a lot. she could count from 1 to 100. She knew the numbers 1-10 and pinyin ‘a, o, e, I’. She was introverted and did not speak out when she had difficult. She always tried to solve on her own. she is stubborn sometimes, but she has a very warm heart. When she saw other kids crying, she would walk up and wipe tears for the kid. when the caretaker was tired, she would get the chair for the caretaker. The operation did not bring ideal result for her. But she always tried to do things as many as possible.
At 7 years old, she was very sweet and considerate. She always tried to do things on her own, e.g. washing face, brushing teeth and dressing herself. She walked without crutches. She did not want to bother the caretakers. When asked whether she needed the help, she always shook her head. She liked to read the picture books, played with blocks and dolls. She often sat quietly in a corner when other kids played games. Even if the caretaker asked her to join in, she was not active. But she would watch them attentively. If other kids played happily and clapped hands, she would also shout happily and clap hands like other kids.
Finley likes to draw the sun and the balloon. She likes to watch Tom and Jerry the most. She does not talk much, but she has her own thought. She is sweet and considerate. When caretakers are going out, she will go over to open the door for them. When there are visitors in CWI, they all feel empathy for Finley and try to hold her. Though Finley is not very expressive, she shows shy smile. She keeps and cherishes the cloth and shoes caretakers give to her. On Children’s Day, she sang ‘Only the mom is the best’ with other kids. She told the caretaker, ‘I have caretaker, my caretaker bought me new shoes, clothes, blanket and pillow..’ She was happy and smiled. She still walks with her feet introversive. When she started to go to school, the CWI gave her a pair of pretty crutches. Now she cherishes them very much, often wiping it when she has time. though she looks reserved and does not show her feeling, she is very sweet. She is not talkative, but she knows everything. She likes to do things on her own and does not bother caretakers. When the caretaker she likes comes to see her, she will stay with the caretaker, holding her hands tight, calling her ‘ayi’. When the caretaker is leaving, she will run and stop at the door, looking at her without saying anything, and waving goodbye reluctantly.
Please consider this beautiful child who has waited long enough!


Precious Charlene!!  Please read about this adorable 3 year old child and is listed as having some limb differences that affect her legs, but her hands and arms are not affected; CP!
Her caregivers say that she can say simple words.  She's a charming little girl with a high, quiet voice.  Though her caregivers say that she can crawl, she prefers scooting around on her bottom. She has some limb differences that affect her legs, but her hands and arms are not affected.  She can put food in her mouth with her hands.  She appears to be small for her age.  She is able to cooperate with dressing, but she can't dress on her own.  When her caregivers hold her up at a sink, she is able to wash her hands on her own.  She's able to hold on to a pen and scribble.  She enjoys eating sausages.  She is able to build a tower of three blocks.  The caregivers say that they believe her mental development is normal. She has a number of skeletal anomalies.


What a sweetie!!!!  Sarah has just turned 4 years old.  Please read about this precious child.
She is a shy and introverted child who is very obedient. She likes outdoor activities and colorful toys. She has been diagnosed with mild CP and has made great progress with therapy. Her intellectual abilities as well as her language skills have shown great improvement. She can sing simple songs.


Sweet child!  Please read about this wonderful 5 year old child who has to close her eye in the bright sunlight!!!
She is described as active, restless, energetic and sometimes impatient.  She has severe nerve deafness and, as a result, her language development is delayed but she is receptive to learning and gestures to express her needs.  She also has a cataract in her left eye. The eye will open when there is not a bright light but she keeps it squeezed shut much of the time. 


Sweet Penny was listed with GW but is now back on the shared list.  Penny is 8 years old and is listed as having post-operative for hydrocephalus. She also has epilepsy and is on medication to control it.
 She had 2 seizures in 2010. She is an extroverted, active and lovely child. She has good self-care ability and is able to do many things for herself such as having meals, putting on clothes, brushing her teeth, and washing her face. She loves outdoor activities and especially enjoys singing songs.


Adorable Grace is 6 years old and is listed as, "motions of right tendon is bad and a deformed tongue."  Please read about this precious little girl.
Grace needs walk with supporting by both hands due to the bad motion of her right limb; she can walk holding wall or stuff, can hold the pen with hand, can scribble, and understands the meaning of “no”.
Grace is very cute and bright, and has special bond with caretakers, when being teased, and she will smile. She is cooperative when put on clothes, she likes playing toys, going outdoor, playing games with other children, and likes to listen to music, watch TV.


