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Aging Out Boys


Oh my sweet Oliver really wants a family!  Please, please read about this wonderful child who will age out in JUNE!!!!
He is a very outgoing and happy boy. He loves sport, such as basket ball, running, badminton, table tennis, soccer. He is very good at playing basketball, badminton and Yoyo. He is also a very sweet boy. He always help younger children. He is going a local special education school. His academic is about average. His sport is good and he also likes to do performance. He attends the school show every year.  Everytime when he sees other children adopted, he looks so sad. He comes to ask us many times when he can have a home like other children. He wants to be adopted by a foreigner family so much. We always comfort him and tell him we are trying our best. He is shy when he doesn’t know you. When he gets familiar with you, he is very talkative. He is curious about everything and he asks the questions all the time.
Even though Oliver is on the shared list, WACAP is offering grants for him if you use them to bring him home:
There is up to $9500 in financial aid available (including a $4200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption and the possibility of up to $5300 in fee waivers). 
Apparently this child asks all the time, "where his family is, when will he have parents!"  Sigh!  Please watch this video and have your heart broken and moved for sweet Oliver.  Scroll down to the very bottom of the page first to mute the music so you can hear his plea!!!!!  You can email me for more info on this wonderful child!!!


These new pics were taken by a traveling family, the family who was adopting sweet Cullie's best friend (see first update below).  Some of you may remember him as "Joseph" on my old site or "Thomas" on Lifeline's list a while back.   Please, please read what this momma told me about sweet Cullie and the time they were able to spend with him before they brought their son (Cullie's best friend) home!!!  Oh my!!!
While in  China we were able to celebrate GP's birthday and give him a gift and have birthday cake with him. He was also with us for "gotcha" day and was in tears a few times-so heartbreaking-why couldn't I just bring him home to???  We do not have many pics of just Cullie and my son together, because our son does not like having his picture taken and we did not feel right taking pictures of Cullie when he was clearly upset over our son leaving him. Once you meet them and know them and see their pain it is so much harder to know they are still waiting. I gave Cullie a hug when we left and he hugged me back as if he did not want to let go.   
This momma goes on to say that their newest son is "adjusting very well, better than I had ever hoped and has been my easiest adoption from China-he is our 4th from China."  Please email Vicky at to find out more about this wonderful child who obviously wants a family of his own!!!  
Cullie is a wonderful, healthy, 12 year old boy.  He is on the shared list.  Please, please read about this wonderful child:

When he was 4, his parents both died.  He was raised by an elderly man and then by a group of elderly before he came to the orphanage.  He loves studying, is well behaved and completes his homework carefully.  He is polite and well liked.  He is interested in computer and like to paint.  He has only had an occasional cold or cough and has no drug allergies. This boy sounds like a GREAT son!
When Cullie found out that his friend was leaving to go to his family, he asked when he might have a family too!!  The director of his orphanage asked for help in finding this precious child a family and says that sweet Cullie has a great personality!
There is a video of sweet Cullie and in this video he is saying, "
My name is GP. I’m 12 years old. I am in fourth grade in school. I love to play basket ball and play on computer. I wish I have a family, have daddy and mommy love me. And I will love them very much, too. Thank you"
Oh my heart!!!!  Please, please consider giving this child the family that he so desperately long for!  I can share his video with any interested family and Kelly R. and Angela have promised to get a FREE update for any family willing to consider this wonderful little boy!!!!
Please email me or Vicky about this sweet boy!


Carson is on the shared list and HIS ORPHANAGE HAS WAIVED HIS DONATION FEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is Carson. Kathy at Wasatch gave him this name because he is the very same age as her own son with that name and she couldn't imagine her own son not having a family and never being able to have one. Sometimes you hear a child is 13 and think, "oh they are no longer a child" but then look at an actual 13 year old boy or girl and you will see they are still really so very young. They still like cartoons, playing with cars and toys and games, being silly and needing hugs! This Carson is going to age out in December of 2012 meaning he will NEVER have a chance for a real family! There is over $11,000 in fee reductions for a family who adopts him. Please won't you consider him for your family??
He resides in a foster family at this time where they say:
He is a smart and study hard child. He can follow the teachers and finish homework well. In the foster family, as elder brother, he can help little brother and sister. If little brother and sister were wrong, he can point out and help them to correct.
Now he is 4 grade in the primary school. He is clever and study hard. His results are in the upper middle. At home, he is obedient. He can help mother to do easy household duties. He has good living habits and strong self-care ability. He is a sensible good child. He is introverted but he is active and lively when meets familiar people. He is getting along with teachers and classmates well.


