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Shared List Boys


After you read about precious Peter, scroll down to watch his video!!!  Oh my what an incredible child!
Peter, who waits and yearns for a family. Read what was written about this precious child by a volunteer who was his buddy for a little while and who is now his advocate until he comes home!"Who will be my buddy?"

These are the first words I heard Peter speak (in Mandarin).

It was Day 1 of the Bring Me Hope summer camp for orphans, and Peter was waiting with eager anticipation as he watched the campers get matched up with their buddies. As an exhausted staff member, I had previously decided to not have a buddy that week.

Plans changed.

With one look at this little boy, I knew we were supposed to spend the week together. I walked across the room and grabbed Peter's hand, announcing I was his buddy. The smile that erupted on his face is etched in my memory forever. During that first day, Peter and I bonded more quickly than any other child I had every been matched with--evidenced during Day 2's water gun fights. For over an hour, Peter positioned himself between me and the others shouting, "You can't shoot her! If you shoot her I will get you!" I laughed as I watched him race around, trying to protect me by shooting all the other kids with water.

As the week progressed, my laughter turned into sorrow as I saw this precious boy yearning for love. If I spent one moment with another child, Peter would become jealous. He thought he had to work harder to earn my love. He served me food, filled my cup with water, gave me his toys, stole candy from other children to give to me, and even wrote me notes and drew pictures. The pictures always told the same story. He carefully colored a strong prince and one princess. When he gave it to me he said I was the princess, and he was the hero.

Even though he had a soft heart, Peter was strong. He tried to hide the fact that he wore a diaper because of being born with a myelomeningocele (spina bifida), disappearing for short times to change himself. When he returned, he pretended like nothing happened. I watched all of this and decided that Peter was my strong hero.

Friday came; time to say goodbye. I had been dreading this moment all week and wasn't sure how Peter would respond. Hist strength faltering, he held my hand tightly as we walked to the car door. Before he got in, a small tear fell down his cheek. The first tear I had seen all week. Hesitating for just a moment, Peter turned around and hugged me tightly. As I wrapped my arms around him, a personal responsibility for him grew in my heart. He may be leaving, but I was his advocate.

The car pulled out of the driveway. As tears streamed down my face, it began to pour rain. I looked heavenward and asked the Lord, "Why is he alone? Why doesn't he have a family?" The reply? "Becca, you can speak loudly on his behalf."

And so I am. Would you consider bringing this little boy, my little brother, into your family?

His words are still in my heart: "You're going to find me a famil
y, aren't you Becca?" desperately loving me to his best ability during the week when God redefined love for me. 


Oh Wayne looks like such a happy child and is listed as having hypospadia.  Please read about this wonderful 10 year old child.
Wayne is a healthy and sunshine child in daily life, always with radiant smile on his face. He is diligent, likes helping do housework; he has good manners, will greet the elder with smile at the sight of them in a distance, foster parents and neighborhood all like him. He enrolled in pre-education class in Sep.2007 and has good school records. He is liked deeply by teachers and classmates in school because of his active personality, gets along well with people, and is always surrounded by a group of fellows. We hope that our handsome Wayne could have his own loving family earlier. 


On my!  Just take a look at that sweet smile!  This little guy is 10 years old and has charmed all those who meet him.  He is listed as "right limb limitation of motion" and sounds so wonderful!  There is a question as to whether or not this wonderful child might also have epilepsy but that is NOT been determined yet.  Please read what was written about this precious child in 2009:
Randy is active, restless and extroversive. He can recite ancient poem and sing, closest to foster parents. He has good language skill, express his need and wish by talk. He is fond of playing gun and car toy. Because of limited motion of right body, he use left hand to write and take meals, loves soft food as dumpling, noodle and rice. He could eat 12-13 dumplings, love ham very much.
He is able to up and down stairs without help, but fear of get down. He is good at drawing, good at imitation, know big and small, tell out and in, recognize red, yellow, blue and green, know the different shape, left and right, able to speak sentence in 5-10 words, would ask “what is this?”, take off clothes and trousers. He could not unbutton because of limitation motion. He could tell gender, know how to do when feel cold, tired and hungry; answer what is your surname, where you live? Wash hands without help, but need help when take shower.
Now he is a primary school student, he loves to play with classmates. He has changed one tooth.
Please ask me about this wonderful child!


Just look at this precious face, that beautiful, joyful smile!!!!  This is Christopher, joyful, happy, wonderful 4 year old Christopher.   This incredible child is being cared for at a wonderful group foster home in China.  His foster family obviously has much love for him and has asked for special advocacy for sweet Christopher.  Please read what they wrote about wonderful Christopher and ask me to send you his video!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, is this ever a sweet, beautiful tribute to the joy filled child Christopher is.  He has completely stolen my heart and he will yours too but you have to see this video.  You have to see beyond his special needs and see the child who is just simply very SPECIAL!!!!!

We have been fostering Christopher since he was 2 months old.  He has spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  He had surgery for his spina bifida in October 2007.  He can not walk, however he scoots on his bottom with ease and 'commando crawls' to get around.  He is incredibly strong. We are not sure about his bladder and bowel control.  He wears a nappy, however he also can do a wee and poo on the toilet sometimes.  Constipation is a problem sometimes and we encourage him to eat lots of fruit and he knows 'it's for my poop!'.  In August 2008, Christopher suffered a broken leg (thigh bone).  He ended up suffering 5 breaks (all in the thigh bones) in 6 months which doctors told us was brittle bones as a result of the spina bifida.  He has been on alendronate since then and has not had a broken bone since February 2009.  The bone density in his legs has improved.  His right foot does not sit flat and this will require surgery later (tendons).

Christopher also has a congenital rib (R) deformity.  This can result in his breathing becoming labored when he gets a chest infection.  We are vigilant when he does start coughing and get him to the doctors.  He has had 2 chest infections this winter.  We saw an orthopedic surgeon in December who felt that the rib deformity was not impacting him negatively and wants to see him in another year.  The rib deformity/future scoliosis will need surgery when he is older.

Christopher wears glasses and his eyes are improving.  I would have to find out more information regarding the exact problem with his eyes, I'm sorry I don't know details.  (Christopher sees excellent doctors, however language can be a barrier as it is often in Chinese).

Christopher speaks English and Mandarin.  He confidently communicates in and is able to translate/change between the English and Mandarin.  He talks a lot - he likes to tell us what he is doing and ask questions.  He loves to listen to stories, talking about the pictures and loves to turn the pages.  He is learning the animal names and sounds and colors.  He counts up to 10 and can count objects.  He loves 'lift-the-flap' books.  He will sit and look at books for a while by himself.  He likes Spot, the Wiggles and Toy Story.

Christopher likes to play with wooden blocks and duplo, stacking them and building.  He plays with Chelsea (5) - they dress up, play doctors, cook and look after the babies/teddies.  He likes to do puzzles and is so proud of himself when he finishes them.  He likes to draw.  He likes to make simple tracks with his new train set.  He likes to be with Sam (14) and Jackson (11) and loves it when they play their music for him.  He doesn't like loud noises, getting upset when he first hears them.  He likes to go to sleep with his door open a bit.  He has a nap for about an hour in the afternoon.  He goes to bed around 7:30pm and wakes up between 6 and 6:30am.  He is a good sleeper and sleeps through the night.  

He likes to go outside to play.  He loves going down the slippery slide and can do it by himself.  He loves animals.  When we have looked after our friends' dog, the first thing he wants to do in the morning is see her.  He just likes to sit beside her and rest his head on her.  He is very gentle with animals.  He likes to go to the park, sit on the grass, roll/throw a ball and loves to blow bubbles.

Christopher is a people person and the life of the party.  Everyone loves him.  He has a beautiful personality.  He is almost always happy, from the moment he wakes up.  He will talk to anyone and says hello to everyone he meets.  He always has a smile that lights up his face!  He has a great sense of humour.  He can be demanding and finds it frustrating to have to wait. We are working on this with him and find the positive - at least he knows what he wants!  

He loves to eat noodles and rice. He also likes toast and sandwiches, sausages and pasta.  He likes dry cereal breakfast along with his fruit.  He feeds himself and can drink from a cup.  He takes his medicine well each morning.  He likes chocolate and chips.  He will generally try most foods.  He doesn't like big chunks of meat to chew.

Christopher has a good routine and knows it well (especially when it's time to eat).  He is very independent and wants to try to do things himself.  He loves a cuddle and kisses.  He loves a 'rumble in the jungle' - a roll around on the floor. He is very tactile and loves to touch faces (especially whiskers and chins).  He is a go getter, a fighter and an adorable little boy.  He never ceases to amaze us and his happy outlook on life encourages everyone around him.



Handsome Sawyer is 10 years old and healthy!!!  His orphanage has WAIVED HIS DONATION FEE!!!!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!


Precious Nathan is 7 years old and really needs momma to put a smile on that beautiful face!  Oh my heart, this precious child needs a family!!  Please read about wonderful Nathan:
He is ambivert (don't know what they meant here), quiet, likes to play toys, is talkative, easy going, likes readying, obstinate sometimes, likes the outdoor activity, likes playing blocks, has good spirit, has fresh feelings to the life, and likes to communicate with others, can quickly adapt to the new things and the environment. 
On Sep.23 2005 he was treated the cross foot, and on Sep.26 2004 was did the correction of the cross feet under general anesthesia, on Oct,11 2005 is on discharge, and then did the recovery training for him, the report on May 8 2010 shows: 1. defect of right hand and wrist; 2. cross feet in both sides, now he can walk alone, but not cooperative, is brave, when being did the examination, he would tell aunt that I will never cry, he has strong self care ability.
Oh my goodness.  He is a brave little boy who just needs his family!


These new pics were taken by a traveling family, the family who was adopting sweet Cullie's best friend (see first update below).  Some of you may remember him as "Joseph" on my old site or "Thomas" on Lifeline's list a while back.   Please, please read what this momma told me about sweet Cullie and the time they were able to spend with him before they brought their son (Cullie's best friend) home!!!  Oh my!!!
While in  China we were able to celebrate GP's birthday and give him a gift and have birthday cake with him. He was also with us for "gotcha" day and was in tears a few times-so heartbreaking-why couldn't I just bring him home to???  We do not have many pics of just Cullie and my son together, because our son does not like having his picture taken and we did not feel right taking pictures of Cullie when he was clearly upset over our son leaving him. Once you meet them and know them and see their pain it is so much harder to know they are still waiting. I gave Cullie a hug when we left and he hugged me back as if he did not want to let go.   
This momma goes on to say that their newest son is "adjusting very well, better than I had ever hoped and has been my easiest adoption from China-he is our 4th from China."  Please email Vicky at to find out more about this wonderful child who obviously wants a family of his own!!!  
Cullie is a wonderful, healthy, 12 year old boy.  He is on the shared list.  Please, please read about this wonderful child:

When he was 4, his parents both died.  He was raised by an elderly man and then by a group of elderly before he came to the orphanage.  He loves studying, is well behaved and completes his homework carefully.  He is polite and well liked.  He is interested in computer and like to paint.  He has only had an occasional cold or cough and has no drug allergies. This boy sounds like a GREAT son!
When Cullie found out that his friend was leaving to go to his family, he asked when he might have a family too!!  The director of his orphanage asked for help in finding this precious child a family and says that sweet Cullie has a great personality!
There is a video of sweet Cullie and in this video he is saying, "
My name is GP. I’m 12 years old. I am in fourth grade in school. I love to play basket ball and play on computer. I wish I have a family, have daddy and mommy love me. And I will love them very much, too. Thank you"
Oh my heart!!!!  Please, please consider giving this child the family that he so desperately long for!  I can share his video with any interested family and Kelly R. and Angela have promised to get a FREE update for any family willing to consider this wonderful little boy!!!!
Please email me or Vicky about this sweet boy! 