What an adorable child!!!!  All I know about this sweet child is that she has CP and is 11 years old! 
UPDATE:  WOW!!!!  Please someone bring this child home!!!!
Talk about a little girl who can light up a room with a smile! This is her! This ten year old princess has a history of being abandoned at six years of age and able to walk by herself although it was a slow walk due to a diagnosis upon admission of cerebral palsy. She has received rehabilitation training and walks more freely as of the last medical report received. In March 2008, she was enrolled in the small sister class of Half the Sky Foundation. She was reported to join activities that involved programs which required standing and squatting repeatedly.  She was reported to have joined these activities with enthusiasm and never gave up even when her classmates would knock her down. Her caretakers say she would just stand up again and sit on the chair looking at the others playing with a smile on her face. She is described as a child with great tolerance, kindness and quiet determination, Her friends like to play with her. At eight years old she was reported to be continuing to be educated in the small sister program. Her caregivers stated she continued to treat others with care and understanding and is always willing to help others. Some lucky family will find this child to be the perfect fit for their family!
Please love this child!!  I pray this wonderful, determined little girl does not age out!!!


Sweet Tess is 9 years old and is listed as having dwarfism.  Please read about this very special young girl!
Wonderful Tess can look after herself in her life, can eat herself, wash face or hands, go to washroom or put on and take off clothes, socks, can also wash the small staffs, like her own socks or handkerchief, taking shower needs adults’ assistance, like the members in the foster family, polite to people, can greet adults every day in a right way, obedient, can help adults do a lot of things she can do, e.g. get the little chairs when it is going to eat, help the caretakers to clear away the bowls or chopsticks after eating, knows to look after the younger sister in the foster family, seeing the little sister runs out of the room, she will go to chase her and pull her back,  like watching TV, specially the cartoon, can distinguish what is right or wrong, like to explore and learn all kinds of objects and new things she has never seen, show concerns to changes of the surrounding people and things.  Have extroverted, bright, active, outgoing, restless personality, but sometimes she can’t admit her mistakes, knows how to face the mistakes under the guide of the family members, love to sing and dance, like outdoor activity, like to play together with kids of same age, can get along well with kids when playing, fond of new toys that she never seen before,  respond actively to stimulation of new things or strangers.  Tess can recite the ancient poetry, “ Xiang Si” “Jing Ye Si” “ Chun Xiao”, she can sing the song “ The careless little painter”, can join all kinds of the activities and study actively.
Please give this child a chance at a future!


Sweet Maisey is 9 years old and is listed as having CHD and slow intellectual development.  There is not a lot written in her file other than medical reports.  From what I can tell, her CHD has been repaired and she seems to be doing fine.  I will try and get her file reviewed and post the results.  


Wonderful Miranda was on BAAS' list but was returned.  I am not sure if she is on the shared list or not but I did not want to loose track of her.  I will check the next list to make sure she is there and update. 
Sweet Miranda has a premature delay and is 12 years old and is just beautiful! 


Oh please, please read about this very special child!  Jendaya is 11 years old.  I pray she finds a family to love her before she ages out!!!
Jendaya can take care of her own basic needs, though she does so slower than other children. An older sister helps her when she washes her feet and goes to washroom. They are good friends since they are with each other for long time. Jendaya has a thankful heart. She loves singing and she often humming songs before sleeping at night. She also enjoys watching TV, playing jigsaws, and stringing beads. She is sensitive and honest. When she makes mistakes and is blamed, she cries and changes her behaviors bravely. She enjoys talking with others. She often consults with others when she encounters some problems. Everyone says she is an outgoing, optimistic, kindhearted and sensitive girl.


Sweet Wendy is just adorable and obviously LOVES cake!!!  This precious child is only 6 years old and is listed as having CL/CP and some delays.  She is described as being, "outgoing, extrovert, cute and agile."  She also loves music and is seems very happy when she hears music, clapping her hands and smiling.  She understands what is being said to her but doesn't speak much.  Please give this child the chance to blossom within the love of a family.