The young man who possesses this brilliant smile is Charlie, and 2012 is starting out as an eventful year for him. He has started attending school in LWB’s Education program (and we couldn’t be happier to have him) and has also had his adoption paperwork filed! Since Charlie is almost 12 years old, his chance to be adopted is unfortunately limited by time.  Yvonne, LWB’s China Education Director, recently met Charlie and couldn’t wait to tell us how much he impressed her.  Aside from reiterating how cute Charlie is (which is quite plain to see), Yvonne told us that Charlie is eager to learn.  He answered all of her questions fluently and correctly. She even talked to him about adoption, and he specifically told her that he wanted to have a mom and a dad. Once she heard this, she knew that it was important for us to find out if his file had made it to the waiting children list…and we are delighted to announce that it has!   Charlie’s special needs are that he has missing toes and paralysis of his left arm.  We hope that by getting the word out, Charlie will be matched with a family and 2012 will turn out to be one of the most eventful years of his life! Could this charming young man end up making 2012 one of your family’s most eventful years as well.  Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your local adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.


Please read about sweet Marshall who truly needs a miracle!!  This wonderful child ages out in February, still enough time but he needs a family and he needs them NOW!
This handsome young man is in need of his forever family. He came into care in May 1998 and has lived with two different foster families until 2010 when he was transferred back to an institution. He has club feet and stiff knee joints that make it difficult for him to walk. He has had two surgeries to help correct his club feet and one surgery to help improve the mobility of his knees. He has also been hospitalized in 2005 and 2009 for bone tuberculosis. He is able to walk with crutches or the assistance of others. Due to his difficulty in mobility, he was unable to attend formal school. His foster mother was able to find a tutor for him and he was able to learn addition, subtraction and writing. It is reported that he has some difficulty learning. It is reported that he is very close with his foster mother and still speaks with her on the phone even after being transferred back to the institution.  
My heart breaks for this child!  Please give him a family who will love him forever!!!


Sweet, smart Jonathon ages out in July!!!  Please read about this wonderful child:
Jonathon was born in 1998 in southwest China. After being abandoned by his parents at birth, he went straight to the hospital. The doctor said this boy doesn't have long for life. He not only survived but he is now a thriving young boy with amazing potential. He is in 7th grade and is a hard worker. His passions are studying, sports and people. This guy is a thinker. The orphanage director says he thinks even more than many adults. The director also says he is a perfectionist. Each time my friend goes to the orphanage he is welcoming, friendly and quite helpful.  He has stated repeatedly that he wants to be adopted! He wants a family!

His special need was cleft lip and palate. He has had 3 surgeries to repair his mouth. The 3rd surgery was plastic surgery.

His file states: He is liked by teachers. He likes to answer the questions. He is always the first one to finish the homework. He has no special needs. He is considerate and self-esteemed. He is the cleverest one in his roommates. He always helps caretakers to feed younger children. He also helps caretakers with cleaning. He is a considerate child. Caretakers in SWI all like him.

Are you his family? If so or if you know of who may be his family, please email Kenlyn at


Wonderful Leon ages out in April!!!  Please read about this sweet child.
Leon has a strong ability to express himself, and always say hello to others. He gets along well with others. He has 3 good friends he likes to play wtih. He loves to read comic books and loves the characters in the book. He can draw the characters in the books with good detail. His learning ability is strong and careful. He is optimistic, friendly, gregarious, and smart. He is post-operative for Tetralogy of Fallot and his heart exams appear normal. The orphanage has agreed to waive the orphanage donation fee for any family who adopts Leon.