Nicholas is 8 years old and has CP but just read what another advocate friend of mine wrote about this sweet child:

Nicholas is a very happy, child full of smiles.  He is active and energetic.  He is very social.  He is a happy, social and curious child.  He is playful and fun.  He loves to draw, participate in sports and loves to talk.  He is in physical therapy for his c.p. and this is very successful. He does not seem limited in anyway.  Nicholas has trouble speaking, but tries very hard.  His words come out slowly but clear.  Small child, but very smart, learns quickly.  Nicholas loves to be with others playing and he loves to learn.  He is very proud of all of his accomplishments.  This child will is easy to get along with and very easy going.  He will thrive in a family. 
Is he walking better? Running?
He can walk now,by himself but not very steady. He runs some.
What does he like to do?
Toys, read, draw, color? He loves blue color.
Favorite foods?
Meat & fruit.
Is he talking now and are people able to understand him?
He talks but not very clearly,yet people could understand him quite well.
Is he in a school? If so, public, private?
He is taking the classes for Grade 1 student in the orphanage,he is studying math,chinese,draing,PE and etc.

Is he getting therapy? If not, do they feel he needs some?
He has had the therapy before.
Does he like to play with the other children or is he a loner?
He likes playing game with other children.

Does he like younger children?
Does he have a best friend?
Yes,there's a boy called PX.


Just look at this precious face!!!!!  Oh my goodness there has got to be a family for wonderful Grant.  Please read what another advocate wrote about this adorable child and don't miss his wonderful videos!!!!
Grant is an adorable six year old boy! He has a great sense of humor, and a huge vocabulary. Even when he was younger, he was always talking, and always had something to say. He is very loving, and likes to help out his foster mother when he can. He has some limitations, but he likes to be independent. He is playful and incredibly joyful. His special needs are a deformity of the thorax, scoliosis; and postoperative meningocele. He has been on the shared list for a year and a half, and is still waiting for his family. This sweetheart will do SO well with his own family, and I know they are out there looking for him!

UPDATE: Grant does NOT have Hep. B, I have confirmed that he just has the antibodies from the vaccine (his shared list short listing says "Hep. B suggested")

UPDATE (new videos):
Gotta watch the very last video!!!!!  Oh my heart!!!!!


Sweet precious Issac is 5 years old.  He has been sitting on the shared list for a very long time.  His SN was misnamed and he is basically healthy now.  Please read what an adoptive family wrote about this wonderful little boy who captured their hearts.
This sweet five year old boy (red sweater with the bear on the front) was my daughter's best friend in the orphanage.  They were in a pre-school class together in a Half the Sky Program.  The three teachers we met were amazing.  It was clear that they cared deeply for the children.  I was amazed.  The kids were learning so many things, such as writing numbers one through five.  They also planted a garden, went to the zoo, and even saw a 3-D movie!  My daughter and the other children are so well taken care of.  I got a large book documenting the last several years in this class.  It is priceless to us.  This little boy was very sweet.  We visited the classroom for about 30 minutes.  He held my daughter's hand for much of that time and even gave her a hug goodbye.  He was very active and kind, but pure boy!  When my husband started tossing the kids in the air, he loved it and couldn't get enough.  I talked to the orphanage director about him and she said his two special needs have been repaired.  One was repaired years ago, and last August, his other SN was repaired.  He's functioning completely normally.   The director really cares for him and is surprised that he does not have a family yet.  He is a healthy and active little boy and she would love to find him a family.  I must say, also, that I was so impressed with this orphanage and the director.  When I brought updated pictures of other children who had been adopted from the orphanage, the director got tears in her eyes.  She was so happy that they were doing so well and that she got to see pictures of them.  We were considering adopting him ourselves, but we just got home in December and it's just too soon.  I don't want him to go without a family any longer, so I felt I needed to advocate for him.  I have his file if anyone is interested.  The pictures in the file are several years old, but here are some recent ones.  Isn't he adorable!  His smile melts your heart! 
Please take a look at these precious videos: 
You can email the wonderful family who met this precious child here, to find out more about him!  Please take a look at this happy child and consider being his family!


Just look at that sweet face!!!!  Please read what another advocate wrote about this precious 5 year old child.
Howard's issue is Schizencephaly, which sounds terrible on paper, but he's actually doing really great. His only apparent deficit is his left hand and arm with somewhat limited motion. There's a Yahoo group for parents of Schiz kids which is a great resource. It is not a condition that is progressive and Howard is on track right now, so that's a good indicator of his future development. Aleda from Madison (MAA) has met him and LOVES him


Sweet Timothy is 10 years old and has CP.  From all accounts he is a great child who just needs a family.  Sweet Timothy is not paper ready yet but can be made ready for a committed family. Please read about this wonderful child:
The pictures are from a few months ago, measuring his new braces, one USA visitor had paid for.
After that we went to buy him a new pair of shoes. He was very happy.

He learned in this Foster-care to walk by himself, even up and downstairs. Timothy feeds himself, does some of his body care and some of putting on cloth by himself.  He is very kind, loves to help and give a hand, like passing out the songbooks, making sure everyone gets one.  He also loves to sing. Timothy, enjoys to learn. We got him a learning computer, where he can watch learning DVD's He was so happy!  He always smiles. 

With other children he is so kind and loving wanting to give them a hug and a kiss as they depart.
People like him a lot. The Foster-father has been moved, by the heart of this child and loves him, as his own son.   Yet, they could not adopt him.


This is what is written about this wonderful boy:Twelve-year-old Joseph is meticulous in his habits. He always folds his blankets and clothes more carefully than his housemates; he even puts his shoes in the same place everyday. The ayis playfully call him the boy with soldier discipline.

When Joseph first arrived at PHF in Fall 2005, he was so weak that he could not walk and talked in a very quiet voice. Compared to the other children, his Chinese writing and math abilities were very also low. He soon caught up in the classroom, but his heart problem continued to slow him down physically. Joseph has a problem called pulmonary atresia (small blood vessels going to the lungs instead of the pulmonary arteries) which results in very low oxygen in the blood. Though he has always enjoyed spendingalked in a very quiet voice. Compared to the other children, his Chinese writing and math abilities were very also low. He soon caught up in the classroom, but his heart problem continued to slow him down physically. Joseph has a problem called pulmonary atresia (small blood vessels going to the lungs instead of the pulmonary arteries) which results in very low oxygen in the blood. Though he has always enjoyed spending time with people, talking quickly wore him out, so he kept quiet.  His frequent smiles were the only sign that he was having a good time. But despite his enjoyment, an excess of visitors caused Joseph to become sweaty and pale, forcing him to leave the room for a rest.

On September 4th, 2006, less than a year after his arrival and just months after his condition was declared inoperable, two surgeons left a Huaxin Heart Hospital operating room trading compliments on the corrections they’d made on his frail heart.  Dr. Wu, a good friend of PHF’s work, and his mentor, Australian Dr. Peter Polhner, had worked for hours inserting a special shunt that improved Joseph’s blood flow to his lungs.  Even right after surgery, his color was much better.  Though Joseph still needs a second surgery and he still needs therapy for his speech, his health has much improved in the past couple of years.  Doctors had hoped to do his final corrective surgery in the spring of 2008, which could make him completely well, but they’ve had to postpone this indefinitely.

These days, more than two years after his first surgery, it brings such joy to see Joseph at the SFCV courtyard chasing a soccer ball with classmate Seth or singing during a team’s VBS activity.  He is very immature for his age, but Teacher Wang has done a great job teaching him and helping behave like an older boy.  He does well in school, loves people, and had great fun at the Olympics last summer.  Joseph’s best friend, Elijah, was recently adopted; he misses him and hopes for his own family someday.  We look forward to the many good things still to come in Joseph’s story.

Joseph and Phillip are good friends and are desperate for a family.  They watched helplessly as another good friend aged out of the system after the family who tried so hard to bring him home, was unable to.   As hard as they tried, he aged out just a couple of days too late.  I am certain they were witness to the disappointment, heartbreak and fear that this young man felt when the family he had hoped to belong to, was unable to do anything to bring him home.  I am certain, they are terrified of aging out as well, with no one to belong to, no one to go home to, no one to love them forever.

Now that Phillip has found his family (Praise God), please pray that sweet Joseph will also find his family!  I am certain it will be very bittersweet for him to watch his wonderful friend, Phillip as he learns about his family!!!  Please help this child!

UPDATE:  Please read more about this sweet child from another advocate who met him, and here,


Joseph had the heart evaluation last week and it went well.  They found out he could have an operation that would help him.  That was good news as they had said recently that any operation for him would be impossible.  And the fact they could do it here means that getting it done outside China would be even more doable.  So this was very encouraging for us.  Though the surgery is higher risk if successful he could lead a near normal life.  Still our #1 option is adoption. 


Sweet Wendell is only 7 years old.  Please read about this wonderful child!!
The foster parents provide excellent care and therapy. He now can drink and eat with his left hand. And he can do things as much as possible.  He is a very smart and naughty boy. He likes to play games with other kids. He likes to read, watch TV and listen to music. He is active and likes to drive his car outside, occasionally laughs loud. He can say ‘mama’, ‘ayi’, ‘teacher’ and other simple words. He can tell the names of other kids. 


Please watch this wonderful video!!!  This is 12 year old Abraham who is blind!  A very dear friend of mine met this precious child while she was in China adopting her daughter.  Sweet Abraham is not paper ready yet but the director was very excited about getting him paper ready for an interested family!  My friend seemed very impressed with the level of care and love that these kiddos received.  The director really wants these children to find families.  When they were video taping him, the director leaned over to Abraham and told him that "some Americans were filming him so that he might be able to find a family and for him to play like he had never played in his life!!!!!" 
If the video does not work for you, please click here,
Oh my heart!!!!  Please consider this wonderful, talented child!!!!!