Look at this precious child!!!  Sweet Lucy really needs a family to bring her home.  Please read about sweet 8 year old Lucy!!
Lucy is diagnosed with corneal staphyloma in her left eye and corneal leukoplakia in her right eye. Her reports are from when she was 4 years old, and we are currently waiting on an update. At the age of 4 she was able to walk, run, jump, use chopsticks, and catch a ball that was thrown to her. Her favorite activity was playing outside. Though she cannot see out of her left eye, she can see from her right. Her right eye is in need of a cornea transplant, and she was waiting for a match. She has excellent language development and can express herself well. Lucy lives in a foster family. She had a brother in that foster family who was adopted by an American family. She misses him very much and hopes she can also have a family in America so she can see her brother. UPDATE: Lucy's development is normal in all aspects, aside from her vision. She is a clever, extroverted little girl. She goes to school, and she is in the top of her class! She is still waiting for a cornea transplant.


She is DARLING!  This is what is written about this adorable 7 year old who wants to be a doctor when she grows up!!! 
UPDATE!!!!  Ok gang, I have seen Evie's video and can I tell you - WOW!!!!  She is ADORABLE!  Oh my goodness, she is bright and articulate and I really think that with some good PT,  she might just be able to walk, at the very least with crutches but I would not put anything past this bright child!  She has a smile that will melt your heart and is as cute as a button!!!!  You have GOT to consider this beautiful child who despite it all wants to be a doctor when she grows up!!!!!!  Cute, cute, cute!!!!  I also had a dear friend of mine review her file.  Jen has lived with SB all her life and is very knowledgeable about SB.  This is what she said about sweet Evie:
She is so sweet and so smart! She is extremely mobile - it's hard to tell what her leg deformities are, but she has a LOT of function - many kids with SB are totally paralyzed from the waist down, but she has a lot of feeling and movement - you could tell from how she was moving and swinging her legs without any true effort or being directed to move - she was just moving them to work off some little girl nervous energy from all the attention, I bet. Seeing her balance and how she was supporting herself with her arms while standing, I'm almost positive that she can be very ambulatory - physical therapy will help some, but what's really going to help her take off is lightweight orthotics (leg braces will give her the stability she needs to stand and walk) as well as forearm crutches - the kind that wrap around her elbow, not that go under her arm. Depending on her orthopedic issues, she may need surgery for her deformities (it was hard to tell given that I couldn't see her legs), but she definitely has the potential to be very mobile - she'll likely use a wheelchair for long distances or maybe rely on one more when she gets older to optimize her independence, but she has a low level of spina bifida and she should be able to walk extremely well with mild intervention throughout her adulthood.  
This child was a part of the Special Focus program with WACAP.  This is what was written about sweet Evie:
She is currently living with a foster family that includes a mom and dad, grandparents, and a younger sister. Her favorite person is her mother and she enjoys playing games with her sister. Her caregivers say that she is very smart with above-average intelligence, but she is not going to school due to her special need. She cannot stand on her legs without full support from her arms, but when sitting, she can lift her legs up. She uses a wheelchair at home, but needs someone to push it for her. Her foster parents give her physical training at home. She likes to sing and play with Barbie dolls and her favorite foods are apples, bananas, watermelon and oranges. She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  


Dear, sweet Channah is 8 years old, is listed as having CP and just has the best smile!  She is so full of joy, please consider giving this joyful child a future.  Here is a recent update:
1)      Though she was diagnosed to have mental retardation based on the IQ test report dated Feb. 14, 2008, we found her with no mental problem according to our daily observation. Generally speaking, any of the orphanage children may have the same test result as Fang Yun as they who grow up in the orphanage have much less education and very rare contact with outside world compared to other children of same age. FYI, we could arrange another IQ test for Fang Yun if needed. 2)      She has been attending the special education class in the orphanage. Yet, she will go to the local special education school in mid-September. 3)      She enjoys playing with balls, listening to music and dancing.  She doesn't being ignored. 4)      Her favorite food includes meat and sweets. 5)      She likes pink and green. 6)      She likes wearing the dress.  7)      She can walk and go upstairs with no problem. Every day she dresses up, takes the bath, eats and sorts out the bedding by herself. She can fully take care of herself. 
Please go here, to see 2 very cute videos of this wonderful little girl!!!   Email Kenlyn at for more info on sweet Channah!