The orphanage donation has been waived


Wonderful Michael is 12 years old and is listed as having post-operative hypospadias.  Please read what this precious child wrote in an essay to his teacher!!!!  Oh my heart!
Note2: an essay/letter the child wrote below:
I want to have my parents: when I was over 1 year old, my birth parents abandoned me and I have been raised in the Children’s Welfare Institute since then. Now I’m on the third grade at the elementary department of No. 25 Middle school  in the middle level of studying in the class. Although the teachers care me in terms of my living and studying and I live happily, however, I’m so admire my best friends CS and HY who have their own parents, and I think that if I have my own parents, how nice it would be!
This is just a little part of what is written about this wonderful child in his file:
He could help each other with other classmates and help the ones who fell off, hand in the stationeries he picked up on the ground. He enjoys the math and PE classes, enjoys rope skipping, running and long distance jump and is able to turn a somersault many times in succession, and could flip. For the sake of his safety the teachers are not allowed him to do that yet when performing in a celebrating show, he would do it carefully. He studies well with strong curiosity and is able to accept fresh new things and often asks questions. When he came back he would do his homework first then help caregivers do something as his age appropriate. When the weather is fine, he would cuddle younger children to enjoy the sunshine outside and be willing to share his delicious food. He enjoys sharing with others. He is active and restless yet sometimes he would make mistakes. He would not do it anymore once the caregivers discipline him via the oral correction. He is sensitive. He likes watching cartoons especially the Ultraman and Legends of iNezha. He would be carefully watching them and discuss the characters of them with other children sometimes. He is polite and greets others when seeing them if they are his acquaintances. 
Please consider this beautiful young child and give him the parents that he is dreaming of!!!


Alex is 12 years old and is listed as deaf. 
Alex is an active child who loves sports, especially running, and martial arts. He is described by caretakers as one of the orphanage’s leaders with a pleasing personality. He cares for other kids, listens well, behaves well and is very helpful. He is an average student in school but does not like to read. Diagnosed as a deaf mute, Alex makes loud sounds when attempting to speak. He attends a school for the deaf and is learning to sign, although he communicates more by gesture and lip reading. Tests have shown that he may be helped by hearing aids.


Sweet Will is 13 years old and is listed as having "deformed feet." I pray that his family will find him before it is too late as he will age out in May!!! There is not much info in his file but this just jumped right out at me:
He is outgoing, active and restless. Although he has limited functions, he loves sports such as playing football and badminton.
Please, please bring this sweet child home.  Please help him to get the treatment that his feet need so that he can be as active he loves to be!!!!!


 Lucky is 13 years old and ages out in August. He is a Hep B carrier. Lucky is noted to be a very friendly boy with an excellent temperament. He has learned English in school and loves to play basketball. He is extroverted and obedient. He hopes to be in the Special Forces when he grows up. He wants to be adopted and come to the U.S. He hopes his family will be warm and happy. Lucky is close friends with Ned and Dusty. They hope they will all three be able to be adopted and remain close.
UPDATE:  The orphanage donation fee has been waived for sweet Lucky!!!!!


 Ned is 13 years old and ages out in July. He is an older healthy child. Ned is described as very smart and places in the top 5 in his class when he works hard. He loves vegetables and dislikes sweet foods-not your typical teenage boy! He hopes to grow up and be a policeman to protect society. He very much wants to be adopted and hopes to know about his family’s interests and lifestyle so he can prepare before the adoption. He is friendly, hardworking and always tries to help other children. Ned is close friends with Lucky and Dusty. They hope they will all be able to be adopted and stay good friends.
UPDATE:  The orphanage donation fee has been waived for sweet Ned!!!!!


Sweet Carson will age out in March.  Please read about this wonderful child.
Carson has been living in the institute since he’s admitted. He has never been foster-cared. He is a nice child in our institute.He is polite to caregivers and other workers. He is a loving child who helps other children often. He is going to the 7th Grade . He needs to be more patient in studying and his scores are lower than average. He becomes more and more sensible while he’s growing up. He now gets along well with others and will not snatch things from them. At school he’s quite popular among his peers. He is also charismatic to them who like to follow his leadership. He cares about his peers and respects his teachers. In the institute he listens to what caregivers and workers say. He likes to play basketball and is a key player in the school’s basketball team. He has strong interests in all sports and often wins prizes in the school’s sports games. He saw other children being adopted before and he’s willing to be adopted. He is longing for a life in a family 