Sweet Jonas is 11 years old and is deaf.  A friend of mine knows him and thinks he is wonderful!  She can get info on this dear child for any seriously interested family. Please read about wonderful Jonas.
He knows sign language and is good at learning to lip read. He is very intelligent and skillful. He can even send Chinese texts (the workers at our SWI loved that he could do this


Sweet Josh is 8 years old and listed as having postoperative congenital cleft lip, postoperative VSD repair; enorchia in the left side, postoperative descent operation of the enorchia in the right side, chonechondrosternon.  A very long list of SN's but sweet Josh sounds like he is doing so well!!  Please read about this wonderful child!
At the age of one year, Josh is on admission, and suffers cleft lip and palate, enorchia and CHD, and need operation respectively.
Now he is in the big class of kindergarten near the foster family, and teacher makes good comments for him, a good kid, is helpful, and is praised as the kid who likes working and obeying the rules.
He gets great progress in the recognition, and can recite many children’s songs, and can write numbers, and handcraft and drawing works are good.
He is a good kid in home, and insists on doing things alone, wash face, brush teeth and put on clothes, has routine life.
When seeing other kids adopted, he will admire, and wants to go abroad, and wants to have his own family, parents, he wants to play with the kids adopted. We do not know when his dream will come true.


Precious Willy is 8 years old and is listed as having complicated CHD: pulmonary atresia, VSD, PDA, Collateral circulation of descending aorta and PA, backflow at TV, possibly absence of LPA 2. cryptorchidism on right side.  Please read about this wonderful child who really needs a family.
At 7-7.5years he was studying in X class in institute. He was a good student in class, listened to teachers carefully and often won teachers’ praise. He liked arts, liked to draw and do handwork. As getting older he was not capricious any more, was very sensible and clever, never bothered the caretakers and teachers, not only took care of himself, but also looked after younger brothers and sisters. He was good at expressing himself, and it was the happiest thing for him to chat with familiar caretakers and teachers. Though he cannot do strenuous exercise he liked PE class. Running and playing a ball were his favorite sports. But he knew that his physical state was not good, he would go to rest quietly aside every time after he played for a while and watch other children playing. He began to get used to the class rules, listened to teachers carefully and answered questions more actively than before. In terms of Chinese he continued to learn Chinese characters (telephone, cell phone, computer, TV, peach blossom, lotus flower, plane, car, ship, deep-fried dough sticks, pie, milk, bread, trousers, socks, clothes, shoes, pencil, exercise book) and can write (his own name, schoolbag, fu, wong, hand, car, notebook, homework, pie, deep-fried dough sticks, bread, car, plane, zi, color, sky), can recite poems (to weed, thoughts on a tranquil night, be lovesick, goose), and can repeat the story of “here comes wolf”. In terms of math through the learning of this semester he knew circle, triangle, square, sector and star. He was able to do subtraction within 5 and to buy something with money less than 1yuan.
Though he suffered from CHD he can brush teeth, wash hand, eat, go to toilet, put on clothes and shoes, tidy the quilt, sort out the cupboard and drawer, clean the floor, wash a cup and etc without help. In PE class he cannot do strenuous exercise, so teachers arranged him to play some interesting games, such as “here comes a wolf, play a ball and etc”. He played very happy.
He is timid and gentle. He likes Ultraman and wants to be a hero like that to catch bad guy.
It sounds as if they will not operate on him in China.  Pray for this child.


Precious 11 year old Jonah is listed as having delayed motion development.  Please read about this amazing child who was abandoned at SEVEN years old.  Oh my heart!!
In the early days after admission, he is a shy and introverted boy, as he is growing up, through a serious of rehabilitation his ability is increased; at the beginning, he can only sit, then he can use a walker, then he use a crutch to walk alone. At the beginning of using the crutch, since his power of both arms is not enough, and his support of legs not enough, he is hurt under the oxters, but his is firm, and he is a little true man, never cries or lazy, so he sticks to walk with crutch, Everything comes to him who waits, now he can walk with crutch to walk deftly, and his walking speed is close to other children.
After a period of rehabilitation training, he entered the welfare institute primary school department to study. He gets confidence in the rehabilitation training; after he enters the class to study, in normal times he can communicate with other children actively, and his personality is more active, likes to communicate with adults. At the same time he can manage his basic life, can sing some nursery songs, recite Tang dynasty poem like Chuanxiao and so on.
He studies very hard, every time he can preview the now class context before class, he is active to study. Through the study in class, his oral expression ability is increased obviously; before he dare not to talk to strangers, now he can say hello to strangers, and he is happy to chat with teachers and aunts, can express his own idea clearly. He can get along well with partners, and happy to share. He is becoming more outgoing and confident, and his stubborn personality is disappearing slowly.
On life, he learned to put on clothes, fold quilt, make the bed. He likes to watching TV and playing games with other children. In spare time, he likes to draw cartoon characters. Now he has grown into a happy and confident little true man.
We told him: would you like to be abroad? Would you like foreign parents? He said he would like to. He sees the foreign life and scenery on TV, and he hopes to have a home and family members who love him. We also hope he can find the parents who can love him, to let him grow up healthily and happily.


Sweet Jeb is 11 years old and is listed as having limb in the right lower limb, flection muscular force increase; HbsAg, HbcAg, HbeAg, are positive 
At the age of 8-9 years, he is taller, but can not walk stable, and in order to train his language and thinking ability, and the teacher will let him to do homework, and let him to watch cartoon and ask the plot of the story and tell teacher what the mother is doing, and let him to drawl the things, and tell teacher what is the picture. He can say some words of the things he likes, mother praises that he gets progress.

At the age of 9 years to now, teacher often takes some stationery for him when visiting, when others go to work, he will let mother to take him to watch the cars sitting in front  of the gate, and he has gentle voice, and will not communicate with others actively, and he will answer when being asked. He is cute in family’s eyes, and is a good kid in the neighbors eyes.

Personality and habits:

He is introvert, is not talkative, and will be lovely in the familiar environment, and is obstinate and impatient sometimes.


 Wonderful Holden is 7 years old.  He is listed as missing both forearms and of not being able to speak.  This precious child was abandoned at 4 years old!  Please read about sweet Holden.
On admission he can walk alone, can’t speak; but he is very obey. Now he is active; he loves sports. He can take part in activities and do the research with children and teacher happily under the teacher’s guidance. He is good at imitating; in the morning he can do morning exercises following children. He loves for the collective and likes go to the noisy place. Every day when leaving school, he can place desks and chairs with children. When he meets difficulty, he can communicate with teacher and express his thoughts by body language; He can’t express when meeting the strangers, and will make a face. Every day he is studying in the Sisters Program in this institute. In life he is very happy.

The Welfare Institute is as his home; caretaker and teacher are his mother; usually when caretakers and teachers are to and from work, he will smile to them for expressive his feelings; the other kids in the Welfare Institute are as his brothers and sisters. In Welfare Institute, he receives normal life and education; he has deep feelings; in his thought Welfare Institute is as his home.
Because many friends around him has been adopted, almost all child will be paid a return visit by their adoptive parents; then he will go to touch the guests and the adopted friends or make a face to them, with teasing the guests. On day, when the teacher points to the photo of foreigners, and asks him with body language “do you agree to be adopted?”, then he nods his head happily.s
Precious Holden needs a chance, a chance that he will not get in China.


Precious Tommy is only 8 years old!  Please, please read about this wonderful child. 
Tommy is a very loving boy, never runs around when teachers take children outside, and he reminds other children of abiding by regulations. He always helps other children in activities, runs to them actively when they have troubles, and says with smile on his face: “let me help you.”

Tommy likes listening to stories, often holds the story book three pigs and ask his teacher to tell him about it. Sometimes the teacher is midway through and asks Tommy to tell the rest part. He not only likes listening to stories very much, but also is very imaginative, can tell a story with a different end according to his imagination. He uses a variety of tools when he plays sand, packs, digs, rakes, spills and smashes ceaselessly, plays making meals in sand as he says the procedures of meals, turns sands into different shapes, sometimes adds grasses into them, this makes his meals more beautiful and delicious, and then asks his fellows to share “the delicacy”. He also likes imitating the words and deeds of teachers to play “I am a little teacher” again and again, at first plays with dolls, afterwards invites other children to play with him, everybody is greatly joyful.

Tommy likes collecting things; he will collect some “treasures” such as a leaf, a stone, a worm, etc when he plays outside, and show teachers about his treasures. Later Tommy takes the old newspapers, empty bottles, colorful advertising papers to school and puts them into garbage collection of classroom, makes use of waste old materials to create many original toys with teachers. Under the promotion of Tommy children in class get into the habit of collecting waste old materials, teachers are pleasantly surprised and call them “little environmental guards”
Wow!  What a wonderful child!!!!!  Please consider bringing sweet Tommy home!


Dear sweet Barney is 7 years old and is listed as having varus deformity of right knee (walk with crutch) and concomitant esotropia.  Please read about this sweet child.
Barney can go up and down stairs by holding rails, can walk with a crutch, can go to the toilet alone.

He can communicate with others, can sing a dozen of nursery songs, like “2 tigers” “good mother” “small quiet rabbits”; he can dance with it when he heard the familiar music on TV; seeing guests he can say hello to them actively; he can distinguish these 6 colors: red, black, yellow, white, green and blue.

He knows about 10 Chinese characters: da, xiao, zu and shou and so on; he can count and write numbers of 1-10; he has good ability of imitating, for example, he can imitate the sounds and actions of chicken, dog and cat; under the lead the of the teacher, he can know the words taught by the teacher; seeing goods, he can tell big and small, short and long and jig-saw: in the jig-saw activity, he can make it out the simple ones after seeing it once, for some complex animal and scenery pictures, he can remember them by seeing for 3-4 times, and he can restore them soon; under the direction of the foster parents, he learned some common sense, like: mop the wall, clean the window, throw the rubbish and so on.
Barney is active, easy to communicate.


Sweet Moses is 8 years old and is listed as having a "deformed left ankle joint."  Please read about this wonderful child:
The boy has normal intellectual development, likes to play with peers, is shy when staying with adults, talks lightly, dare not express his own thought and advice, has a ready smile when playing with others, sometimes can sing songs to relax his mood, has good receptive ability, can learn what adults teach him in time. Although he has deformed left ankle joint, he can walk easily, can not jump with both feet or hop or run fast. When the family mum is doing things he likes to look at family mum’s every action, can imitate the actions occasionally. When having meals he can use chopsticks or a spoon to put the food into his mouth easily.


Look at that sweet face!!!  He needs his family to help him smile!  Sweet Nathan is 11 years old and needs his family.  Please read about this precious child.
When Nathan entered the orphanage, he was diagnosed with neurosensory deafness, cataracts, and secondary glaucoma. Now, he is attending special education classes at the orphanage. He is inherently optimistic, and it seems as if he never has worries. He laughs happily every day. Although Nathan cannot hear or speak, it appears that he has a very strong desire to speak; he really wants to express his feelings. He makes yiyi yaya sounds all day. When he is happy, he has one tone, and when he is angry, he has another. You can hear him from distance. The nannies, seeing him like this, are teaching him to look at the shape of the mouth to learn to say the words. He is very smart and hardworking.  Now he can say some simple words like “ba ba” (Dad) and “ma ma” (Mom) comparatively clearly. Nathan is a mischievous and adorable child. Sometimes he will play some practical jokes, like making his fingers into the shape of horns when pictures are being taken and placing them at the back of other children’s heads, or putting things into other people’s clothes or hats. If he sees that others have not discovered his trick, he will laugh happily to the side. When the weather is nice, Nathan pesters the nannies to take him out to play in the square. As soon as he goes down stairs, he becomes just like a fish returning to the water: happily jumping and leaping.