Sweet Lori is 11 years old and is listed as having post-op bilateral cleft lip and palate ll degree.  Please read a bit about this precious girl.
 Lori is a shy girl. She came into care in 2005. She gradually adjusted and became more outgoing and began playing with the other children. She has had surgery on both her cleft lip and palate. She attends school with good scores and wins the honorable student title every year.


Beautiful Daisey is 5 years old and is listed as having cerebral palsy anddislocation of right hip joint.  This is just a part of what is written about this wonderful, sweet child:

"Daisey" is a sweet girl, optimistic, has ready smile, her hands can’t do fine movements now, but able to hold the cup, pen, basin etc. coherent talking, can say 5-10 sentences, can eat when she’s hungry and put on clothes when she feels cold,  can please caretakers and cooperative when putting on clothes for her, unable to take off shoes herself, can communicate with people freely, build up blocks, likes the staff toys, get along well with other children, can share toys or food with other kids, not afraid of strangers, her disease didn’t affect her optimistic attitude to life, now recovery teacher is doing rehabilitation training for her

Please, she needs a family!  She needs you!!!
Please go here, to check Miss Daisey who is now "Elly" at the Forever House at New Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is SO cute and is now in a really great place!  Praise the Lord!!!


Sweet Emilee is 11 years old!!  Please read about this wonderful little girl who is listed as having post-operative meningocele, hydrocephalus.
"Emilee is an obedient child who is eager to learn and cooperative in a learning environment. Her teachers say she is helpful with class management. She tends to be introverted and is reluctant to interact with strangers. Her hydrocephalus is stable."


Sweet, precious Olivia is blind.  Sweet, precious Olivia is also beautiful and wonderfully made and she needs a family to tell her this.  She needs you!  Beautiful Olivia is only 4 years old, please give her the family who will love her and tell her everyday just how very special she is!


Oh my goodness, please look at this precious face!!!  Sweet Mandy is 8 years old and is listed as "Intellectually slower than other children of her age, Left lower limb limp, can not walk steadily."  Here is just a bit from this precious child's file:
She started to walk in Nov. 2006 and she is not walking steadily now with left lower limb limp. On April 5, 2007 she was sent to the hospital for cerebral palsy sequela treatment. After rehabilitation and treatment, her intelligence and limb function have improved much. She is not walking steadily though, her speed and step both improved. She walks to visit and play with others in the village everyday. Her intelligence is also improved. She can understand the direction of her foster parents and can tell people in the foster family. If she is ragged by other children, she will come back home and lead foster mother to the child ragged her. When she sees staffs of the institute, she will tell foster parents that mothers and fathers from the institute is coming. As far as language is concerned, she knows daily dialogue and is articulate. She is shy and quiet, but she likes playing, especially outdoor activities.  After training and exercises, with her age grows, her intellectual and physical development will gradually meet the standard of normal children.
Please take a look at this adorable little girl who is at the bottom of the shared list!!  Sigh!


Please, please someone take a chance on this precious child!  Sweet Tessa is 9 years old and is listed as having "congenital multiple joint flexion contracture."  It sounds to me like she has arthrogryposis and from what I have learned about these precious children is that they are incredibly bright and delightful to be around!  Sweet Tessa sounds bright and extremely delightful!  Please read a bit from her file:
Tessa is a child suffering from congenital multiple flexion and contracture of joints.
At present she can sit with the help of her caretaker, can move her body freely on the level ground, enhances the strength of toes, pick up objects with first and second toes, put small things in order, and draw vertical and horizontal lines with toes.
She is a compliant and pretty girl, greets others actively and initiatively, calls “uncle” and “aunt” constantly; when younger siblings fall down or are in danger she will call aunt loudly to stop that happen. She is like an angle, protects younger siblings, but this angel lost her wings. She has good comprehension; when watching cartoon or listening to children’s songs she will sing together, so she likes singing, and she can sing several children’s songs well now. She takes an initiative to put on performance. Though she is nervous sometimes, she finishes all the performance seriously, and we feel happy for her growth. She cares about the attitude others toward her; so long as they are kind to her she will be very happy, and glad to talk with them. She likes outdoor activity very much. When the sun comes out she will say excitedly: I can go out to play today. Because she likes her partner very much, likes others to play games with her and talk with her, so we often take her to bask in the sun in yard. In order to broaden her view we once took her to visit North Sea, Beijing and other places; she was very happy and excited when she saw the sea and Tian’anmen. We hope that she could be exposed to the wonderful outside world.
She is "like an angel who has lost her wings!"  Wow!  What a description!  This must be a very special child and I pray that this angel finds a wonderful family to bless!  She will have NO future in China but such a bright one here!!! 