Sweet David ages out in June.  Please read about this wonderful child.
David has been waiting his entire life for a family.  This boy is enjoyable and energetic. When my friend visits the orphanage, he is always eager to get out and play soccer, volleyball or whatever sport anyone will play with him. David is quiet and enjoys drawing. The orphanage director says he is quite mature and very smart. David has amazing potential to be a strong leader.  His special need is cleft lip and palate.  He has stated repeatedly that he wants to be adopted! He wants a family!
His care takers say he is very clean, he helps the teachers clean up after school ends, he loves school, loves doing his homework. He loves little kids and will help feed the younger children.
Please email Kenlyn at for more information on wonderful David


Justin wants a family so badly.  He is wonderful with children.  He is postoperative for cerebral palsy, but he is able to walk and play.  He does about 40 minutes of therapy a night to help strengthen his body.   Justin is a detail-oriented child with independent thinking. He likes to take care of children younger than he is. He acts as a big brother in doing it and he is very thoughtful and caring to other children. He is hard-working too. He loves helping with family chores such as bed-making, laundry, and dish washing. He’s very independent in daily life. He keeps his stuff clean and organized.   He has a hearty appetite and eats a large amount of food. He has never been picky in eating. He sleeps well and he has been healthy. He rarely gets sick. He’s not afraid of cold.   He studies hard and attentively. The first thing he wants to do after school is to finish his home works. He’s very patient in answering other children’s questions.   He’s longing for a family. He’s confident that he will have one.  He’s ready for it.   He is on the shared list - however WACAP has a generous grant for his adoption for an eligble family (need to go thru WACAP for their grant) There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. There is also an additional $5000 available for this child’s adoption from a generous donor. Families of all incomes may apply for this grant. Please contact a waiting child case manager at for more information.


ID# ZGH.0798.16098.01 Financial Aid up to $14,475

Gary is described as coordinated athlete, active and extroverted. He really wants to be adopted. He must be adopted before he turns 14 - before it is too late for his adoption. Gary shares that he traveled and  performed with his father until he was seven years old when his father could no longer care for him. He is fond of singing, gets along well with others, and has a ready smile.  He is healthy and has good motor, language and social development. He likes playing soccer, watching sports and TV.

Can you afford to adopt? There is a total of up to $14,475 in aid (
Including a $5000 private donation for families of all incomes and a $4200 Promise Child Grant available to eligible families). An eligible family's income averages less than $125,000  a year and income can be adjusted downwards for family size and special circumstances.  There is also a possible fee waiver of up to $5000 and waiver of the $275 application fee).

Parents are responsible for paying for their Homestudy plus travel for
parent(s) and child and approximately $3664 for: U.S. Immigration Filings, WACAP Fee  Agency Fee, Dossier Processing, Document Expenses, CCAA Charge, WACAP International Proc, Estimated  possible  Donation waiver  to Orphanage, Visa wiring, In country legal fees, Post placement fees for first of 4 years, and Post placement transmittal fee. Does not include 3 subsequent post placement reports. However there is $1300 available to apply toward adoption expenses.

Can you adopt? Married couples and single woman may apply. There is a increased chance of getting an exception for this child if you don't meet all the requirements to adopt from China. Please ask about reusing a recent dossier or adopting two children at once.For more information please contact<>  WACAP (<>) is a non-profit adoption agency. There is no fee or obligation to ask for his complete file.


Please read about this very sweet child who will age out this Spring!
He is a handsome boy with good character and good morals. He is a detail oriented child with independent thinking. He likes to take care of younger children and acts like a big brother who is very thoughtful and caring. He is confident and outgoing in front of people he is familiar with. He enjoys school and studies hard and he is good at singing and fond of music. He is a hard worker who likes to help with family chores. He is independent in his daily life and keeps his things neat and organized. He receives rehabilitation therapy for his CP and is making great progress.
He is on the shared list - however WACAP has a generous grant for his adoption for an eligble family (need to go thru WACAP for their grant) There is a $4,200 Promise Child grant for eligible families for this adoption. There is also an additional $5000 available for this child’s adoption from a generous donor. Families of all incomes may apply for this grant. Please contact a waiting child case manager at for more information.  Grant's ID # on WACAP's list is XRM.GJ0398.32266.01

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