Sweet Mason is 12 years old!!  Please read what is written about this precious child:
 Ming has a repaired cleft, and optic nerve atrophy (ONA). He is slowly going blind, and there is nothing that can be done about it. He loves being active with his foster brothers, and has a great sense of humor. He likes playing sports, and also enjoys going to school. Ming is great boy, and will do so well in a family!
 I pray this wonderful boy who is in a great foster home, will find his family very soon - before he can no longer see his family.  Please consider giving this child a family!!!
UPDATE:  It doesn't sound like he will necessarily go blind after all! Here's what they said after the MRI...

We did get the results from the MRI- the doctors could find absolutely nothing abnormal. No brain lesions, no cysts, nothing out of the ordinary. They told us that since there is no evidence of any trauma or disease affecting the optic nerve now or in the past, their best guess is prenatal or perinatal damage – most likely some kind of hypoxic (lack of oxygen) episode during the birth.

Since he has not had any visual changes in the past 5-6 years, their guess is that he is very unlikely to show continuing loss in the future. Basically they believe the optic nerve atrophy will not progress and his vision will stay the same. Of course, we really cannot predict what will happen, but based on the medical records that is the most likely outcome.

So, although there are never any guarantees, this sounds good AND he is in a wonderful group foster home.


Just look at this joyful child!!!! Wonderful Grant is 12 years old and is being cared for in the same foster home as sweet Mason above.  Wouldn't they make great brothers - real brothers - not just foster brothers??  Please read what another advocate wrote about this wonderful child.
Grant is visually impaired, with light perception only. He just turned twelve a few months ago. He is always smiling, and is very playful. Grant is an AMAZING piano player! Outside his home he walks holding hands with someone in his foster family, but I would guess that he would learn to use a cane when adopted to give him more independence. He is living in an amazing group foster home while he waits for his forever family! 
What a blessing for this child and his future family!  Grant is listed as having light perception only in both eyes.  Here is another precious child who is blind and can play the piano beautifully!!!  God is just so great!  Please consider this precious child!


Oh my goodness!!!!  Look at this amazing child!!!!! Wonderful Christian is 8 years old and just full of personality!  You can just tell!!!  Please, please read what another advocate wrote about precious Christian!!
This one is going to be a bit long. As you see this little boy has pierced my consciousness and there must be a reason he still waits. It is because all along he has been your son. He's been on the shared list since 1/19/2010. He is growing up in an institution. I know most of our kids waiting are institutionalized, but superman cannot get what he needs until someone claims him.

Here's what his interview said:
"Most like to do love reading playing toys, like to watch cartoons, Wish - the next semester, I want to school age , hoping to successfully enter school"

He so wants to join other kids in school.  Here's the way God made him according to his description on the shared list:  paraplegia inferior in both limbs, post-op spinal meningocele
more from his file:
He is shy and introvert, and sensitive, does not like to talk with the strangers, if you are close to him, he will talk with you continuously. He likes to play games with other kids in usual time. In August this year, he begins to accept the enlightenment education, he is interested in studying, has strong language expression ability. He likes singing, reciting children’s songs, at present he can recite more than ten children’s songs, can read and write the daily use characters, can read numbers, and write numbers, can do the simple addition and subtraction, and has strong accepting ability. He likes drawing and handcraft. He can finish most part of the find exercises, but the lower limbs have difficult to move, he need sit the wheelchair in the daily life and studying. At present he can move the wheelchair to the room, he can attract others’ attention quickly, that is because he has the sunshine smile face and sweet mouth, he is kind, and cute, can easily attract others.
What a dear sweet child!!!!  I wonder if he would have a chance to walk if he had access to some good PT and the love and support of a family!!!  Please consider this amazing little boy!


Dear precious Matty is 9 years old and is listed as having post op CL/CP.  Please, please read about this wonderful, compassionate child!
As time goes by, the advantages of him have been showed up. Firstly, he is very smart with strong ability of hand making work and it is easier to teach him with only several times. The caregivers sometimes have problems communicating with the deaf-mute children and he would be the translator between them to help them with communications. He has rich expressions in terms of hands and facial gestures which make us laugh. He is very sensitive and compassionate. He has better self-cared ability. He is able to put away his bed in the morning after getting up and helps the caregivers clean when seeing them in a busy. He could do something as his age appropriate. He has strong imitating ability. He loves Chinese Kongfu the most. As long as they are played on TV, he would be quiet and stares at the TV set as well as imitating how to do Kongfu. When playing games together, he would try to imitate some Kongfu with improvisation which looks like similar as the one showed on TV. He loves Ultraman because he could fight off the beasts and protect our earth. Ultraman is the hero in his heart.


Oh my goodness, what a sweet smile!!!  Wonderful Jivan as waited a very, very long time for a family. This beautiful child is 7 years old and is listed as having 6 fingers and toes and a repaired ASD. 
This is what a family who is advocating for him said: 
My SIL is a pediatrician and based on her advice and what I have been able to learn, this young man has a form of dwarfism called Ellis Van Crenveld Dysplasia.  This is sometimes called six-fingered dwarfism.  His dwarfism is due to his legs growing unevenly and is not usually attributed to low growth hormone levels.

I found a summary of Ellis Van Crenveld on the Little People of America web page.

An NGO co-manages his CWI.  They take very good care of their children and he has had the best treatment available to him. He as been with one foster family most of his life. However, his lower legs need surgical intervention for him to be able to walk without pain.
Please give this wonderful child the chance he has waited so long for!!!


What a sweet face!!!!  Precious Donny is 9 years old and was abandoned at 5 years old!  Oh my heart!  Please read just a bit about this wonderful child!
He is fairly extroverted; he likes any interested things, including all kinds of toys and games. Once he is interested in it, he would be seriously involved it. He is closeted to the persons who care him; for example, when having a class, he will embrace the teacher on his own initiative, as well as say “good morning”. Sometimes when taking part in the activities, he will ask the teacher to sit beside him and rest.
Donny is in a Half the Sky program!  Please email me to find out more about this wonderful waiting child!


Sweet Ollie is 7 years old and is listed as having CP that affects mostly his right side.  Please, please read about this precious child!
Ollie is an adorable little boy who interacts well with others. He is studying in the kindergarten of the institute, and can count numerals of more than 50. When writing he likes to use left hand, can write simple numerals, and can imitate drawing circles, triangles and etc. He recognizes the color and shape of objects. He can play the game “rock-paper-scissors” with others and knows its rules. He loves to play with cars and trucks, but Ultraman is his favorite. He is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which mostly affects his right side. He has good self-care ability, can take bath, put on and take off clothes and socks alone, can make his bed alone, and can help his foster family do something he can.


What a sweet face!!!!  Tristen was with CHSFS but is now on the shared list!  Please, please read about this sweet child.
This bright little boy is 7 years old. He likes playing with the staff and with other children. He is polite and knows to be clean. He enjoys listening to music and watching cartoons. He can go up and down stairs by himself and is able to jump and balance on one foot. He had surgery to repair his cleft spine and was treated for hydrocephalus


Oh my heart!!!!  Please someone consider this precious child who was abandoned at 6 years old!!  Poor baby!!!  Please, please read about this child who needs a family!!!!
He is a healthy and normal mental developed kid. He is outgoing, innocent, active, and loves activities such as martial art. He gets along well with kids around. He knows to protect the younger children and small animals. 
Issac is a clever and strong boy with black skin. He is loved by everyone. We hope he could be adopted by a foreign family, enjoy a happy family, receive good education, and grow up happily.
Obviously, Issac has suffered burns but his file states that he is otherwise healthy.  I pray this precious child finds a family!!!


Sweet Carter is 6 years old and is listed as having heterotropia of both eyes and slight cerebral palsy. 
Carter is described as an "introvert, has ready smile, likes to play toys, likes to watch cartoon and be together with caretaker and the kids. He can get along well with other kids."
Please consider this precious child who has been waiting a long time for a family!!!


Wonderful Michael is 12 years old and is listed as having post-operative hypospadias.  Please read what this precious child wrote in an essay to his teacher!!!!  Oh my heart!
Note2: an essay/letter the child wrote below:

I want to have my parents: when I was over 1 year old, my birth parents abandoned me and I have been raised in the Children’s Welfare Institute since then. Now I’m on the third grade at the elementary department of No. 25 Middle school  in the middle level of studying in the class. Although the teachers care me in terms of my living and studying and I live happily, however, I’m so admire my best friends CS and HY who have their own parents, and I think that if I have my own parents, how nice it would be!

This is just a little part of what is written about this wonderful child in his file:
He could help each other with other classmates and help the ones who fell off, hand in the stationeries he picked up on the ground. He enjoys the math and PE classes, enjoys rope skipping, running and long distance jump and is able to turn a somersault many times in succession, and could flip. For the sake of his safety the teachers are not allowed him to do that yet when performing in a celebrating show, he would do it carefully. He studies well with strong curiosity and is able to accept fresh new things and often asks questions. When he came back he would do his homework first then help caregivers do something as his age appropriate. When the weather is fine, he would cuddle younger children to enjoy the sunshine outside and be willing to share his delicious food. He enjoys sharing with others. He is active and restless yet sometimes he would make mistakes. He would not do it anymore once the caregivers discipline him via the oral correction. He is sensitive. He likes watching cartoons especially the Ultraman and Legends of iNezha. He would be carefully watching them and discuss the characters of them with other children sometimes. He is polite and greets others when seeing them if they are his acquaintances. 
Please consider this beautiful young child and give him the parents that he is dreaming of!!!


 Sweet Matthew is 10 years old and is listed as having hermaphroditism.  He is a boy.  Please, please read about this precious child!!!!
At school, he could get along well with other children with the help of the foster elder sister. He loves sports. He loves playing more yet his marks are not that good as the sister. He has stronger personality than the sister and enjoys being praised.

On the Children’s Day, the foster mother took him to the Science Museum of Wuhan and asked him what did he see there, he said he saw a robot playing drums, and the piano, he played on the water car. At last, the foster mother watched a 3D movie with him. He had a happy Children’s Day. Last year the foster sister was adopted, and a foster younger sister came home. He knows care the sister. Sometimes, the sister would bully him, but he would not hit her. He loves rope skipping with other children as well as peekaboo. He often takes his classmates home. He shares his toys with other children so do snacks.
Now he has progressed on study. When he backs home, he would do his homework first. He would finish simple ones first, then consult with foster father and elder sister about difficult ones. He would let the dad help him check it when he is done. He loves caring younger sister. If the sister says she wants to pee, he would get the pot for her. He needs a small light on when sleeping and calls that light “loving light”. He loves watching TV too, when he is free he would do it. He could help adults do some simple chores. He could be self-cared basically.
Please watch this wonderful video of sweet Matthew.
You can also email Amy Hart at for more info and more videos.  Amy is with Lifeline and is advocating for sweet Matthew but he is on the shared list and he IS wonderful!!!!
UPDATE:  A dear friend of mine was able to get some video of Matthew and met him!  Please email me at  He is precious!