What a beautiful child!!!!  Wonderful Lilian is 10 years old and has been waiting a very long time!  Please read about this classically beautiful child and go watch her video!
She is seated her but completely mobile, lovely, bright and mature!
In her interview on the video she states her desire for a family and tells a SW that she is a beautiful mom. Clearly she longs for a forever family! Please hear her sing a sweet song on the video, too!

More info here:
On link above you will find a video. if you have trouble viewing it use VLC DVD 5 (free download).

Children's Hope International has video of her. She remains on the shared list with a grant of $2200 from WACAP


Look at this precious little girl!  Wendy sat for so long on an agency list and is now back on the shared list.  Please read about this wonderful child:
Wendy is a pretty young girl who will be 11 years old. She has a sweet smile, that matches her sweet personality. She was found abandoned when she was about 2 years old. She has been diagnosed with a mild case of CP, which mainly affects her fine motor skills. Her walk is a bit unsteady and her speech may be somewhat affected. She is described as a sensible girl, with a ready smile. She attends school and her teachers and classmates all like her very much. She likes to sing and likes to play in the park. When asked if she would like to be adopted, she replied, "I would like a family. I would like to be fostered (adopted) and I want my own father and mother." This is a girl who knows what she wants...can you help make her wish come true? 
Wendy is an active little girl, happy and curious, sweat smiles on her face all the time. She is a very lovely child, very independent, she dresses herself, takes bath, washes her own hair and does chores such as washing dishes, clearing rooms, and taking care of garbage. She loves doing this for the foster Mama.  Wendy is a gentle girl, considerable, and polite. She is a warm hearted child, gets along with the other kids very well, and always loving helping the others as much as she can. She is taking care of the brother and sister (foster home’s) very well, she is a very honest child.  She is in little sister class of “the half sky”, who understands the teachers, and learns well. Her speech is clearer, and can describe an event, counts from 1-100; knows the concept of amount;she can do addition and abstract within 10 by heart; and math problems of adding two digits to one digit( such as 10+8=; 22+5=). 
She has many interests, watches TV ;singing, playing outdoor games with her “brothers and sisters”, she can sing several songs by her own. She eats well, eats many things but “tofu Chinese soft bean cube” and fish. She is a healthy girl.  Wendy is a very kind heart, polite and independent girl. We are hoping that she can have a family of her own, and grows up happily. She walks normal and balance well in the rooms, gets on and off steps by herself;but not used to fast walking in outside road, she needs help on high hill road,she can get on and off the bus by herself. 
She is also in a Half the Sky program!!! Please help her to have the Mommie and Daddy that she longs for!


Sweet little Addie needs an update and an updated pic - badly!  Addie is now 7 years old and this is the only pic in her file!!  She is also listed as having CP but her file states that she is HEALTHY!  Sigh!  Here is what is written about this sweet child in her file:
Addie has normal physical development. At the age of 1 month, her sucking ability was good, would sleep after meals and look at light when awake. At the age of 2 months her motion of hands and feet is strong, began to laugh and the crying sound was loud. At the age of 3 months, she could understand the calling of her names and would turn around when called, could make the sound of “ah” when being teased. Now, Addie is very beautiful and lovely, has ruby complexion, eyes are big and bright, seldom cries, likes being close with people, will be exited at food and fond of being brought out to play. She is active and extroverted, especially likes being teased by other kids.
I am going to try and get an update on this little one but she sounds wonderful!


Precious Sarah is 10 years old and is listed as having low-grade cerebral paralysis; left eye anopsia; intelligence development under the average. Please read about this beautiful child!
In 2007, she was received the “Tomorrow Plan” supported by our province. She began to have a treatment about cerebral paralysis recovery and intelligence improvement. After the treatment, she made a great progress in all aspect, especially in motion, language expression and intelligence. Now she can count to 100.
In order to give her a normal living situation and warmth of a family, we sent her to a foster family. In order to guarantee her education right, we prepare to send her to a primary school for education.
Since she has raised to this foster family, she exhibited obedience and sensible. She will do what she do and always help adult to do something which is in her ability. She can speak common spoken Chinese fluently. It is glad that she could have a foreign foster family as same as other children.  Except mild cerebral paralysis and left eye anopsia, she is in good physical development and energetic state. She grows up day by day under the care from the society and her foster family

It sounds like she is doing really well!!  Please email for her info!


Noel is 7 years old and has CP.  She also has such potential given the support of a family. I received some updated info on sweet Noel from a doctor who cares for the children at SF's.  This is what he wrote about this precious child:
Yes, we think Noel has great potential with continued therapy and a good environment.  My wife, Dr. Ana, is very positive about her saying she is smart and is trying hard in her therapy routine.  We have seen some improvement in her abilities.  You can message Dr. Ana if you need more details about her: 
UPDATE:  She is extremely bright, loves to learn and can easily communicate with you, she just isn't able to talk at this point. She is familiar with English, as she is now in class where she is learning the language. She can feed herself and hold a pen to draw.

She is receiving PT everyday and continues to improve...
Please contact me, however, for info about adopting this beautiful child!


Oh my goodness, what a little sweetheart!  Please someone consider this beautiful little girl!  Sweet Allie is 6 years old and is listed as having "blind eyes."  This child sounds like such a sweet and gentle soul.  I pray she finds her forever family!  Could it be you?  Please read what is written about this precious child!  Just remember that this is from 2007, when she was only 2 years old.  Her file needs an update:(
Although Allie almost has no vision, her hearing is good, can distinguish the footsteps of familiar people. She likes listening to music. When hearing the music with active rhythm from TV or radio, she will throw the things in her hands and wave both hands at once. Both of her hands are very flexible, can grasp objects near hand. Now she can also grasp a spoon to have meals, but she will drop some rice out of the bowl.
Now Allie can walk alone. Adults train her to walk slowly by holding onto furniture and walls, meanwhile train her to be bold and not to be afraid of movement. Now she can walk slowly from one room to another. Now Allie can wave hands and say goodbye, meanwhile blowing a kiss, can also tell adults proactively that she wants to go to toilet. She can defecate or urinate alone. Allie likes adults to bring her to go outdoors a lot and she is also ready to play games with other kids, play near her home hand in hand.
Lovely Allie can not see the colorful world now, but her physiological defect does not influence her personality development. We can still hear her sweet laugh every day, see her active body. We sincerely wish her to have opportunity to see the light and have parents loving her and staying with her, sharing with her the warm and happiness of a family.
UPDATE:  As of right now, sweet Allie's file is not on the shared list.  I pray her family has found her but if you see her on an agency's list, please let me know.


This sweet child with the adorable dimple is waiting for her forever family to find her.  She is 9 years old and is listed as being "deaf/mute."  Please consider this precious child!!!


 Sweet, precious Shelli is just 3 years old!  Please read what was written about this beautiful child by another advocate friend of mine:
 I’d like to take the time to tell you about a precious little girl who just turn 3 last month.  She was born with clubbed feet and taken to a very poor orphanage when she was a few months old.  Some of us might imagine orphanages are like a day care center with plenty of adults to care for the babies, brightly painted walls, comfy cribs and more than enough food and toys to go around.  Now come back to reality.  Orphanages are the opposite of all of that.  Not enough adults to care properly for the children.  Not enough food.  No toys.  No brightly painted walls.  The reality is most children come from an orphanage with delays caused by neglect and Shelli is no exception.
Thankfully Shelli is not in the orphanage any longer.  She is in a care home where she is getting plenty to eat and being properly cared for.  It’s still not enough though.  Shelli needs to be adopted.  She needs help overcoming her previous neglect.  As much as the care home can do, what they cannot do is get her the help she would receive in the USA or another similarly developed country.  If you would like more information on Shelli please send me an e-mail at
 Please email Marjorie to find out more about this sweet child!  She will need a family open to some unknowns but aren't all of our lives filled with unknowns!!!