This is my sweet Drew, whom I have been advocating for, for so long!  Please someone consider this precious child!  I will post what Crossroads had about him and also what I have from AAC!  Please someone bring this sweet child home!!!
Drew is 8 years old and has cerebral palsy

Drew is a smart child who is not in school due to the fact that he is in his wheelchair most of the time.  He has fair to poor use of his legs and is able to walk with assistance from an adult or with crutches/walker.  He needs on-going therapy for his cerebral palsy.  Drew is an easy-going child who likes lot of kinds of foods.  He has been in the orphanage since after his birth.
and from my previous post about him:
Just look at his beautiful smile!  I have seen his file and he is just wonderful.  He is the cutest little boy and I pray that he finds a family!  I can only imagine how this child will blossom with the love and support of a family!  In his file it states that he likes to play with toy cars!  I can just see him playing cars with his big or little brother, can't you???   He was listed with AAC but is now on the shared list.  This is what was written on AAC's site about this precious little boy:
This sweet child is seven years old. He has cerebral palsy. He has some issues with walking. When we met Drew he was using crutches to get around, but he told us that he preferred a push walker. He is currently participating in physical therapy and doctors think that there is a good chance that he may be able to walk on his own some day. He has good cognitive skills, however, he does have some catching up to do. Drew is a very imaginative boy. He likes to play outdoors. He also said that he likes to do his homework because the teacher gives them a treat. Read more about Drew and the time we spent getting to know him on our blog, here    

Update:  I spoke to AAC about this precious little boy.  No one has yet to email me about this sweet child and I wanted more info on him from (hopefully) someone who had met him.  Well, Nicole from AAC, did meet him and this is what she had to say about this wonderful little boy:

I did meet Drew personally.  He was very charming; sharing that sweet smile freely. He was very talkative too. He seemed to enjoy sitting and answering my questions. He does have some mental development delays but it was my impression that they were minor.  He wrote his name for me a couple of times.  This took great effort on his part but he was determined.  He spoke very well and was very imaginative.  I remember that I asked him what he liked to do and he told me that he liked to play racketball (or some other very athletic type sport).  The nannie asked, ‘How do you do that with your crutches?’ and he told her that he used to play it before he had to use his crutches.  It made my heart ache for him because you could tell it was what he dreamed to do =(   He seemed to get along well with the other children.  He was in the group of 9 from G. SWI. .  They stuck together pretty tightly, as we were not in their orphanage.  He and Daniel (one of our other children) spent allot of time chatting and playing together.  
Just an FYI 30 children participated in the camp 21 from L.G. SWI and 9 from G. SWI. We placed15 from L.G. SWI and 8 fr G. SWI. This means that Drew was the only kiddo from his SWI that we couldn’t find a family for =( 
Oh my heart!!!!!  Please, please, somebody take a look at this precious child who is just breaking my heart!  How wonderful would it be for him to come here and get all of the PT he needs and be able to play the sport he dreams of playing!!!!!  I just cannot stand the thought of him watching as all of his friends go home with their new families as he sits and waits!!!!!  Please Lord move his families' hearts!!! 


Look at this HEALTHY child!!!!  Seth is wonderful and 11 years old is listed as having "congenital pearl eye" which means a cataract in one eye.  Please search your heart for this child before he becomes an "emergency" adoption!!!
He is a very talented athlete.  His favorite sport is swimming and he won a medal at the Special Olympics in 2008.  He also rollerblades quite well and won an award in that too!  Not surprisingly, his favorite class in school is P.E.  He wants to be a policeman when he grows up.  He has some clouding on his left eye.  He can see out of both eyes, but his vision through his affected eye is not very clear.  His orphanage sends him to special education classes, but they say that his intelligence is normal – they send him to special education only because they are unable to send all of the children from the institute to the normal school.  He is not very good at math, but is very good in all other areas.  He gets along well with other children and is helpful to the caregivers in the orphanage.  He says that he is a little shy, but is very friendly!  He would make a wonderful son to a very lucky family. 


Wonderful Trevor is 10 years old!  Please read about this wonderful child:
Trevor speaks quite a bit of English and wants to be adopted! And he likes household chores?! 

Trevor is described as an outgoing, active and confident boy who does well in school and speaks a lot of English. He is well-liked by caretakers who say that he helps the teacher and enjoys doing household chores. Both his cleft lip and palate were surgically repaired when he was a young child. Trevor has expressed his desire to live with a family in the United States.


Alex is 12 years old and is listed as deaf. 
Alex is an active child who loves sports, especially running, and martial arts. He is described by caretakers as one of the orphanage’s leaders with a pleasing personality. He cares for other kids, listens well, behaves well and is very helpful. He is an average student in school but does not like to read. Diagnosed as a deaf mute, Alex makes loud sounds when attempting to speak. He attends a school for the deaf and is learning to sign, although he communicates more by gesture and lip reading. Tests have shown that he may be helped by hearing aids.


Benny is 10 years old and is listed as having possible hemophilia.  Please note he was in wheelchair in this photo because he broke his ankle. Benny is a smart kiddo - the top of his class!

Benny is a quiet and polite little guy. He is a smart child who learns quickly. Benny has hemophilia and requires medical follow-up and monitoring. He broke his ankle on the way to school and he is currently using a wheelchair to get around right now. Benny enjoys school and is at the top of his class. He likes to sing and participate in events with other kids. He also really likes to play Chinese chess. Benny has been living in a foster home for the past few years and this has gone very well because he has such a mild temperament. Benny is a polite and respectful child who is easy to connect with.


Oh my goodness, this wonderful, beautiful boy is 9 years old and is listed as having repaired cl/ cp, post-op eye repair and has had corrective surgery for his skull osteoma.  You have got to go watch precious Danny's video,
I pray this wonderful child finds his forever family!!! 


Look at this sweet face!!!!  Precious Patrick is 9 years old and is listed as having repaired CHD!!  Please read about this precious child!
He is in 2nd grade of an elementary school. He has a lot of classmates. After the operations, he acts the same as his male peers in that he is active and restless, enjoys playing and all kinds of cars, toy models. He often tears things down then assembles them then tears them down again. In the same foster family, there is another boy form our SWI. He lives with that boy, and they goes to school together. He feels happy. However, they fight for toys sometimes as well. But he often let the younger brother play first and he could share delicious food with foster mother and that boy. Sometimes, he helps foster mother prepare vegetables and clean floors.

He is in 2nd grade of an elementary school and he abides by the rules at school. He studies carefully, participates in al kinds of events as well. Since he had congenital CHD, the teachers still limits his activities at which time he has low mood. When participating in extracurricular events, he would show his robots, or play football with friends. He often asks questions and he has great imaginations. When having drawing class, he could draw some simple pictures such as people, apple, and the sun. 
and this - oh my - read the last sentence!!!
He is gentle and friendly and he cared for younger ones. Before he was fostered he was in the little sisters’ class sponsored by “Half the Sky”. It may be because he wanted to be just like other healthy children that he worked hard to catch p. For some hard work he had to stop, he would stay by the side and look eagerly. After surgery, his physical condition recovered well and the purple color around his lip and toes and fingers disappeared. His motion and other physical conditions all recovered well. He could help foster mother with some housework such as washing vegetable and sweeping the floor. As of the nature of children, he sometimes jumped and played excitedly and would not stop until reminded by foster mother. In his hear he wanted more love and care and that is also what foster mother tried to give him. Foster mother also told him that one day he would have his mother and father who care for him just like foster mother


Sweet Will is 13 years old and is listed as having "deformed feet." I pray that his family will find him before it is too late!!! There is not much info in his file but this just jumped right out at me:
He is outgoing, active and restless. Although he has limited functions, he loves sports such as playing football and badminton.

Please, please bring this sweet child home.  Please help him to get the treatment that his feet need so that he can be as active he loves to be!!!!!


Sweet Jax is 6 years old and is listed as being healthy with a slight lateral curve of thoracic and lumbar area; upper section of thoracic vertebra and vertebral pedicle slightly unsymmetrical.I believe he has slight scoliosis but do not know that for sure.  Please read about this precious child!
Jax is a smart, adorable child. He is introverted and likes to smile. Jax most likes to slide on the slide. Each time the nanny takes him to play, he is extremely happy.

We all love him very much and sincerely wish that he has a happy future.

What is his personality like?
He is fairly extroverted and gets along well with other children.

- Has he had any surgery or treatment to correct the curve in his spine?

- Who is he closest to?
His care giver.

- Has he had friends who have been adopted? 

- What are his favorite things to do?
He loves to watch cartoon and play on slides.

- Is he developmentally on target, go to school, etc?
His physical development is on target, but mental development is a little delayed compare with other children. He doesn’t go to school yet.
His updated measurements:
Height: 125cm; Weight: 21.5kg; Foot: 20cm.


Archer is almost 10 years old and friendly to everyone and shows his smile everyday. He makes everyone around him happy. He has strong observing ability and is empathetic. When noticing other children are unhappy, he would go and comfort them. Though it is a bit difficult for him to speak, he is able to count to 10 and respond to simple questions. He struggles some with motor coordination, but he is still able to run, jump, play, squat, and go up and down stairs. He can also put on his clothes, take a bath, and brush teeth on his own. We have a video of Archer that shows his fine and gross motor skills. It also shows him having a great time blowing bubbles! 
Observations from SW who visited his CWI : Our observations included: He stayed on task, and followed directions well. He is inquisitive and able to solve simple tasks. He is very quiet and fairly non-verbal. His CP mostly effects his arms and speech. It was difficult to assess his cognitive abilities due to lack of speech. He was very compliant and appeared to understand what was said to him.
Please give this kind hearted child a chance!! 


Look at this little cutie!  I am afraid I don't know much about this little sweetie other than he is 8 years old and is listed as having motor dysfuntion of lower limbs, muscle force Ⅱ degrees, weak tendon reflex; cross-feet.  Please don't let this list of SN's scare you away from asking about this cutie pie!  Broken down, these SN's may be totally manageable!!!!


Just look at this precious, sweet face!!!!  Please read about wonderful Andrew!!
Meet Andrew; this kindhearted and sensitive little boy was found soon after birth with moderate development and nutrition. He was immediately noted to have inversion of both ankles and clubfeet. In August 2006 he began Ponseti treatment, and had corrective surgery in December 2006. He has also been diagnosed with double hip dislocation and arthrogryposis of both legs for which he has received multiple surgeries. At age 10 months he could sit with the support of his hands, and at 14 months he could sit up from prone position by himself.

Currently he finds chances to walk by holding onto his bed or the wall of the playroom. He sits in a wheelchair on the suggestion of his doctors but is still eager to help younger children. His self care abilities are reportedly good as he can feed himself, put on clothes, and go to the bathroom. He has many friends and is reportedly extroverted. He is eager to learn new things, is constantly smiling, can speak in two word sentences, and sing several nursery rhymes. He can also turn pages in a book and plays with toys for a long time with good concentration. He is currently studying through the Half the Sky Foundation and can listen quietly and try hard to do what teachers ask of him.
For more information on adorable Andrew, please email Amanda at

DAVID 2__________________________________________

Sweet David captured a traveling family's hearts.  Please read what they wrote about this precious child!!!
In July, my husband and I traveled to China to serve with Bring Me Hope to provide a camp experience for orphans. As prepared as you think you are with packing lists and immunizations and reading all you can beforehand, I wasn't at all prepared for what God had in store for me.