 What a little cutie Miss Sienna is!  This precious child - is - the - last - child - on - the - shared - list!!!  Can you believe that!!!  Oh my heart, why is this child still waiting???  She is 7 years old now and listed as"Language and motion development are retard!"  However, it sounds like she is doing great!  It also states in her file that she has SLIGHT CP!!!!  Please, please read what is written about this adorable child:
 Sienna got the love of father, mother and brother which she longed for a long time, which provided a good atmosphere for her healthy physical and mental growth. Foster mother did the massage and recovery active for her everyday, she stand up at the age of 2 years, and could walk at the age of 2.5 years, she could babble at the age of 3y, her progress surprised foster mother, This year the health evaluation for children in foster families concluded that her intelligence screening results were retard (DDST method), physical growth was closed to normal average level (national standard). She is up to date on the planned immunization program. Presently Sienna looks handsome with bright eyes, dark skin. She has good living habits, is not choosy to food, likes all kinds of vegetables and fruit, and loves sweet food like most of normal children. She has good sleep and strong physique. She is bright and kind-hearted, active and loves smile and clever. She is welcomed by kids and loved deeply by teachers in foster family.
Please email me if you think you might be her forever family!


 Just look at that beautiful, yet very sad face.  This child really needs a mom and dad to hold her and love her and put a smile on that beautiful face! Melissa is 9 years old and is listed as having "congenital deformity of absent of joints and deformities."  Please read what is written about this precious child in her file from 2009:
 Melissa is outgoing, active and restless. She is very smart and occasionally obstinate. She likes playing toys, games and listening to music. She has strong desire of performances and strong understanding ability. She would take her initiative to talk to strangers which shows her outgoing and active personalities. She is willing to play with you or join your games to share the happiness and become friends. When she is happy she would also sing songs and dance which is lovely.
 Although she is disabled, it does not affect her growing up happily. She affects everyone surrounded her with her outgoing, active, healthy and active attitude and shows her lovely smile, smart to you. She is a pretty and sensitive good girl


Look at this sweet child!  She was just added to the shared list and is being cared for at Pearl River Outreach.  This is what the Diana from PRO wrote about this precious little girl:
She is currently in foster care. Gabriella is a special little girl, who needs a loving family. I am confident with the therapy and personal attention she needs and deserves she will thrive. She has a repaired cleft lip and palate, and she is also physically and mentally delayed. Her file states that a suggested conclusion is "mental retardation." I am not sure this is true. However, I do agree she is delayed.  She just turned 6.
Please email Diana at for more info about this wonderful little girl!


Dawn is a wonderful little girl whose CWI has asked for advocacy for.  They would really love for this child to have a forever family.  Please read what is written about this beautiful little girl:
Dawn is a sweet girl that loves everything little girls enjoy!  She loves to be held and is often content to just curl up and snuggle with people she feels safe with, she often does not even need to be talking in order to be having fun.  She enjoys playing with toys and has a remarkable attention span for games that require concentration.  Her personality is radiant, touching the hearts of all who get to know her!  When given the chance, she enjoys nurturing and holding babies.  Dawn's best friend is Tommy who has been in physical therapy with her ever since she came to the orphanage.  Dawn has cerebral palsy that affects all her motor skills.   She is able to walk, talk, and feed herself.  Dawn's memory is excellent, and she understand everything that is said to her.  Dawn would thrive in a family that loved her unconditionally!


Precious Song!!!  This very special child needs a mom and a dad, she needs siblings and pets and love - a family!  She needs an everyday, ordinary, wonderful family who will love her and be ready and able to take care of her for the rest of her life.  Her needs are great but her need for a family is far greater than any of her physical needs.  Please read what is written about this beautiful little girl and search your heart!
Although she has cerebral palsy, not able to speak and even not able to stand and sit, which needs fully care of adults, she is well behaved and understands what adults say to her. She tries her best to cooperative with the caregivers in the daily life. She has a pair of black and pretty big eyes and she communicates with adults via eyes and facial expressions. She has been doing rehabilitation training since 2 years ago. Now she sits on the corrective chair everyday. After training, she is more outgoing and has great improvement in terms of motions. She enjoys adults praising her and calling her “pretty girl”, then she smiles happily and there are 2 dimples on her face.
If you think you are the family who can meet her needs and the family who can love her, please email Colleen at