My heart was broken. My heart was broken over each one of those children He brought to that camp. Broken.

During my second week in Xi'an, I had the tremendous blessing of spending 5 days with a sweet little boy [David]. I'll never forget seeing him for the first time. He immediately reached for my hand and held it with a tight grip. He didn't want to let me go. I noticed right away that he had some difficulty walking. And, as we walked to the edge of the room together to play, I became more aware of the trouble he had walking. As I walked easily in stride, I could feel his body shift from left to right as we walked hand in hand. He has scoliosis. I imagine that the years of little to no treatment and no family to help him get what he needs has contributed to his rhythmic gait.

But, his spirit is so bright. He smiled up at me with an excited grin and told our translator he was excited to come to camp. Every few minutes, he would shift his entire body to turn and smile at my translator and me. I remember consciously noticing what a beautiful smile he had.

That first afternoon, we played badminton until we could play no more. And, he laughed and played with joy despite the differences in how God formed his shape.

When I think about [David], I think first of his sweet spirit--quick to listen, eager to try new things and soak every bit out of camp that he could. He had two close buddies at camp. They all lived in the orphanage together, and it was very easy to tell that they were best buds, three peas in a pod. It occurred to me that they were probably the closest thing he has to a family, the closest thing he has experienced of what it feels like to belong.

He was made paper ready, made available for international adoption when he was only 5 years old.

He just turned 8.

And, for nearly 3 years, he has waited, paper ready to be adopted.

[David] seemed most happy when he was beside his two best friends. I couldn't help but picture him home with a family, HIS family, and how happy he would be, how much potential he has, how much he'd grow and thrive. And, how tightly he'd hold the hand of his mother and father.
Please email for more info on wonderful David!


Adorable Carson is being cared for at a great group foster home called Swallow's Nest.  Carson is 2 years old and is described as walking,  and spoiled but that's because he is so lovable:)  He sounds wonderful!!!!


Dear George!!!  This beautiful boy is being card for at a wonderful group foster home called Eagles Wings.  He is a typical, mischievous 5 year old boy whose SN's sound scarier than they actually are in reality.  Please read what the director of his group home said about this precious boy:
George's past history can sound a bit daunting, but he is a completely normal, healthy, active and growing 5yo boy. Today he went to a national park near our city and climbed all through the mountains (a zillion stairs...Chinese style national park). He has a lot of energy but he also can sing, dance and recite poetry and he can follow directions and knows how to behave well. (he doesn't always, but it is clear that he knows and responds very well to correction...sounds 5!!) He also loves stories, games and to be held and cuddled.
Please email Denise at for more info on this completely adorable little boy!
UPDATE:  Please go here, to read more about sweet George, see more pics and a wonderful video!


Look at this updated pic!!!  Oh my goodness wonderful Jensen just looks so sweet! Please read about him!  He wants to be a doctor, something he will never be able to do in China!!!  Please help him realize his dream!!
This precious child is being cared for at Eagles Wing, a wonderful group foster home in China.  This is what the director said about wonderful Jenson:
 Jensen is an 11 year old boy with moderate CP. This sounds like 3 strikes, doesn't it? Older, male and CP! Please don't let Jensen age out. He is a good, likable kid, quieter than most of the other kids in his house. He wants to be a doctor! He likes to play and go outdoors, just like other boys.
UPDATE:  please go here, to read more about this precious little boy and see more pics and a video!!!


What a little sweetie!!!!!  Pete is just 4 years old and needs a Momma!  He is listed as having fibroneuroma of left orbit.  He is totally cute!  Please consider being his Momma!!


Sweet Mason is 7 years old and is listed as having a "deformed right ear."

Self introduction,

I like the courtyard and children fooling around, practicing martial arts, I can be painting, listening to stories, play games, participate in sports. My desire is to become as big a hero as Altman!

Are you his hero???


Wonderful Ian is just 6 years old but has a very special way of looking at life!!
He is listed as having archosyrins: post op anoplasty. 
From a fellow advocate:
Self introduction:

I am a bald star, favorite activity is painting. The teacher said my painting belongs to "Impressionist"

I also like to watch TV, the kids said I am lazy, that I do not recognize. I help change diapers. My desire is one day I do not have to clip diapers, that will be more wonderful!

Sounds like a funny little guy doesn't he!

On the list since 12/23/2010


Wonderful, healthy Joey is 9 years old and just waiting for his mama.Here is what one advocate wrote about this beautiful child: 
Healthy is what his bio states even though his file on the shared list has the dreaded words....  mental retardation mild.
Self introduction - I was born a healthy child, through the care of aunts and uncles welfare, has grown into a strong little guy. Desire the future can become good adult and more help to others.  He has been on the shared list since 12/1/2009, lost and forgotten TIL THIS MINUTE, he is now found! Praise!  He's in a spicy place, and will probably need extra Franks or Texas Pete on the supper table!  Pray for this boy and all the kids on the list whose referrals might be misrepresenting their potential


Beautiful Zak is only 8 years old!  Please read what one advocate wrote about this wonderful child:
He is a gorgeous goodness!  He is listed as congenital deaf and dumb but check out his beautiful picture and here is what his interview said:

"If you talk to me I cannot hear, but I can "sing", dancing, particularly fond of painting, I am smart, beautiful people, perception is also high. My wish: wait, I will become a successful artist.

Can he just not wait another day????? He's been on the shared list almost 2 YEARS!  He's only 8 years old right now. Surely, there's room on your fridge for this talented artist!


What a precious boy!!!  Sweet Mark is 7 years old and is listed as having brittle bone disease.  Please someone take a look at this wonderful child!!!  Please read a bit from his file from when he was 5 years old, what an incredible spirit, this child has!!!!
In order to help him walk conveniently, we deployed a wheelchair for him, placed him in the class of cultivating intellectual studying. Mark is a clever and cute kid, listens to class attentively, grasps what teachers taught basically, count within 20, know simple Chinese characters, could sing lots of children’s songs, imitate to draw cross, write his own name, distinguish some kind of colors and smells, know left and right, female and male, pack up blocks alone, hold peanuts with chopsticks, and very strong. Although brittle bone disease will be fractured carelessly, he didn’t bring any troubles because of pain crying. Mark likes to play with other kids, having no problem in communicating, could play balls with others on wheelchair, he could operate the wheelchair freely, have meal alone, put on and off clothes. Recently, since the doctor was operating when he was testing, the aunt teased him and said, “It’s quite late, we won’t have meal back.” He was quick in reaction, telling the aunt after looking at the clock on the wall,” It’s not 10 yet; aunt knows that I am coming to test, she will save for me.” The aunt laughed when hearing, thinking he was cute and lovely. Mark is extroverted, sometimes shy in front of strangers, likes smiling best.  
Please, please give this child something to continue to smile about - a family!


Sweet, wonderful Todd is 10 years old and is listed as post op CL/CP.  Please read about this very smart, very interesting child:
The effect of his second surgery is very good and now he is under the recovery. He has lovely smile and is a pretty favorite with others. His study life is very healthy.

He is intelligence boy who likes talking and singing. Dance is his talent. He performs excitement when plays with other children and talkative and conversant to others. He is polite and good at imitation. He learns fast and on his performance of Children’s Day, he gives deep impression of the audiences.

In his life, he can do things of his own by himself: face-wash, toothbrushing, tidy bedclothes, help other children initially, pick up the things fallen on the floor, help adults to wipe the floor and etc.

He has great enthusiasm on learning: he finished the homework in earnest and diligence. His grades are always between 95 and 100(100 is the full mark) and praised by teachers. He is talkative and likes story-telling. He has good memory and can memorize the content after teacher says 2-3 times. He has massive hobbies and curiosity to new things. He is a good boy who needs more cultivation.
Please someone engage that beautiful mind he seems to have!!!


Precious Lucas is 8years old and is listed as having "dwarism."  Please read about this wonderful child!
At the age of 5 years old, he can greet on seeing people actively. Under the reminding of the caretaker, he can deal with his personal sanitation. Presently, Lucas is studying in the special education class in the institute. He can recite and sing many children’s songs and knows numbers in 10. 
Lucas has a routine life. He gets up at 6:30, takes a nap at 12:30 and goes to sleep at 21:00. He has breakfast at 7:30, snack at 10:00, lunch at 12:00, snack at 16:00 and supper at 18:00. He studies in the special education class from 8:00 to 11:00 and from 14:30 to 17:00, mainly focus on language training and recognition capability training. His food includes rice, noodle, steamed bread, steamed bread with stuffing, fried pancake, crackers, congee, vegetables, milk, soybean milk, meat and fruits.

Lucas is an outgoing and active child, and obstinate sometimes. He is short, quick in reaction. He gets along well with other children in the institute and enjoys playing games with them. He has a good appetite and is energetic. He loves cakes best. He is happy everyday.

We all love Lucas so much and we sincerely hope he could have a beautiful future.
Please give this beautiful child a chance!


What a smile!  This is what was written about sweet Ernie when he was on Lifeline's list:
Ernie is 10 years old and is deaf and mute.  His name means the caretakers wish that he will have a happy childhood. His date of birth was estimated according to his development and the check-up by the doctor at admission. In 2007, Ernie entered a Special Education boarding school where he receives special education. The classes include those designed specific for the deaf and mute, math, ethic education, and PE.  Ernie can use sign language to communicate with people. Occasionally he can pronounce some syllables.  Ernie is outgoing and happy. He gets along well with kids. He likes to share, play soccer, and run. He can take care of himself just like other children of his age. He has a routine life. He has a good appetite and is not a picky eater. Eric falls asleep on his own and sleeps well. He does not have any bad sleeping habits. He has been up to date on all required vaccines. Are you Ernie’s forever family? What a delightful young boy!


Oh please someone consider this precious child!!  This is what was written about sweet Eric when he was on Lifeline's list:  
Eric is 9 years old and has CHD and is deaf and mute.  His name means love and the hope that he can fly like a crane. His date of birth was estimated according to his physical development and the examination upon admission. Eric has the same physical and motor development as his peers. He can take care of himself completely, help the caretaker to do things within his ability such as: placing the chairs, unfolding the clothes, helping the younger children to put on or take off clothes or feed them. Though he is deaf, he has good savvy and imitation. He can understand the caretaker quickly when talked with and follows directions well. He likes drawing and is good at copying. Sometimes he draws very well. Eric is outgoing, easy-going, and can get along well with the other children. He likes to play dress, such as acting as a policeman. He likes sports, such as kicking a ball and skipping. He is adored by the teachers and other kids. What a great young boy!