Sweet Claire will have a hard time in China if she is not adopted. This little one was a part of a WACAP camp and even though she has a "facial deformity," she is simply beautiful!  A wonderful friend asked her doctor about sweet Claire and this is what he said:
He said she has Type III Tessier Cleft of face..    Needs:  orthodontic, palatal expansion, eyelid restoration/elevation.  She would need probably be 3 surgeries, one to release the tissue, lift the eyelid and don't know what the 3rd was unless it would be a little more work on her lip.  He said whoever had done her repair in China had done an excellant job. There would need to be some dental done as well.   
Please inquire about this child and consider being her hope for a future!!!  She was on WACAP's list but is now back on the shared list.  They are still advocating for her with a grant, however.
Her ID # is JH4.ZYZ.0304.31090.01 and this is what is written about this precious child, who because she has a "facial deformity," will NOT have a future in China!

She is described as being a little shy around strangers, but when she becomes more familiar with people she is very talkative. Her caregivers are obviously quite fond of her because they describe her as “naughty” which is seen as a very positive trait in a young child and is often used to describe a child who is inquisitive, active, and curious. She likes to sing. She enjoys going to school where she can play with toys – especially the bikes. When we asked her what her favorite animal was, she said that she likes little dogs. She was born with a cleft lip and palate as well as other facial abnormalities. Her speech is very clear and her nanny says that she is just as smart as all of the other little children. She lives in a foster family. She is very affectionate and we saw her take her caregiver’s hand several times for comfort while we asked her questions. By the end of our interview, she had warmed up enough to pose for the camera. She is an affectionate child who needs the love that only a permanent family can give her. There is a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families who use WACAP for this adoption and a possible additional fee reduction.


 I do not know much about this precious child other than she is 6 years old and is listed as having epilepsy.  She is so cute!  Just look at those entirely kissable cheeks!!!


Look at this precious little girl!  Lydia is 11 years old and is listed as having Hepatitis B infection; congenital amblyopia of both eyes and has a beautiful smile!!!


This 2 year old sweetheart has post surgical hydrocephalus, post surgical spina bifida, clubbed foot,  and scoliosis.  Sounds scary, I know but she has had spina bifida and Hydrocephalus surgery and is doing fine from both.  She is also loving, smiling, a real fighter, loves to watch TV, and to look at books.  She has a completely mobile upper body , but they are not sure about the mobility of her legs from the spina bifida.  She will need a family who is committed and is open to some unknowns.  She is adorable! 


This precious child was disrupted in 2006...2 days after meeting the American family that she had been matched with. Her original SN was for her post op ptosis, but the multiple cafe' au lait spots on her upper body had them concerned.  So now she has been on the shared list since late 2009, diagnosed with post op ptosis, sinusitis, and possible neurofibromatosis.  This precious child has been in 2 different foster families, plus the disruption.  She needs a forever family.  Please, please email Amy at for more info about this wonderful little girl!!


 Amy at Red Thread Kids has been advocating for this precious child for a very long time.  Please read what she has written about this sweet child:

Sweet Livy is 5 years old. Look at that cute smile! Livy has the type of cerebral palsy that makes her drool occasionally, and her speech is not as articulate as children her age. She can walk unassisted, but cannot run very fast.  Livy is described as sweet and having a ready smile. She loves to play with children her age. She loves to sing and listen to music. Her favorite toy is a rag doll.  Please spread the word about Miss Livy!! I know her family is out there, and they just haven't seen Livy's sweet face yet:)
If you think you might be this wonderful little girl's family, please email Amy at


Hillary is on the shared list but is being advocated for by Madison.  Her file states that she has "mental nerve development delay."  It sounds like she had TB at some point, and they are saying that caused her mental delay.  I don't see in her file where she has much delay, except for not being the best student ever!  When did that get to be a SN???  I know a lot of really smart kiddos who have that "SN," if that is the case!  She also has polydactyly of one hand I think.  This is a bit of what is written about this very sweet, very special young girl, who will age out in less than a year!

Once the caretaker gets ill and tells Hillary she wants to go home, and resign from the institute.  Hillary holds her hands and says, "please don't go, please pass the disease to me, I want to get ill instead of you!"  Then she cries.  She does not sleep for the whole night and stays right beside the caretaker.

Oh my heart!  What a sweet child!!!  Please email me if you would like the info needed to find this child on the shared list, or you could go to Madison's yahoo group, 
here and see her file that is posted there.

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