Wonderful David is 7 years old and listed as having burns and CP.  Please read about this sweet child:
David is a sweet and talented boy! He can count from 1-100 and do simple math. He can read and write Chinese characters, but math is his favorite subject! He is bright and outgoing, but needs lots of reassurance. He suffered burns from scalding water when he was 5 years old. As a result he is still scared of water and being alone. He will need a patient family to help him continue to heal.

Update 5/2011: His left hand is weak to grasp the objects. But he could run, jump, play and kick ball. He is smart. He attends preschool to study. He could do simple addition and subtraction. He loves drawing. He can express himself with words.
David is diagnosed with weakness on his left side, perhaps due to cerebral palsy. A brain CT and MRI do show abnormalities. However, his condition does not impact his cognitive abilites.
David is now on the shared list although GW staff has met and evaluated David in person.  For more information, please directly or email me at


What a beautiful little boy!  Thomas is 7 years old and is listed as having "mild mental retardation." 
He enjoys watching cartoons and listening to music, and sometimes he could shake his body following the music
Please give this beautiful child a chance!


What a beautiful boy!!!  Dougie is 4 years old and is listed as having "post op cleft lip & palate, delay (may say CP in file; he does NOT have CP) photo taken Feb 2, 2011"


OK gang, these pics just do NOT reflect this little guys personality!  You should see this child's file!  It is filled with wonderful descriptions of his abilities and his cute little personality! Harry is just 5 years old (I know he is another who desperately needs an update - sigh) and is listed as having CP that affects his right side.  Here is just a teeny bit about this happy boy from his file from 10/2008:
 His right hand can assist with his left hand when something must be held by both hands. He enjoyed chasing and playing with the children at same village. He was running relatively steady, but the speed was slower than normal children. His right foot was slightly lame to walk. When observed carefully, his neck was micro-right oblique.

Harry adapted to the environment quickly, and he didn’t identify the strangers.He was not crying in front of the strangers or in a strange environment. He liked play everywhere in the village. He enjoyed chasing and playing with the children at same village, and got along well with his friends. Occasionally he went home with crying to complain when people fought him. He can share his own food to the companion. He can go to the village to find children to play and know how to go back home. He enjoyed a variety of things, as long as hearing a car or motorcycle ringed, he would run out to see. He liked riding by the adult to play on the street. When saw the people coming and going and the things selling by the vendors, he would be excited. When took him to the street, he must let you buy fruits and cookies. In particular, he enjoyed the tea eggs, and he can eat some at one time. He liked watching TV at home. When he came back from outside, he would open the television. In particular, he enjoyed animation, martial arts and the animal world. He can switch television sets and transfer channels; when the phone was ringing, he can call the adults to answer it.  He would move the chair to the adults when seeing them came back home. He knew the right and wrong. If he made a mistake, and adults scolded him, he will be silent.
Now he can call the "father, mother, grandmother, grandpa, see you later", and can count the number from 1 to 6. He is always humming and singing, especially likes to sing "the flying swallow, wears flower clothes". Speaking and singing are relatively clear.
Please someone, bring this little guy home!  He just sounds wonderful!!!


Sweet Jackson is 5 years old and is listed as having congenital cataract of right eye.  Please read just a bit from his file - 11/2008:
Jackson is outgoing and beautiful children. He, who is smart and cute, is loved by others. Now he can walk freely, tell simple daily words and is obstinate occasionally. He is adapt to make sense and being comfortably; he likes to listen to music and imitate other’s saying, like to be teased by adult; he can get along with other accompany. He has good appetite, loves to have milk.  In our mind, Jackson is an outgoing, lovely, and imitate other children’s language; we hope he will be adopted by a loving foreign family, letting him get better education, growing healthily and happily. At the same time, we also hope to receive him post-placed feedbacks (such as living pictures, growing report, etc.) after he is adopted, and keep on close touch with the adopting family. We wish he could one day revisit the big family he was once in.
This child is well loved!  Please give this wonderful child the family his caretakers so want him to have!!

GEORGE 2__________________________________________

Please someone consider this precious child!  His only chance is a family to love him and cherish him, just as he is - perfectly made!  I don't know much about him other than what is in his file but I do know that sweet George 2 deserves a chance.  Please read just a bit about this wonderful 9 year old child:
He has normal movement of four limbs although he had X legs and midgetism, he can climb, play balls and chase other kids. normal growth of limbs. Great self-care ability in life, can take a bath and tidy up his own stuffs, help the caretakers and teachers to do some work within his ability.  
Due to postoperative cleft palate he speaks unclearly although he had speech training, he can express himself clearly, good linguistic competence. He is restless and cute, gets along well with caretakers and other kids.
Because of the midgetism, his intelligence was lower than normal peers, he can do simple counting, write easy words, sing and recite some poems, dance, he often joins the performance when social people visit the welfare institute.
Attitude towards to being adopted by a foreign family:

George 2 was abandoned by his birth parents not long after his birth, so he’s been living in the institute since then. One caretaker has to look after many kids in the institute, so he wants to have his own family and parents, a little room for himself and is eager to have a warm family, however, he’s an elder child now and nobody likes to adopt him here, if he could be adopted by foreign people and he’d be very happy which is also helpful for his growth and development.
Please, please give this wonderful child a chance for a room of his own and a family of his own!!!!


Jordan has such a sweet, serene face!!  What a precious child!  Jordan is 5 years old and is listed as having  postoperative dermoid tumor, flaccid paralysis of both lower limbs and macrocephaly.
Please read what is written about this wonderful child and try not to let his scary sounding diagnosis be all that you see about him:
He is restless, lovely, likes to imitate, listen to music and play toys, is talkative and has ready smile, has quick response, likes to read books, is full of energy, is extrovert, is obstinate sometimes. He knows big and small, inner and outer, red color. He has good expressing ability, can express his need well. Due to the physical condition, he can not control defecation and urination, need diapers, he can not stand up and walk, need arms to support to move body. He has good appetite, is not choosy to food, likes to eat vegetables, meat, fruits and desserts.
I think he would just flourish with the right therapies and the love of a family!!!


Here is what is written about this adorable child:
Lou turns nine years old today, and is a boy who should really experience a surprise birthday party sometime in his life! He's got a great sense of humor and loves a good joke; he would get such a kick out of being surprised! Lou's special need is deafness, but one glance at his pictures will reveal that he is full of personality. He attends a boarding school for deaf children during the week, and lives at a foster home with other children on weekends. He speaks sign language, as do his foster parents. Lou lives in an amazing group foster home that is very supportive of the children, their activities, their education, their beliefs, and providing them a loving home while they wait for forever families! He is otherwise healthy, and has the advantage of already knowing some sign language! This little guy will do great in a forever family!

There are more pictures of him here, you can tell is a funny little boy: A woman who has worked with him for three summers (and gave me all of the above information about him) says he is really sweet! His file is on the shared list, any agency can get it for you. What a terrific kid! ....Could he be yours?
Please email Kelly at for more info.


 Ok y'all, just look at that sweet, adorable face!  Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks??  This is Josiah and Josiah is SO far down on the shared list!!!  Please read about this very sweet little 5 year old who has a big list of SN's but who seems to be doing SO well!  Josiah is listed as having cerebral palsy, multiple arthrogryposis and post-operative bilateral equinovarus.  Please read from his file in 2006!!!!  Sigh!  He needs an update - please!!!
 Josiah is restless and active, fond of listening to music, watching TV, talkative, easy to smile, and playing with toys. Sometimes, he is hoydenish to grasp other kids’ toys. He is active when playing games.

Josiah is strong, with fatter faces, and it looks very cute. He is lovely, and develops well in every aspects. For the physical aspect: he can raise a ball and throw it away with a bit of supporting; the social aspect: can imitate some simple action of adults, play alone; the mental aspect: can distinguish his hand, food, mouth, head, eye; the language aspect: responds to his name, turn when called, knows “want” “not want”, greets seeing familiar people on his initiative; living aspect: sits alone, takes water and feed himself.
Please contact Amy at as she might be the person who could get some more info on this cutie pie!!!!


OK guys, just look at that face!  Oh my goodness, don't you just want to squeeze those adorable cheeks!!!  This precious child is just 5 years old and has CHD.  Apparently he has had one of the 2 surgeries that he needs!  Please, someone consider bringing this wonderful little boy home!  SO cute!
UPDATE from another advocate:
Joey is a gorgeous boy with a suave smile, who just had his fifth birthday a week ago! He has heart defects (TGA - transposition of the great arteries, VSD, ASD) and has had one surgery to buy him time until he can have the bigger surgery to repair them. He urgently needs this second surgery!

In this album there are lots of pictures of him! His baby pictures show a tired and sad expression, because his poor little broken heart couldn't oxygenate his body, and the nannies did not let him play much because it was too hard on his heart. But then he received a palliative surgery from Love Without Boundaries to increase his oxygenation until he could have the more serious surgery to fully correct his heart. After that he was sent to a Beijing healing home to recover, and he improved so much and was such a happy, exuberant little man! But the last photo in his album is from his fifth birthday (Nov 2011) and shows that he's getting tired again. He's grown so much since his first surgery and his heart, still unrepaired, cannot support his bigger body very well. His lips are not as pink as they were and he is tired. He needs a family to bring him home and love him through a big heart surgery so he can be joyful again!

The information in his file is very outdated and reflects global delays due to the activity restriction he was under before the first surgery gave him the freedom to play, but great news -- recent updates show that he has recovered from these delays!

Nov 2011 Update: He attended therapy for awhile to address his delays and is now in preschool. His conversational skills are normal, his gross and fine motor skills are on-target, and his height and weight are both in normal range. His intelligence is O.K., he gets along well with children and adults, is a good boy and is obedient. He is very close to his favorite nanny. His lips are a little purple and he is restricted from strenuous exercise. 

This sweet boy still awaits his family. He needs a surgery to give him the energy to smile again, but more than that he needs a family to give him a reason to!

For more information on congenital heart disease (CHD) and transposition of the great arteries (TGA), please see: 

Yet another update from his CWI director:
Joey now is attending a kindergarten in the neighborhood of the foster family. He is very polite. Every morning when he meets the teacher in the kindergarten, he will greet the teachers by saying “Zao Shang Hao (good morning)” or “Lao Shi Hao (hi teachers)”. After school, when he is in good mood, he will retell the activities in the kindergarten to the foster family. He also sometimes says to himself what the teacher told them to do as if he were the teacher. When his foster mom asks him to count numbers, he can count while pointing to his fingers. He is very polite and sweet. When he wants to have a share of other’s snacks, he knows to say very nice words. He is so affectionate and attractive that everyone close to him loves him.

He is introversive and quiet generally. He doesn’t seem to have the strong desire to display himself. He is a bit slow in movement, and may slightly delayed in mental development. He cannot participate in very energetic activities due to his heart defect..


This is precious Tommy!  His CWI has asked for advocacy for this wonderful little boy!  Tommy is 11 years old and sounds like such a great child!  Please read what is written about sweet Tommy:
Tommy is an energetic, lovable boy!  Tommy loves to talk and is always excited to see everyone!  He is respectful and polite; eager to please.  He loves cuddles and knowing that others are as happy to see him as he is to see them.  Tommy is not afraid to explain what he wants or speak up.  Even as a small child, he chose to explain a situation instead of getting angry and having a tantrum.  He works extraordinarily hard in physical therapy, showing determination and commitment.  Tommy has cerebral palsy which affects his gross motor function and a form of growth hormone deficiency.  He can speak, walk, and feed himself.  He has a wonderful memory and can both understand and communicate age appropriately.  Tommy longs for his "foreign mommy and daddy" to come get him and bring him home!


 This wonderful little boy is 9 years old and is listed with Dev delay and Hydrocephalus.  Please read what is written about this precious child:
He is active, outgoing and enjoys talking to others. He prefers to showing off himself and playing with other children. He enjoys doing something unusual to attract others’ attention. He always greets others and says “hello; goodbye” when coming or leaving the school. He holds hands and hugs the teachers and other children. When receiving others’ help, he always smiles to them and says: thank you. He is very much willing to be cooperative with others and is very helpful. He could express his willingness via words and he is very good at it. He could clearly recite a story that he hears or happened. Sometimes he would use his imagination. He could express his moods and needs clearly. He can count numbers 1-10, knows some simple Chinese characters, and common colors and shapes. He could compare things in terms of big and small, light and heavy, high and low, much or less concepts. He could hold a pen correctly to write simple Pinyin and Chinese characters.  


Look at this cutie patootie!!!!!  Mikey is 6 years old and his file obviously needs some updating but boy is he cute!  He is listed in the WAY back of the shared list!!!  Why???  He is listed as having "deformed limbs" but it looks to me almost like cleft hands and feet.  He was found with a birth note, so his age is accurate!  It sounds like he has quite the personality!  Just read a little bit of what is written about this sweet child!
though his hand and feet is disable, they are not affected his ability to care for himself. He is as flexible as other normal children, he could eat, jump, move staff, can have meals with spoon, can be cooperative when putting on or taking off clothes and pants, he is as normal as other children in intelligent, his personality is very active, carefree, profuse, when he met acquaintance such as grandma, grandpa, uncle, auntie, elder sister and brother, he would call them forwardly, he likes to play with other children, playing games, toys,balls, and building block; sometime, they got together to watch Cartoon, listen to music. Mikey likes shopping on the supermarket, and likes going to the park. He entered to the kindergarten on March this year, he likes go to kindergarten very much, he would bring his small bag to wait at which the bus coming that picked him up to the kindergarten after he got up every day.
Please email me about this precious child!!!


Jachin is suspected of being autistic and is oh so cute.  He cannot speak or walk but he can crawl.  He is very cuddly, makes eye contact, and understands the word "no".  He's very gentle and enjoys cuddling but is also independent.  He loves to flip through books and to spin blocks and cups.  He can be quite stubborn and steadfast.  He is quiet and very curious.  Please contact Emily at  for more info on this precious child!!  Just look at that face!


He receives rehabilitation education in the center. In teachers’ mind, he is a clever, outgoing, confident boy, positive, and has wonderful dreams. He accepts his physical condition, is involved in the rehabilitation plan with physicians, works hard, and is a qualified team leader. He likes drawing, singing, and telling stories. He has certain self-care ability, does everything that he can, believes in his own capacity and reluctant to dependent on others. He is willing to share his feelings with his teachers and classmates. He has normal intelligence development and mental state, so we think he is suitable for foreign adoption. As he is getting older, he wants a family, but there is little hope for him to be adopted by a domestic family, so we hope that he could find an adoptive family. We asked the CCAA to approve him as a special need child for foreign adoption." Cerebral Palsy (moderate)-Requires assistance to walk (not wheelchair bound)


This is sweet Noah.  A good friend of mine has asked for advocacy for this precious little boy!  Please read what she wrote about this wonderful little boy:
Noah is 5 years old and currently resides in a SWI in Jiangzi Province in China. Noah has a form of dwarfism. It affects his body, but not his intellect. This little boy was very sad when his "sister" recently left to be adopted. His sister is 7 years old and they were best friends. The sweet little adopted girl also misses him and has been told her that her new mama will try and find him a family.  He was very upset during the adoption visit because he knew his friend was going to be leaving again. Though shy, he did accept candy from the mom and even let her put a piece in his mouth. This little man needs a family and could attend school and thrive in a family. Despite his small stature, he walks and plays, goes up and down steps. He is 4 years old, his special need on the shared list is listed as Microplasia. Please contact me if you are interested as I have access to some video of him also, Suzanne


Dear sweet Robert was found at 2 years old.  He is now 8 and really needs a family!  He has post op CL/CP and apparently gets teased at his CWI for his unclear speech!  Please read what another advocate friend of mine wrote about this wonderful young boy:
He has repaired cleft lip and palate but will need a bone graft in the future. The kids in the SWI make fun of him because his speech is unclear and instead of sitting in class he will sit outside to avoid the teasing. He is so handsome.
For more info on sweet Robert, please email Desiree


Dan is listed with severe hearing deficiency and is being cared for at Harmony House.  This is what is written about this precious child on their site:

Dan was originally a resident at DaMing, the Catholic orphanage we help support. When we became acquainted with Dan’s situation in 2008, he was moved to Kaifeng Deaf School to receive help with his hearing problems. He was eight years old at the time.

At KDS Dan has received medical diagnoses, hearing aids and structured teaching and has progressed in every area of his life. His speech is better and his learning skills have improved greatly. He is very intelligent, comprehending things quickly and retaining what he has learned. He is ever eager to learn something new.  With his improved communication skills, he interacts well with the other students and teachers.  He also likes to help the teacher.

As are most boys his age, he is very active and loves the great outdoors. He loves animals and birds. He is very strong and is eager to help in any way he can. He would rather be outside playing than inside. When the weather is good he can be found happily organizing games with the other children. Dan also likes to watch TV or movies when the weather is bad and he has to be indoors.

While most children at KDS are simply boarding students who go home regularly, we recently learned that Dan is now available for adoption. If you have an interest in adopting this wonderful 11-year-old young man, please get in touch with us.
For more info about wonderful Dan, please go here -


 This is Mark!!  Mark is 9 years old and has CP.  His caregivers think he is pretty great!  This is what I was told about sweet Mark:
 The caregiver is constantly teaching him, he is polite, sensitive and loving.  He is learned to walk, his speech is improving. He is very kind and happy


Next, a beautiful kiddo who is on the shared list but who are being featured at Crossroads Adoption Services.  A wonderful friend of mine used them to bring their adorable little boy home (Lizzie's former boyfriend, I do believe - hehe) and LOVED them!  This is what is written about this sweet child:

This cutie is just about 6 years old.  He has Thalessemia (Mediterranean anemia).  He is always the first to greet visitors with excitement and a bright smile. He is very active in outdoor activities, but in his room he likes sitting on his own chair quietly to play toys or watch TV, very attentively. He gets along very well with children in the same group. He is closest to the caretaker who looks after him and other children in the same group; his favorite toy is a toy gun.
Please email Jill at Crossroads Adoption, for more info on this precious little boy!  I am certain, my dear friend would also be happy to speak to anyone interested about their experience with this wonderful agency.


Ben is 9 years old and is listed as having post op CL/CP  and this is a bit from his file:
He is 8 years now, could communicate with adults, perform singing and dancing in front of people, do housework alone, send wishes to familiar people actively, play games with adults, obey game rules, and make company actively in game, think about ideas, express his feelings, explain games rules or methods to others, and involve in suitable talks with others, comfort friends who suffered or have difficulty, choose his friends, play roles in story, has group feeling. Now he studies in grade 1, is a sensible child, likes drawing pictures, knows simple additions and subtractions, could say simple daily words, is quite shy, likes to do sports, gets well along with children in institute, likes to help others, could help to do housework and take care of sisters and brothers, he is a clever and adorable boy.

And a little bit from his American foster family:

he has some clarity with speech difficulty, he is super quick with languages, he picked up English very quickly when he lived with us and was able to help some of the older children (and that was in a part Eng mostly Chinese environment).... he helps his foster mom around the house, he is tender hearted and is quite obedient (I haven't lived with him recently so I don't know if he has been spoiled) and yet very much a BOY...  I have many pics so if someone does seem very interested in him and more pics in a family setting would be helpful, we can send them along...


This is Paul and his SN is listed as "absence of the lower left limb" although it appears his entire leg is missing. He is 9 years old and is on the shared list. There is a wonderful family who would love to talk to any interested family. He has waited SO long, please email me  if you would like to find out more about this precious little boy!


Teddy is being advocated for by a wonderful family who desperately want to see this wonderful little boy come home!  This is what she wrote about this precious child:

Teddy has grown up in an SWI. Many of the adoptive families of his SWI "know" him b/c he is always in our photos from our disposable cameras mailed ahead, always smiling eagerly in the background of the group of babies photographed. I have literally watched him grow from a little boy to an older boy not only in the confines of his swi but also of a chair.  Teddy has spina bifida. Because of this his swi director thought no one would ever adopt him. This past November another traveling family asked if they would process his paper work. Although families have asked in the past it has never been done. I am confident there must be a family for this spunky little boy. Many families adopting from the swi have held him and felt his desperate hugs around their necks. Many have met him and watched as he would throw toys in their direction to get attention from these traveling families. So now he has his chance to be the reason for the children being photographed. He has his opportunity for a family.  He is currently on the shared list, I have many pictures of him over the years and the swi is very helpful in getting information.

Update as of 5/3/2011:
He is described as smart in the orphanage:

- he is very sensitive to the people and changes around him even noticed the director's latest hair cut - cute story for anyone interested...
- he is very curious taking apart toy cars and putting them back together again
- he likes cartoons and imitating animal sounds
- he has a good memory and can recite ancient poems

There is a real person in that little chair just waiting and waiting for life to begin!!

If you think you might be the family that this beautiful child longs for, please, please email Julie at . 
and from yet another Teddy fan:
 I know Teddy and know what a precious child he truly is. Teddy was with my Nadia (who has mild CP) in an orphanage in Fujian province.
 How can I find the words to tell people what he's one e-mail...
 Teddy wants so badly to be loved..he was desperate for arms to hold him. I brought along a big bag of toys and started to pass them out.
Little Teddy then 3 sitting in a chair,largely forgotten in all of the commotion took his toy..then he THREW it out into the crowd. Somehow he learned if you drop a toy someone will have to give it back to you...he would rather have the interaction than the toy.
 I brought his toy back and picked him up in my arms. I carried him everywhere that afternoon and can still feel his sweet weight in my arms and his clinging little hands on my shoulders. In these years Teddy has grown into a handsome little guy..they say he's smart.
Back in 2007 I begged the orphanage director  to list him. Yes someone would want him although they didn't believe anyone would.
 I have two special needs children from this orphanage..if anyone has questions about Teddy drop me a line


Sweet little Jerimiah is only 2 years old.  His paperwork is not complete but will be and his orphanage said that they will speed the process up if there is an interested family.  Jerimiah is living with a foster family who adores him!  I can see why!  He is SO cute!  His SN is a hand and wrist issue but he gets along just fine!  I was asked to advocate for him and how could I not?  He just puts a smile on your face!!!! 

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